The Meaning of Love - S1E4 - Cyanide & Happiness Show - INTERNATIONAL RELEASE

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6 år sedan

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Shady God
Shady God Dag sedan
I feel bad for Eagle.
PU MP Dag sedan
12:28 nooooo not eagle
Lance Christopher Mambo
Lance Christopher Mambo 3 dagar sedan
Hope is an illusion and so is death.
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo
its_MarionDaSkele.87 Woo 5 dagar sedan
0:14 when I tell my family I'm depressed
Admin Special needs
Admin Special needs 7 dagar sedan
So the person that pushes and turns on the magnetic has a swastica
Francesca Manenti
Francesca Manenti 7 dagar sedan
The mailman is a brithis soldier
elvin bautista
elvin bautista 9 dagar sedan
The narrator on the first clip has the best voice
Skroutz Bar
Skroutz Bar 11 dagar sedan
11:53 Japanese imperial flag
Pratik Shirsathe
Pratik Shirsathe 13 dagar sedan
it's like telling people don't be depressed don't do that that all i needes
Regnars Jermaļonoks
Regnars Jermaļonoks 19 dagar sedan
Maybe the real guns were the friends we made along the way.
Alexandre Berthault
Alexandre Berthault 20 dagar sedan
"This is George W Bullshit" 😂
Mind your own business
Mind your own business 24 dagar sedan
11:07 I have tears in my eyes... Feedom! how beautiful!
The Elliet Gamer Shake
The Elliet Gamer Shake 25 dagar sedan
American hero is a hero BUT THE IDIOTS ARENT
Little_Foxy 911
Little_Foxy 911 29 dagar sedan
And this is exactly what will happen if you take the Americans their guns away
Banewear6 29 dagar sedan
.sgnidne detcepxenu eht evol I
Greg Jonson
Greg Jonson Månad sedan
That opening sequence is a brilliant satire. So many people would rather let others decide what they should do with their lives, rather than going through the effort of _THINKING._
YO music
YO music Månad sedan
poor eagle
Erik Stolzenberger
Erik Stolzenberger Månad sedan
Just because some religious fanatics were thrown out of europe we now have to endure 320 miöllion morons with guns? NUKE THE USA ! least it's fun
Charles Robert Pike
Charles Robert Pike Månad sedan
8:28 Is this music from Wall-e???????
Lexos aka alex
Lexos aka alex Månad sedan
I fucking love explosm. Im high on it everyday
Raul Brown
Raul Brown Månad sedan
Not me
imthememelordthatloveshermitcraft of doom
imthememelordthatloveshermitcraft of doom Månad sedan
MaxBassBoost Månad sedan
what's the song on 5:17 ?
Foxyiscool12 Slow
Foxyiscool12 Slow Månad sedan
How the world see's America
김희현 KimHeeHyun
김희현 KimHeeHyun Månad sedan
0:03 lol really toes? He was holding his knee. Lol.
Mark Tinio
Mark Tinio Månad sedan
Divyesh Katariya
Divyesh Katariya Månad sedan
I am a spiritual person and know that zen philosophy teaches us to be against dualism. This is exactly the drawbacks of dualism, or benefits of it. It's one!
wendell mauricio
wendell mauricio Månad sedan
see guys if u suck at everything dont do that but u want sex with a mail man do that >_
Marco Enarbia
Marco Enarbia Månad sedan
godzilla Månad sedan
My China?????????
Doctor t'ana
Doctor t'ana Månad sedan
Toronto has no guns
faze_oloneos Månad sedan
This need to be on tv
foxythefredd1 Månad sedan
3:17 look at the picture
CRYPT VR Månad sedan
12:03 did eagle say “America”?
HoneyBadgerG&L Månad sedan
That's how the uk got Rid of There guns By using giant Magnet
Aayush Dech
Aayush Dech Månad sedan
The intro is just like that tiktok girl asking homeless people to buy homes!!
UnKnOwN Månad sedan
I love the way it only magnets gun
Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner 2 månader sedan
Eagle screeching 'America' was my favorite part 🤣
Gabriela 2 månader sedan
So this is how "The Boys" were born
Jon Achim David Tejada
Jon Achim David Tejada 2 månader sedan
Raven cool Gaerlan
Raven cool Gaerlan 2 månader sedan
Why is avryone dieiny? And when did he get shot? And im kinda sad because evryone is dieing AND the hero looks fat?
EndOfGreio 2 månader sedan
Every gun? I guess they forgot Russia
Goldenary Gold c-345
Goldenary Gold c-345 2 månader sedan
Of course! Just dont do that!
S k404
S k404 2 månader sedan
Doing that not doing that 😂😂 Fucking idiots 😂😂
Putri Novie Lulu
Putri Novie Lulu 2 månader sedan
11:15 make me cry 😭😭
NOTBEREAL 2 månader sedan
Türklerle dalga geçilmiş ölen Askerin elinden silahını alıyor
Benny P. Baril
Benny P. Baril 2 månader sedan
If this was real no more guns will be really good for everyone even criminals
deuel deus Tan
deuel deus Tan 2 månader sedan
Guy facking idiont
Spiritual Gazi
Spiritual Gazi 2 månader sedan
The intro part is probably sponsored by nike
Precious Anne Trivino
Precious Anne Trivino 3 månader sedan
Hahaahah! That Man With Orange Shirt Is Using A Hammer And Tapping On His Head Imao!😂😂😂
Kevin Zheng
Kevin Zheng 3 månader sedan
Make a ep 2 of the Star Spangled Bastard
Carmen fjcjh
Carmen fjcjh 3 månader sedan
Leentjie Loodt
Leentjie Loodt 3 månader sedan
It's only funny when they gave falls down the stairs saying this guy is a f****** up.
Valdemar SPIEGEL
Valdemar SPIEGEL 3 månader sedan
How did they know
Ana Marin
Ana Marin 3 månader sedan
How can bastard have a strong jaw and he is fat at the same time?
Ana Marin
Ana Marin 3 månader sedan
Who thinks eagle is the normal one and bastard is the fat guy?
Filip Filipov
Filip Filipov 3 månader sedan
USA is dum
Robert Mruz
Robert Mruz 3 månader sedan
New criminal lovely planer be like 8:32
ESTRERA, Vince Matthew O.
ESTRERA, Vince Matthew O. 3 månader sedan
2:23 poor turtle
Abono Omot
Abono Omot 3 månader sedan
This is inspector gadget
ANIKET the persuer
ANIKET the persuer 3 månader sedan
This made me not watch this video
Priya C s
Priya C s 3 månader sedan
I fuckingggggggg love this channal
Nurul Asha
Nurul Asha 4 månader sedan
did i just see trump at 4:22 ?????
F.B.I Anims
F.B.I Anims 4 månader sedan
Dont do that do that that was fucking confusing
4 DEVESTY 4 månader sedan
Linda Wenzel
Linda Wenzel 4 månader sedan
Is he ok?
Linda Wenzel
Linda Wenzel 4 månader sedan
He just punched the tv...
Brick King
Brick King 4 månader sedan
This would only apply in the USA tho
flying leaf
flying leaf 4 månader sedan
"How did you find my secret base?" That random person: Google!
Lucky Corsiga
Lucky Corsiga 4 månader sedan
William Edric Gosal
William Edric Gosal 4 månader sedan
11:19 The Sad Moment Of The Saviour Of All People's Guns
Gotham Bat
Gotham Bat 4 månader sedan
Eagle comforting SSB is the most wholesome thing ever.
ollietanswell 5 månader sedan
Russo has two guns lol
n0soi 5 månader sedan
how to be immortal 1.) take out brain 2.) put brain in something thats alive and not decayed 3.) enjoy being immortal
killergameplay 7
killergameplay 7 5 månader sedan
What if I dont get dont do that
republic of hacker Boy
republic of hacker Boy 5 månader sedan
Love your shows
Yasin Dabdoub
Yasin Dabdoub 5 månader sedan
10:17 you cannot hide a swastika :)
SNOWBALLS 5 månader sedan
Maria Eduarda Games
Maria Eduarda Games 5 månader sedan
Oi kkkkkkķkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkķkkk kkkkkk
SKorP1ON 5 månader sedan
6:00 2020 anyone lol
that one guy
that one guy 5 månader sedan
Hey fuck you I'm only a fuck up on most things I do
Inosuke Demon slayer
Inosuke Demon slayer 5 månader sedan
I don’t see the toes
Ebennezer Entrie
Ebennezer Entrie 5 månader sedan
0:16 was that an ad or not
Joseph Guhem
Joseph Guhem 5 månader sedan
Sebastián González diaz
Sebastián González diaz 5 månader sedan
Love the introduction
Tommy :v
Tommy :v 5 månader sedan
Only people in america would understand That's why i dont understand:) Cause im indonesia
Happymael 5 månader sedan
11:10 Ooo so that's the origin of the baby with a gun
rojo flojo
rojo flojo 5 månader sedan
As algo en español maldito
Muhammad Faren Al-faiqih
Muhammad Faren Al-faiqih 6 månader sedan
Not do that
Théo Gillard
Théo Gillard 6 månader sedan
Harry the handsome butcher find another job with don t do that
Theo is the crazyest in the world
Theo is the crazyest in the world 6 månader sedan
Simply try not doing the video
Logan Hunter
Logan Hunter 6 månader sedan
Poor eagle at the end
Justifier 6 månader sedan
**presses bomb to deactivate the magnet** Me: “I remember seeing a nuke in there somewhere.”
Steve S
Steve S 5 månader sedan
Justifier lol don’t worry, nukes can’t explode by just being dropped, they have a number of failsafes - they need to be armed first and set to explode at a certain height.
Hazim Gaming
Hazim Gaming 6 månader sedan
Star Spangled Bastard Shoot all Bad Guys!
Hazim Gaming
Hazim Gaming 6 månader sedan
Shut Up
Hazim Gaming
Hazim Gaming 6 månader sedan
Do that again
Hazim Gaming
Hazim Gaming 6 månader sedan
Hazim Gaming
Hazim Gaming 6 månader sedan
The guy Want Jumping in Buldin
Hazim Gaming
Hazim Gaming 6 månader sedan
You Are the Fucking Turtle 01:14
Deci-chan ART
Deci-chan ART 6 månader sedan
Drops Plates... " (GASP) MY CHINA! " 😂😂😂
Aude 6 månader sedan
I love how the narrator is still remaining his narrator voice after all that
Cosmos YY
Cosmos YY 6 månader sedan
The meaning of lovin his country! What a hero this man is!!
Augustaf Imanuel Eppang
Augustaf Imanuel Eppang 6 månader sedan
reeree rara
reeree rara 6 månader sedan
My favourite cartoon!!!!!!! I'm only 7, years old
Tans Ace
Tans Ace 6 månader sedan
Hahahaha a gun magnet . what is that
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