There's A Monster Under My Bed | Cyanide & Happiness Comic Classics

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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Kris Wilson
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon
Intro Animation: Paul Blair
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Character Design & Props:
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ ‌Federle, Ben Governale
Voice Actors:
Kris Wilson - Boy
Joel Watson - Dad
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

Ligma Nuts
Ligma Nuts 4 dagar sedan
But its the opposite day
Adam423 5 dagar sedan
Hi There! OFFICIAL 7 dagar sedan
There is the terrifying vampire dad And also the wholesome demon child
Ominous 7 dagar sedan
shoutout to YT for being able to load a 2 minute ad but not a 33 second clip
Qandil Rockstar
Qandil Rockstar 9 dagar sedan
Calvins Carvings.
Calvins Carvings. 10 dagar sedan
I expect this.
Seido 11 dagar sedan
Well... That doesn't explain what happen after the father monster identity exposed before...
Shen Doodles
Shen Doodles 16 dagar sedan
A generic royalty-free parody of a generic royalty-free song? How many levels of irony is Cyanide and Happiness on?
Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper 20 dagar sedan
*rainy day music*
Miri Dip
Miri Dip 20 dagar sedan
Dad there is a human under my bed
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 23 dagar sedan
I swear I expected him to say "... I get my ladder"
klarenz cobie
klarenz cobie 26 dagar sedan
He literally took care of it...
Stefo 777
Stefo 777 Månad sedan
Dad theres a kid under my bed
mat mat
mat mat Månad sedan
What music pls
Plague Toge
Plague Toge Månad sedan
Now I wish I was the monster
Dwarfbomb Gaming
Dwarfbomb Gaming Månad sedan
Monster: DAD there's a strange boy under my bed!!!!
Noah Scott
Noah Scott Månad sedan
The dad is actually the monster
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
Replace spots, good
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
Loving content
InfamousMeatball Månad sedan
Full videos are a twist, shirts are twisted
Kenny Mccormick The Race Car Guy
Kenny Mccormick The Race Car Guy Månad sedan
1 Like= 1 Pray for the Kid
Meanwhile in a parallel universe: Dad! There's a bed under my monster!!
Father Maxi
Father Maxi Månad sedan
Monster: *doesn’t have a family* Dad: now this looks like a job for me
demk 01
demk 01 Månad sedan
Alex Nanlal
Alex Nanlal Månad sedan
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus Månad sedan
Of it
Caleb Booker
Caleb Booker Månad sedan
I feel like the son was probably going to kill them after what happened
Jay ._.
Jay ._. Månad sedan
why creepy
why creepy Månad sedan
F*** Samsu‌ng
Kyle Li
Kyle Li Månad sedan
Son: Dad! There’s a monster under my bed! Dad: don’t worry son! I will get my LADDER
sanstionalsuperhero31 / TS!USsans
sanstionalsuperhero31 / TS!USsans Månad sedan
0:05 once you ended the video press this to see an unending cycle
The Awsome Spike
The Awsome Spike Månad sedan
He's not a monster, he is just a boy born with multiple defects. *Dont judge a book by its cover*
Romano Cheese
Romano Cheese Månad sedan
Now there is an even worse monster under there
R.J. Wente
R.J. Wente Månad sedan
that was nice.
Mike258 Månad sedan
ok this time is very serious *this is gonna be me in some years huh*
Mr Lockheart
Mr Lockheart Månad sedan
uno reverse card he did
XxHeart_DaisyxX :3
XxHeart_DaisyxX :3 Månad sedan
Son:Dad!there's monster under my bed! Dad:don't worry son I'll take care of it... 1 YEAR LATER Monster:Dad!there's a human under my bed! Dad:don't worry son I'll take care of it Whole thing happends again😑
Kevin Hixson
Kevin Hixson Månad sedan
Monster: "Dad there's a son under my bed". Dad: "dont worry monster i'll get my ladder".
md shoharat
md shoharat Månad sedan
VerySwordfish Månad sedan
Dad there’s a human on top of my bed
Angel Impostor
Angel Impostor Månad sedan
I wanted the dad to JUST PULL OUT A GUN AND SHOOT HIM at the end
Blue Månad sedan
The kid stayed under the bed so long he turned into a literal monster till the monster whom now looks to be a kid notices and tells his father and... Well...
NaNzEr41 Månad sedan
Before I clicked on the video I thought Michael Jackson???
Lucas Gamer boy
Lucas Gamer boy Månad sedan
What a good hideout XD LOL
KillerQueen msp
KillerQueen msp Månad sedan
Anonymous Netizen
Anonymous Netizen Månad sedan
๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛ Månad sedan
0:08 Looks like he forgot his ladder
Cory and Kaso
Cory and Kaso 2 månader sedan
Considering the one comic where the father was a monster as well, who's the say the monster under the bed isn't the real son
music Studio
music Studio 2 månader sedan
:D :D
LegenDairy 2 månader sedan
Dont worry son, I'll get my ladder! *beats monster with ladder*
James Wolf
James Wolf 2 månader sedan
Yes ! I was finally able to guess an ending
Mukining 2 månader sedan
The next video thing covers up the comic :’(
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
Imagine if the kid was bones because the dad took care of the monster
Rasam 77
Rasam 77 2 månader sedan
🤣🤣🤣 great
hqlr 2 månader sedan
thats a good catch forsomeone without good depth perception
saiheintip YT
saiheintip YT 2 månader sedan
What a bad father replace his son by a monster? Waaaa
Corrupt C
Corrupt C 2 månader sedan
I just watched 20 secs of an ad just to watch a 30 sec video..
dimensional gladiator
dimensional gladiator 2 månader sedan
when you're dad says "dont worry son i'll take care of it" beat him up immediately or else... watch it 0:00 to 0:33
Abie Sky Evalin
Abie Sky Evalin 2 månader sedan
Wholesome... well, up until the end that is.
Ding's Burner's Burner
Ding's Burner's Burner 2 månader sedan
Well, he didn't lie, he did exactly what he promised to do. He took care of it
Angie Ross
Angie Ross 2 månader sedan
that s just sad
Lambo900 2 månader sedan
Dad theres a human under my bed
Palm 2 månader sedan
"I'll take care of it" he said.
SëmiT MéDēcK
SëmiT MéDēcK 2 månader sedan
This cyanide and happiness video *was* wholesome
FuriousBird 2 månader sedan
son there's a bed under my dad...
Sora Todoroki {Bakugou}
Sora Todoroki {Bakugou} 2 månader sedan
I saw this video, and never told my parents there was a monster under my bed. For this exact reason.
Sameer Jada
Sameer Jada 2 månader sedan
Same scene from the mirror episode
Vishal Raj
Vishal Raj 2 månader sedan
Paradox : 🙂👍
Alex Fosberg
Alex Fosberg 2 månader sedan
Omg wait thats the same monster in the last vid! Aww hes all grown up! Eidt: never mind unless he went from purple to gray lol!
Meme Man
Meme Man 2 månader sedan
I recognize that music from another episode
Pigey The pigeon
Pigey The pigeon 2 månader sedan
No swear words nice to give to your kid ;D
Maria Fuentes
Maria Fuentes 2 månader sedan
Dad the a human under my bed
Forrest Patterson
Forrest Patterson 2 månader sedan
Plot twist, they were brothers all along
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 2 månader sedan
*These plot twist have me wheezing*
Crazy Rabbids
Crazy Rabbids 2 månader sedan
Monster: There's a Kid under my bed!
ivan rubio
ivan rubio 2 månader sedan
Monster: dad there's a kid under my bed.. Kid: (yes my turn) Dad: don't worry monster i'll GET MY LADDER.. kid: wait what.?
Blackout_7040 2 månader sedan
Kimverl Sugar Villa
Kimverl Sugar Villa 2 månader sedan
Smol Faic Productions
Smol Faic Productions 2 månader sedan
how is the monster under the bed
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer 2 månader sedan
Son: "Dad, I'm tired of this endless cycle, please stop taking care of the monster and focus your attention on me! I'm your son, I need attention!" Dad: "Don't worry, son, I'll take care of it..."
Robert Mruz
Robert Mruz 2 månader sedan
Thats cute
onAroll Though
onAroll Though 2 månader sedan
Didn't even say it back
Carlitos Ponce
Carlitos Ponce 2 månader sedan
Plot twist the the monster is the father previous son but tries to hide it from his now son since their actually brothers
Lamar Dunn
Lamar Dunn 2 månader sedan
Damn has a better relationship than me and my dad
MAISGO GAMING 2 månader sedan
Hmmmmu it's meaning he is a good person
Drama ISPLURT 2 månader sedan
Gabbie hannah enters the chat MAyBe iM tHe M0NSTERRR
Ryan Uribe
Ryan Uribe 2 månader sedan
Hyper Hash
Hyper Hash 2 månader sedan
What is the name of the background song?
*ICU THERE* 2 månader sedan
He literally took care of it
Carlos Venegas
Carlos Venegas 2 månader sedan
Nithya Davuluri
Nithya Davuluri 2 månader sedan
The monster was somehow cuter than the son
lowesan Dune
lowesan Dune 2 månader sedan
Too bad most monsters hate light
Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh 2 månader sedan
The dad is a monster so it makes sense
TTV sjiton
TTV sjiton 2 månader sedan
SD Doodles
SD Doodles 2 månader sedan
I love the ironic shit they put.
Zingat Baba
Zingat Baba 2 månader sedan
Kilvieo 2 månader sedan
I knew that was gonna happen
Arnav Choudhary
Arnav Choudhary 2 månader sedan
He took great care of him😂
arunas gotoveckis
arunas gotoveckis 2 månader sedan
i already knew what was going to happen when he said i'll take care of him but i don't read ur comics
Kaustav Chatterjee
Kaustav Chatterjee 2 månader sedan
I am the 21,000th like!
Lebron Games
Lebron Games 2 månader sedan
Kid: DAD THERES A MONSTER IN THE CLOSET! Dad: ok son, I’ll check out the closet The Monster: *sad sigh*... I’m gay
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