The Tall Boys Hit The Town - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Now that the Tall Boys have gotten their adult prescription they're hitting the town!
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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Connor Murphy
Screenplay By: Connor Murphy
Story By: Connor Murphy, Mike Salcedo, Joel Watson, Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson
Voice Actors:
Tall Boys - Rob DenBleyker & Mike Salcedo
Bruno the Bouncer - Mike Salcedo
Club Owner - Joel Watson
& Half Off Oscar - Mike Salcedo
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr, Matt Thurman
Character Design: Connor Murphy, Jerald Lewis, Bill Jones, Natalie Zusman
Background Art: Denise Magdale
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

Dead Pool
Dead Pool 12 timmar sedan
Testing out adult things I know kids would do this one day in the future
Nuts And Bolts Man Cause I Can
Nuts And Bolts Man Cause I Can 5 dagar sedan
You after beating a game and refighting the first boss with max everything be like: 0:41- 1:02
Silky Robinson
Silky Robinson 7 dagar sedan
I like cut in half man
Rieze Lin
Rieze Lin 16 dagar sedan
That kid that’s under is I think pretty sure dead
Young Hh
Young Hh 17 dagar sedan
1:10 He cut him in half!
Filipe Martinho
Filipe Martinho 17 dagar sedan
Pretty sure they're the ones who got hit
Farieda 19 dagar sedan
poor lower kid XD
Z3R0_P01NT5 19 dagar sedan
My question is...How the hell can they still stand when the one under has his half his body out in 0:06? And why is there a line for kids?
wolfy gaming
wolfy gaming 21 dag sedan
cerberus 21 dag sedan
Yo the half off oscar reference was NICE
ExpertTacoHeadd 22 dagar sedan
fun fact the person who says “he cut him in half” was the person from the oscars half off sale episode
This account is Dumb
This account is Dumb 22 dagar sedan
That is just an adult
Adam Nouiguer
Adam Nouiguer 22 dagar sedan
ShockTastic Animations
ShockTastic Animations 23 dagar sedan
1:11 I love that "cut in half" guy was in there to say that phrase that was funny
Skyler Gilcreast
Skyler Gilcreast 24 dagar sedan
0:03 crakhed 1:06 da popo
Night Shade
Night Shade 24 dagar sedan
I love happy endings
Mr. Beerhat
Mr. Beerhat 26 dagar sedan
1:11 my friend when someone bully's them
Matt Gregorowicz
Matt Gregorowicz 26 dagar sedan
Think this comment’s to
Ducky Egg
Ducky Egg 26 dagar sedan
That kid was flossing. DISGUSTING.
Just A Bored Person yt
Just A Bored Person yt 25 dagar sedan
T Mack
T Mack 26 dagar sedan
Did you see half of Oscar when it looked like that man cut a man in half
Gage and Arceus
Gage and Arceus 28 dagar sedan
1:12 there he is
Gage and Arceus
Gage and Arceus 28 dagar sedan
I saw the half off guy
#RestlessGamer Månad sedan
1:32 That poor kid on the bottom has to keep dancing with a destroyed face.
Aiden Rj Maestro
Aiden Rj Maestro Månad sedan
0:14 My normal friend explaining me anime
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez Månad sedan
The kids face at the end, poor thing is doing it’s best to be happy
d e d e d a n k
d e d e d a n k Månad sedan
is this real?
YaBoi Para
YaBoi Para Månad sedan
I feel bad for the bottom kid
Tarnak Månad sedan
1:11 Half Off Oscar was the one that said "He cut him in half!" Or is it just me?
Ashish Chakraborty
Ashish Chakraborty Månad sedan
Half of' Oscar was there !! YAAY
TumbleWede Månad sedan
1:11 the guy who said "He cut him in half" refers to the "Half Off" short
Jon wiC
Jon wiC Månad sedan
I just realized the kid in the yellow hat in the end is flossing
James Smith
James Smith Månad sedan
He cut him in half!
EdgeLord 69
EdgeLord 69 Månad sedan
NAT3 LEK Månad sedan
I like how no matter how crazy some of the stuff gets in this show that it’s still all one connected universe
PsYOniC yT
PsYOniC yT Månad sedan
No geezers, guys
Dark Side of Fate
Dark Side of Fate Månad sedan
Kids laughing at ya CUT EM IN HALF
OMGitsWILLIAM Månad sedan
The kid on top was high.
Jay Gooese
Jay Gooese Månad sedan
also child abuse!
Bautista Etchebest
Bautista Etchebest Månad sedan
Next: the tall boys have sex
21LeonidasZ Månad sedan
I love the cut it half reference.👋
shadow fox45
shadow fox45 Månad sedan
Poor kid press f
Alastor Månad sedan
Jay Guy
Jay Guy Månad sedan
Am I the only one who noticed half off Oscar??
Noellelovespandas 2 månader sedan
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes 2 månader sedan
Patricia Ferrari
Patricia Ferrari 2 månader sedan
Chronic _isCam
Chronic _isCam 2 månader sedan
This is so wholesome
Stick-i Animations
Stick-i Animations 2 månader sedan
Only now i realise the person who said "He cut him in half" is that Shop guy who cuts everything in half.
Danny Horner
Danny Horner 2 månader sedan
I love how they didn’t call an ambulance for the man who got cut in half
RayBob 2 månader sedan
Danial Mahmud
Danial Mahmud 2 månader sedan
Why the black kid at bottom?
TheLordShober 22
TheLordShober 22 2 månader sedan
That face when he was appointed bouncer
Elsa Reis
Elsa Reis 2 månader sedan
Was that half off Oscar?
Marko Hegedis
Marko Hegedis 2 månader sedan
he cut them in haaaaalf
Boris Smyslovsky
Boris Smyslovsky 2 månader sedan
White - above, black-under white. The white laughs, while the black being beaten. Just like in life. I like this))
Zach Lui
Zach Lui 2 månader sedan
Zach Lui
Zach Lui 2 månader sedan
Video of kid doing the floss
Anthony Playz
Anthony Playz 2 månader sedan
Half off Oscar possessed him because HE CUT HIM IN HALF!!!
midas flopper
midas flopper 2 månader sedan
The return of half off oscar 1:12
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona 2 månader sedan
It’s Oscar half off, for those who didn’t get it.
King Bread, Lord of Toast
King Bread, Lord of Toast 2 månader sedan
half off guy's move was stolen and thats why he was sent to jail
Ike Unsell
Ike Unsell 2 månader sedan
How is the bottom child still alive?!
Nuts And Bolts Man Cause I Can
Nuts And Bolts Man Cause I Can 2 månader sedan
0:51 basically you in any game with the first boss when you have all the end game weapons
Erin Killinger
Erin Killinger 2 månader sedan
The bottom kid is satan aka a demon
Yuian 2 månader sedan
"HE CUT HIM IN HALF" -half off oscar
Shino -
Shino - 3 månader sedan
Plot Twist: The kid one the bottom was actually a young Mike Tyson
Donktuss 3 månader sedan
In haaaaalffffffff
Schizo 3 månader sedan
The "HE CUT HIM IN HAAALF!" made me spit my drink out.
Bio Hazard
Bio Hazard 3 månader sedan
He caught him in half!
Coşku Moler
Coşku Moler 3 månader sedan
Half of Oscar @ half of Oscars half of emporium is also in the scene :D
Cat/Gaming clips
Cat/Gaming clips 3 månader sedan
They really need to make more tall boys
Jonathan Kouadou
Jonathan Kouadou 3 månader sedan
1:12 no get out you
Steven Mean
Steven Mean 3 månader sedan
Oscar is back
Zodiac 3 månader sedan
U cut in half i laughed lol
張書瑋 3 månader sedan
Cut it half
Hutton Spier
Hutton Spier 3 månader sedan
I think we need to see the tall boys run for president
Coty Mccollum
Coty Mccollum 3 månader sedan
Kinda gives me the creeps, just imagine you’re in any situation out in the night and someone, bigger than you with facial hair comes up to with maniac laughter, getting all up in your space, you start to attack him. But it does, absolutely nothing, he just stands there laughing.
New Kid
New Kid 3 månader sedan
1:32 is that kid doing the floss
YTkingblue 3 månader sedan
0:14 I’m DEAD
Charlies Plays
Charlies Plays 4 månader sedan
He cut em in HALF
Disco Judgement
Disco Judgement 4 månader sedan
1:11 nice reference
Sinistersweats 4 månader sedan
He killed his friend though
Rikiel Anasuli
Rikiel Anasuli 4 månader sedan
1:32 Hey Ya intensifies
Golden lancehead pit viper
Golden lancehead pit viper 4 månader sedan
He looks like grian
itstimetodo this
itstimetodo this 4 månader sedan
Yall notice its the guy from the "I'll cut everything in half" that says "he cut him in half!"
_ Anthrax101_
_ Anthrax101_ 4 månader sedan
MaxDude7 4 månader sedan
everyone is so concerned about the bottom kid, yet in the original tall boys the top kid fell off a rollercoaster and fucking died
zarc 4 månader sedan
1:12 half off oscar cameo
Ivan Knežević
Ivan Knežević 4 månader sedan
Im sorry for the boy under
Firewired 4 månader sedan
That one guy in line is a nice touch
Denzil Rodrigues
Denzil Rodrigues 4 månader sedan
Then after they found out, the Tall Boys were alive, they released Bruno and then he came back for revenge
Rafael Juarez
Rafael Juarez 4 månader sedan
At 1:12 isn’t that the guy at the short the half commercial?
Wilbur the furry curry
Wilbur the furry curry 4 månader sedan
Can Bruno get out of jail so that he can mega punch that kid in the end that is flossing! Im gettin annoyed
The Studies Of Wumbo
The Studies Of Wumbo 4 månader sedan
1:10 I just realized that was Oscar, the half off guy
NoodleSnake 4 månader sedan
The guy from the Half-Off short was the one who said “He cut him in half!”
Halimatun - Saadiah
Halimatun - Saadiah 4 månader sedan
Now's there cut it in half guy has a partner yeah haaaa
Rich Chigga99
Rich Chigga99 4 månader sedan
So basically you just need to get drunk and have that pain ressistance or something? Nah you know this is cyanide and happiness lol
TacoKat32z 4 månader sedan
This some Baki shit
Rascu Bekm
Rascu Bekm 4 månader sedan
1:11 my favorite part
Disheveledmanlet 4 månader sedan
you can see the bottom kid is frowning, I feel so bad for him.
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