The Eye Stabber Cometh | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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2 månader sedan

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Ow my eye!!!
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GEO_ ANIMATOR 2 dagar sedan
2:36 his so happy 😊
Tony Zhang
Tony Zhang 14 dagar sedan
Damn, me and my gf both had the same dream about zombie games after watching this together. Beware!
Tann Jalernvutikun
Tann Jalernvutikun 17 dagar sedan
Is there no origin story?
Ashley Boyland
Ashley Boyland 27 dagar sedan
Quiet. Its Chrismaaasss. Eve.
BowserJr68 Månad sedan
Among us be like
Hunter Patrick
Hunter Patrick Månad sedan
The fact that he is specifically called the purple shirted eye stabber means there is a color spectrum of eye stabbers 👁👄🔪👁 AH SHIT
Nickallsopp92 Månad sedan
2:45 another Willem bites the dust. That is one tragic family...
B0y TV
B0y TV Månad sedan
Purple guy is that you?
TheRealSneakers Månad sedan
2:46 Ah, the Wilhelm Scream I hear :)
Eric Moreno
Eric Moreno Månad sedan
Ugh, ShaLOOB!
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus Månad sedan
MidwestNerd Månad sedan
I love the purple shirted eye stabber
Matthew Pritchert
Matthew Pritchert Månad sedan
What lives?
Jaxson Siroky
Jaxson Siroky Månad sedan
Where is he storing these knives??!!...................oh wait
Jet DEE Månad sedan
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Månad sedan
He wears purple, he loves killing.......Oh my God he's............. THE MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER!
Ralf Sanchez
Ralf Sanchez Månad sedan
How many purple guy stab teens and kids lol
The Piggy Forgot the Eggs
The Piggy Forgot the Eggs Månad sedan
2:19 That smile is similar than the Elemental's smile from R2DA
Scout 784
Scout 784 Månad sedan
That line up is a spy main’s paradise
MaikeruSan 2 månader sedan
*After watching the vid* What i remembered: the man behind the slaughter...
Bryan Doles
Bryan Doles 2 månader sedan
Lol this is funny
Faisal Farooq
Faisal Farooq 2 månader sedan
This is mother of all plot twists.
Phantomlord the hidden beast
Phantomlord the hidden beast 2 månader sedan
2:02 music?
Super Duper Kitty Cat
Super Duper Kitty Cat 2 månader sedan
Mr. eye stabber hit that one dude roranoa zoro style No time stamp needed for people who watch one piece
American Idiot
American Idiot 2 månader sedan
Me killing pedestrians on GTA 5
WIZWIZARD 2 månader sedan
Dio stole The Purple Shirted Eye Stabber knives
Chris Donnell
Chris Donnell 2 månader sedan
This is just Sweeny Todd
Yosh Boi
Yosh Boi 2 månader sedan
“What the hell was that thing?” “ *Q U I E T* “
Satan's Wife
Satan's Wife 2 månader sedan
Can you believe they're back at it again? I love it
GUEST CITY RP 2 månader sedan
Wait how did the purple shirt yey staber killed that dude with the glasses were he's glasses fake???!??1!1?11??1?1?11!1!1!1!1
Purr Power
Purr Power 2 månader sedan
2:41 Hackers in among us be like
Carl 2 månader sedan
0:28 that dude sound like Mordecai
mac34677 2 månader sedan
Plot Twist: Everyone at the end was suicidal so they were gonna die one way or another.
Thegamingsoul 2 månader sedan
Watching this in vr takes eye stabbing to a whole other level.
itay Bg
itay Bg 2 månader sedan
I like it when their shouting in turns
Henry is a Bone
Henry is a Bone 2 månader sedan
Purp safe I vote blue
Yohanathan Park
Yohanathan Park 2 månader sedan
Purple sus
DJ AD 2 månader sedan
2:46 The legendary scream. 🔥🔥🔥
Vision Shivute
Vision Shivute 2 månader sedan
If among us carrecters looked like that
Chevay Davis
Chevay Davis 2 månader sedan
Shut up and take my money.
TheInfiniteRainbow 2 månader sedan
Me playing call of duty
TheInfiniteRainbow 2 månader sedan
Touhid 2 månader sedan
2:49 He missed the eye. ☂️💜 🟣
Touhid 8 dagar sedan
@God Yup, I was wrong. Purple Shirted Eye Stabber doesn’t miss eye🤣.
God 8 dagar sedan
No, he tapped a hidden pressure point and exploded his eye from within, kenshiro style
sans 2 månader sedan
Devil 666
Devil 666 2 månader sedan
The knife get through in his eyes through the back of his head so he didn't miss i think 😅
Ianica Văcaru E rege
Ianica Văcaru E rege 2 månader sedan
Purple is the imposter
GeorgeVatsos 2 månader sedan
Purple kinda sus
[._.] 2 månader sedan
ngl that second kill on that trail was pretty sick
HYPRSPD 2 månader sedan
699 comments Nice (kinda)
Sohan Naidoo
Sohan Naidoo 2 månader sedan
Purple guy for short.
Fearr 2 månader sedan
“I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight knowing all the lives we saved” Everyone’s talking about how he killed all those people before they got him but think about how many more he would’ve killed if they didn’t get him.
Rayanna Rivera
Rayanna Rivera 2 månader sedan
So i say eye i get stabed. Purple shirted eye stabber:stabs me Me:ahh
Saitama Sensei
Saitama Sensei 2 månader sedan
Purple is hacker he killed two people in a row thats sus
TGZ Wakeless
TGZ Wakeless 2 månader sedan
Bro he has no kill cool down what a modder
Marvel fan
Marvel fan 2 månader sedan
He’s the man behind the slaughter
chris s
chris s 2 månader sedan
Roob Ris Teb Vaj
Roob Ris Teb Vaj 2 månader sedan
Purple shirt purple man
micheal najera is awesome
micheal najera is awesome 2 månader sedan
Korosh Eht
Korosh Eht 2 månader sedan
Purple is the impostor
Kishore's dream station
Kishore's dream station 2 månader sedan
What software do you use for animation please help me out...I am planning to do will be helpful if you share some info
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck 2 månader sedan
*Purple kinda sus*
swagerdager 2 månader sedan
Man, the Purple Shirted Eye Stabber deserves more shorts. One of the best characters next to Ted Bear.
TGZ Wakeless
TGZ Wakeless 2 månader sedan
Want a cookie sandwich
Clemens 2 månader sedan
I thought the dude said "justice is blind" was the purple shirt eye stabber
ColdDesigner 2 månader sedan
18 people died in the making of this mashup
Game Comp
Game Comp 2 månader sedan
Eye catching
skpilot7 2 månader sedan
Love the "High-King Trail" sign
Dhafin Firdaus
Dhafin Firdaus 2 månader sedan
dark Reaper
dark Reaper 2 månader sedan
MediaMuffetVideoEditor238 / MMVE238
MediaMuffetVideoEditor238 / MMVE238 2 månader sedan
MediaMuffetVideoEditor238 / MMVE238
MediaMuffetVideoEditor238 / MMVE238 2 månader sedan
Rey Rex
Rey Rex 2 månader sedan
Just made me remember cyanide and happiness people don’t have eyes they just have holes of the void
Henry TheGreatAmerican
Henry TheGreatAmerican 2 månader sedan
Why are the lady's breasts still standing straight up when she is laying their dead at 2:18 ? You know, some of us prefer small droopy boobies.
MadLook 2 månader sedan
Purple was the imposter
Rosu Dakusan
Rosu Dakusan 2 månader sedan
best league of legends champion ever
Harris Fussell
Harris Fussell 2 månader sedan
Among us with 0 sec cool down
Guds777 2 månader sedan
Hey Death, where is Tony Purgatelli. We miss the old miserable bastard...
ninja ninja
ninja ninja 2 månader sedan
Lol justice is blind
Cynne Parker
Cynne Parker 2 månader sedan
Ok but we’re was he getting all those knives
Work and Stuff
Work and Stuff 2 månader sedan
This is me whenever I play Among Us as an Imposter.
MrEvil75 - I love Pizza
MrEvil75 - I love Pizza 2 månader sedan
Purple Guy ?!
Stereo Steve
Stereo Steve 2 månader sedan
Stand: Man Behind the Slaughter Ability: Whenever the user gets caught, they move to another reality similar to the one they left, however, everyone in the new reality thinks that the user never existed outside of movies and fiction.
Sarmistha Dey
Sarmistha Dey 2 månader sedan
He is baaaccckkk. woooooo!
LG 122
LG 122 2 månader sedan
Legend has it, he still has thousands of knives up his butt
Clayel 2 månader sedan
1:33 Pulls shirt off “Ah yes, I have gained a mustache”
TGZ Wakeless
TGZ Wakeless 2 månader sedan
Want a cookie sandwich
Techno mechamorph
Techno mechamorph 2 månader sedan
The default screams are what made me laugh very loud
Star Blazer
Star Blazer 2 månader sedan
Cyanide and Happiness fans sure keep an EYE out for these videos
Tsriel 2 månader sedan
C&H: Does a Purple-shirted Eye Stabber mashup Me: *_THERE'S ONLY TWO, NEED MORE THAN THAT_*
MrSourFingers 2 månader sedan
Purple lookin a lil sus
9 6
9 6 2 månader sedan
He's called the purple shirted eye stabber, but he only stabbed one person in a purple shirt.
TGZ Wakeless
TGZ Wakeless 2 månader sedan
Want a cookie sandwich
Mr.Cheesey RAT
Mr.Cheesey RAT 2 månader sedan
2:14 Among us in a nutshell..
Hello Mitthun
Hello Mitthun 2 månader sedan
among us: purple kinda sus
everything’s fine
everything’s fine 2 månader sedan
these guys are funny they should start a youtube channel
leonardo hernandez
leonardo hernandez 2 månader sedan
*Looks like the man behind the slaughter is alive after all*
Diamond San
Diamond San 2 månader sedan
How many knives does this dude have?
Adrian Calma
Adrian Calma 2 månader sedan
Make a video of a Skittle commercials
Blake Mcallister
Blake Mcallister 2 månader sedan
Hey you know i got an idea have someone have the power to draw stuff that’s been stolen then make him draw his freinds girlfriend then make the freind say you mean kidnapped then the guy says no CAUSE I STOLE YOUR GIRL then make him drive off with the girlfreind.
Tossti Boy
Tossti Boy 2 månader sedan
Purp sus
Dude Man
Dude Man 2 månader sedan
Purple was an impostor
Dominique 2 månader sedan
2:48 was my favorite
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 2 månader sedan
Purple kinda sus
BEAT Leonard Cea
BEAT Leonard Cea 2 månader sedan
They have so many interesting characters, Eye- Stabber, Tall Boys, Plane Dad, Ladder Dad, Shark....
now and ten
now and ten 2 månader sedan
Guy with no kill cooldown in Among Us.
Sid The Great
Sid The Great 2 månader sedan
Fmoi @immsidd
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