The Most Dangerous Games | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Alfonso Rosas Zavala
Alfonso Rosas Zavala 17 dagar sedan
(Baby, baby, baby x4) Yeah!
Omar Conteh
Omar Conteh Månad sedan
They had us in the first half not gonna lie
Βασιλης Κουκουσης
Βασιλης Κουκουσης 2 månader sedan
Fortunately he Did not catch It.
James Gillis
James Gillis 3 månader sedan
Do the dishes...
Salles Salles
Salles Salles 3 månader sedan
Wait a sec... if there was no plates in the table, what did they eat?
Bruno Espinoza
Bruno Espinoza 4 månader sedan
Bruno Espinoza
Bruno Espinoza 4 månader sedan
Bruno Espinoza
Bruno Espinoza 4 månader sedan
Bruno Espinoza
Bruno Espinoza 4 månader sedan
Bruno Espinoza
Bruno Espinoza 4 månader sedan
Bruno Espinoza
Bruno Espinoza 4 månader sedan
Bruno Espinoza
Bruno Espinoza 4 månader sedan
killer queen
killer queen 4 månader sedan
Hey mom just me and the bois playing games
TheSlushySword Playz
TheSlushySword Playz 5 månader sedan
Goddamit fine, ill do the dishes 😡 lol
DarkLight Studios
DarkLight Studios 5 månader sedan
Just get paper plates
Amazing Man
Amazing Man 5 månader sedan
She was going to kill the baby so instead she took the stuffy how nice
Jaxon Looney
Jaxon Looney 5 månader sedan
Let’s go 690
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona 5 månader sedan
Weird that the guy who spun the revolver didn’t die.
Ayub M
Ayub M 5 månader sedan
This Chanel is not for kids warning
doomguy Sir kills alot
doomguy Sir kills alot 5 månader sedan
Bruh that never make new content that just make mash ups of the SAME STUFF that all thay do anymore and its disappointing
The Pandorica
The Pandorica 5 månader sedan
Well, the one wearing grey didn't hesitate on killing himself...
Samuel Campbell
Samuel Campbell 5 månader sedan
😂this is sick
Foxipep1 5 månader sedan
Im sticking with video games
Erin Killinger
Erin Killinger 5 månader sedan
I played bowling and won one time and the master was me
BromieTary 5 månader sedan
Hados_RM 5 månader sedan
Hahaha you used to funny funny haha..
Chris Walchle
Chris Walchle 5 månader sedan
That last one was to fucked up
IDontknowMy Name
IDontknowMy Name 5 månader sedan
naroll 5 månader sedan
Why isnt fortnite on this list, u can die of it!
Kerry Champion
Kerry Champion 5 månader sedan
Ty, I've watched almost all ur compalations and this makes my monday
Gitar Şovelyesi
Gitar Şovelyesi 5 månader sedan
Wayemhle kwaye ehlekisa: D
kerrystolcenberg 5 månader sedan
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Zenitsu Agatsuma 5 månader sedan
the lady dropped 2 coins when she pulled one out
Daquan Degenhardt
Daquan Degenhardt 5 månader sedan
In roullete you have to play with only one bullet...
cat 5 månader sedan
Damn how cruel
¿ GZixex ?
¿ GZixex ? 5 månader sedan
HoodedSoul 5 månader sedan
Omg I hate when the quality goes to 1080p I always have to put it to 144p
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson 5 månader sedan
Idea for a vid. A guy runs over three people and goes to the family’s house and says sorry for your loss. Here have some oatmeal
Julie car
Julie car 5 månader sedan
Russian roulette is reverse in the short 'roulette' there 5 bullets in the round instead of 1 maybe cyanide and happiness pogic
Girga 1000
Girga 1000 5 månader sedan
There was 5 of them dead but u only showed 4 dead at the end scene
Missionary_Manifesto _
Missionary_Manifesto _ 5 månader sedan
Cyanide happiness is the best at dark humor, it in there name.
Xannolc 5 månader sedan
01:43 folks, I think we found our next Ultimate Lucky Student
Ry Guy
Ry Guy 5 månader sedan
Lmfao frfr
Steven Young
Steven Young 5 månader sedan
Is this that game from roblox
Dixie Salas
Dixie Salas 5 månader sedan
Come on you have been playing too much dont relate on games i usually think people realting to roblox are kids so sorry
Zachary Wright
Zachary Wright 5 månader sedan
My family and I played roulette I won, but I still didn't do the dishes ;)
Nitro Weeb
Nitro Weeb 5 månader sedan
Muhammad Imran Khan
Muhammad Imran Khan 5 månader sedan
In which software these videos are made?
Chip Chapley
Chip Chapley 5 månader sedan
why inst walking outside without a mask on here?
Boyd Williams
Boyd Williams 5 månader sedan
Renardo Himsey
Renardo Himsey 5 månader sedan
Bruh they all just shot themselves in the head with a magnum 22 to see who would do the dishes
Y R 5 månader sedan
Executivebird 5 månader sedan
Watermark these videos I’m tired of people stealing their content and getting paid for it
Andrew R
Andrew R 5 månader sedan
2:19 Last coin? Last coin!? You just dropped three here!?
Domingo rodriguez
Domingo rodriguez 5 månader sedan
What is that game called after bowling?
Domingo rodriguez
Domingo rodriguez 5 månader sedan
Oh ok
Avacodo Boy
Avacodo Boy 5 månader sedan
Russian roulette
Xyyxyx B bck
Xyyxyx B bck 5 månader sedan
I think he meant the most safest game.
Crimson Chin
Crimson Chin 5 månader sedan
The funny for casuals
DJ Handy
DJ Handy 5 månader sedan
Me: what's darker than batman and makes you laugh Friend: mmmm Joker? Me: Nope its cyanide and happiness
Thangikhalthang 5 månader sedan
Well this a danger video
Evan Bray
Evan Bray 5 månader sedan
“no, NO MY BABY!” Explosm veterans: *I think we all know where this is going*
nuthan 5 månader sedan
like oddbods but better
Angela Murphy
Angela Murphy 5 månader sedan
How you forget yo baby?
Wolf 55
Wolf 55 5 månader sedan
Wolf 55
Wolf 55 5 månader sedan
jose wc
jose wc 5 månader sedan
They all died over doing the dishes
Jeff Tackett
Jeff Tackett 5 månader sedan
The fact that I question what exactly you all had to go through in life to be this dark appeases me because I know that I’m not alone in this world and that either you have had it way worse then me or you just go balls deep with demented stuff for the views to entertain people that are fucked up just for a paycheck. Either way, I’m happy
Druid Emperor
Druid Emperor 5 månader sedan
Ha ha ha ha... Bowling for headshots....
ludovico riglietti
ludovico riglietti 5 månader sedan
Must be a Monday!!!
Th1cc Turtle
Th1cc Turtle 5 månader sedan
He nailed the bowling ball expression perfectly
Skull Mask
Skull Mask 5 månader sedan
1:55 - if you wash dishes, then can you clean them dead body?
BCBLLW K 5 månader sedan
The first animation is how Balls are made
Wendaego 5 månader sedan
Use the bowling ball lady
DemonoftheMojave 5 månader sedan
Makes you wonder what that moustached pickle did to deserve that fate......
Enrique Elias Trevino
Enrique Elias Trevino 5 månader sedan
I love your videos they make me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Curtis Blair
Curtis Blair 5 månader sedan
three other coins she droped use me
An average roblox player
An average roblox player 5 månader sedan
I rate this a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
Noel_V 5 månader sedan
Im dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂 hhh eee 😥😨😰😵
Tae tay Pancakes
Tae tay Pancakes 5 månader sedan
I felt the dishes one 🤣😭
Titanium Mushroom
Titanium Mushroom 5 månader sedan
this message was deleted
B ETND 5 månader sedan
2:20: *Drops at least 3 coins* Two coins later: Last coin
levi thompson
levi thompson 5 månader sedan
IM gay
Centriii_gg 5 månader sedan
17 000th like poggg
Jack Cayman
Jack Cayman 5 månader sedan
Great bits
FreyBae 5 månader sedan
1:58 Australian Roulette
Mark Molino
Mark Molino 5 månader sedan
I want to try the bowling trick,but I don't have a round head.
EvilRobot123 5 månader sedan
Can you guys do a reverse version of the Roulette one where there's only one bullet and they make the dead guy clean the dishes?
EvilRobot123 5 månader sedan
I swear i'm funny. Can I work for you guys?
Moma Stocks
Moma Stocks 5 månader sedan
Fine I'll do the dishes
Colby K
Colby K 5 månader sedan
So it u slow the video down at 2:19 u can clearly see she dropped 3 quarters along with the one in her hand and the two left in her purse . But she only played 3 times. So no. That wasn't her last quarter. Her lazy ass didn't wanna pick up the quarters that fell on the floor
Dimitri Ottley
Dimitri Ottley 5 månader sedan
Wow my live is this Now
Rainer 5 månader sedan
Most Dangerous games are those Stupid Cringy TikTok Challenges
31_Made Narendra Setiawan Putra
31_Made Narendra Setiawan Putra 5 månader sedan
I hate to be the guy that does the dishes
Gamerul Zombie
Gamerul Zombie 5 månader sedan
Molten_Fox 21
Molten_Fox 21 5 månader sedan
Bruh all of their content is dark
Preethy Thomas
Preethy Thomas 5 månader sedan
They look fun! Im gonna play these with my son!
Kade Brockhausen
Kade Brockhausen 5 månader sedan
Watching this on a Tuesday because I was asleep on Monday
Shaznit 5 månader sedan
I like to believe these all happened at the same bowling alley on the same day.
Stan Downer
Stan Downer 5 månader sedan
Must be a Monday!
stimp 5 månader sedan
Y'all LOVE to not be original
Avacodo Boy
Avacodo Boy 5 månader sedan
stimp Dude it's a mashup... They use their videos that have similar themes or subjects into a mashup. That's the whole point. What's not clicking?
stimp 5 månader sedan
@Avacodo Boy they just reuse most of there content
Avacodo Boy
Avacodo Boy 5 månader sedan
Okus 5 månader sedan
Vlad Anghelache
Vlad Anghelache 5 månader sedan
In spy voice: _"I murdered your toys as well"_
Vlad Anghelache
Vlad Anghelache 5 månader sedan
@MonochromeTheCat77 *spy laugh and snort as he goes away*
MonochromeTheCat77 5 månader sedan
"Well, off to visit your mother!"
FILM 5 månader sedan
That crane music. That damn crane music
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