These Jokes Aren't Funny | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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ha ha ha hA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! That's SO funny!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

DENCHIK studio
DENCHIK studio Dag sedan
I dont a scene when son killing her sister Why? Because she sucks
Shamia 27 dagar sedan
1:05 TF Death Grips?!
Geeta Gautam
Geeta Gautam 27 dagar sedan
Mosquitoe man haaaaaaaa\🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DoctorX17 Månad sedan
Everyone in the first one is dead, everyone in the second one has Malaria, and the kid in the third one killed Rocco
Im2faced AMS
Im2faced AMS 2 månader sedan
go dad to go Daddy, she is grown up
Red 2 månader sedan
Am i the only one that hears penis music with the hobo's fighting?
Zaw's gaming
Zaw's gaming 2 månader sedan
Dad X Bat = Pants 😂
Ayush pal
Ayush pal 2 månader sedan
Davi Undertale123
Davi Undertale123 2 månader sedan
1:58 i'm a big brain
K i l l m e p l e a s e
K i l l m e p l e a s e 2 månader sedan
The comedian was the first ever short I watched in this channel. And its still my favorite.
Bailey Green
Bailey Green 2 månader sedan
Ha ha, funny, good one
Brycen Walker
Brycen Walker 2 månader sedan
if i had a hat, i would tip it to mosquito man
ignelis 3 månader sedan
Вовововдо вадепосо девеепондо вепедонипи вер3нждез2
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel 3 månader sedan
“Is it pants?” *_”I-IS IT IT PANTS!?”_*
MedalOfHonor 2 månader sedan
I'll like ur comment to help you get started :D
Burger Man
Burger Man 3 månader sedan
The second one was hilarious
pink BG
pink BG 3 månader sedan
The man who is a genius with a mosquitos he's not funny but he's genius
pink BG
pink BG 3 månader sedan
Haha hobo the guy who in the stage Punch the guy in the face it's so rude 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
TheOneWhoSucks 3 månader sedan
Rocko's shirt on top of the pile of laundry in the kid's room. I approve.
Dog Puppet
Dog Puppet 3 månader sedan
1:11 You will know when you hear it.
Cody Wong
Cody Wong 3 månader sedan
Hope the comedian wore mosquito repellent
kurkkuboi 3 månader sedan
1:41 well... that worked at my school's joking day. Because we had one for some reason
ExTract MLBB
ExTract MLBB 3 månader sedan
Merlin concepcion
Merlin concepcion 4 månader sedan
That’s snowman is killer
theglitchinator 4 månader sedan
I know right
TheBigJ 5
TheBigJ 5 4 månader sedan
These videos crack me up
GunWithTheSilencer 4 månader sedan
I used to get the belt now I get the check $
Muhittin Eren Şenol
Muhittin Eren Şenol 4 månader sedan
TURKISH ALTYAZI🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
GoldenRetrieverDog2 4 månader sedan
I wonder what would've happened if the people just swatted the flies instead of clapping.
¿ Thanxs For Nothing ?
¿ Thanxs For Nothing ? 4 månader sedan
1:31 Arthur Fleck need this
Jaxon Frank
Jaxon Frank 4 månader sedan
the dad deserved tho
jacoba Ve tawp
jacoba Ve tawp 4 månader sedan
This is soo dark....yet very funny
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer 4 månader sedan
The man with the smile reminds me of Pennywise
Dorls Graville
Dorls Graville 4 månader sedan
Anyone's sees the Rocko modern life shirt on top of the cloths pile? To 90s baby's
Parker Murray
Parker Murray 4 månader sedan
Dad: Is dying Subtitles: [applause]
Jer Son
Jer Son 4 månader sedan
Student: “What if we used 100% of the brain?” Cyanide and Happiness: 1:40
200 subs with one meme
200 subs with one meme 3 månader sedan
lol i actually laughed at this
Kevin_theminion 29
Kevin_theminion 29 4 månader sedan
And the dad whacking his son with a belt MAKES ME REMIND ME OF MY CHILDHOOD BUT IT WASNT A BELT IT WAS A HAND
Olivier Mazurek
Olivier Mazurek 4 månader sedan
Now thats art 1:56
R3t4Rd3D Cat
R3t4Rd3D Cat 4 månader sedan
1:10 Penis music.
Ivo D. Gonzalez
Ivo D. Gonzalez 4 månader sedan
The kid from the Joke book really loves walabis.
Make the episods longer
TheSilicaWolf EndStrykers
TheSilicaWolf EndStrykers 4 månader sedan
Y is the lock to the bathroom on the outside???
Tkrv77 4 månader sedan
Ah so that's how the Riddler came into being. Hmm, always fascinating to hear Gotham villain origin stories
JAB of LEGENDS 5 månader sedan
If you clip out from 3:04 , Censor where the Rachael says Beat, and add a certain little jiggle to the front of it all, there would be a big difference in what is going on.
Idk Read another name
Idk Read another name 5 månader sedan
I hate the little guy, i hate it but let's karma get him
6ary _jones115
6ary _jones115 5 månader sedan
I love the last
Ethan Fipps
Ethan Fipps 5 månader sedan
: T
No. Nineteen
No. Nineteen 5 månader sedan
And the kid at the end ended up being a young caustic from apex legends
legalize homicide
legalize homicide 5 månader sedan
Gimme that meth!
Tobías HM
Tobías HM 5 månader sedan
3:02-3:36 That's the Joker born
Parma United
Parma United 5 månader sedan
If this was a real "these jokes arent funny compilation", then half of their skits would be in here.
Manuel Villarreal
Manuel Villarreal 5 månader sedan
shiny duckling productions
shiny duckling productions 5 månader sedan
3:03 my mum and dad at night be like
Faisal Rrahmani
Faisal Rrahmani 5 månader sedan
Let me have it 😂😂😂
SB19 x 4th Impact
SB19 x 4th Impact 5 månader sedan
Literally nilangaw yung joke 😆😆 Pero iba yung plot twist nun a 😂
Pink Puff
Pink Puff 5 månader sedan
That musqitoe guy, fucking comedic genius.
Shadow Shock
Shadow Shock 5 månader sedan
The kid is a genius assassin
YaBoy Hallpixell
YaBoy Hallpixell 5 månader sedan
hmm gotta go get some mosquitos for the show
yOu LiKe JaZz
yOu LiKe JaZz 5 månader sedan
guy with the mosquitos did a bill gates move where he opened a jar full of mosquitos
Lowkey Hyped
Lowkey Hyped 5 månader sedan
But is it pants?
adam ng chernk
adam ng chernk 5 månader sedan
Dylan Mejias
Dylan Mejias 5 månader sedan
Roope Rontu
Roope Rontu 5 månader sedan
The mosquito one was pretty good tbh.
Huskerhawk E
Huskerhawk E 5 månader sedan
Murder, Wholesome,Murder just your average video
ayaan and hiba khan
ayaan and hiba khan 5 månader sedan
Shah groupo
ayaan and hiba khan
ayaan and hiba khan 5 månader sedan
Vaoakolsis Crappy appy Choo choo Murder Jou
Human Being
Human Being 5 månader sedan
don't lie to me i heard that penis music
TurtleSellingADairyProduct 5 månader sedan
NotMaykel 5 månader sedan
When the dad removes the belt.. I thought of something else.. I hate my mind
Muhammad Fadillullah
Muhammad Fadillullah 5 månader sedan
Where is the pull?
Jacob Barde
Jacob Barde 5 månader sedan
Mosquito guy iz genius
GD noahboss11
GD noahboss11 5 månader sedan
The dad didn't just suffocate he also experienced internal bleeding. Seems fair in my book.
john doe
john doe 5 månader sedan
Title was 100% honest
Unsure Thumb Animations
Unsure Thumb Animations 5 månader sedan
2:10 Jordan Peterson when you didn't clean up in your room
Lawrence funny
Lawrence funny 5 månader sedan
667th comment
Mythical Toaster
Mythical Toaster 5 månader sedan
this is a fucking re-upload why are they doing this, view farming?
Couch Republic
Couch Republic 5 månader sedan
the name of the homeless comedy club should have been the crack shack
Alec 5 månader sedan
your right these wernt very funny
Anthony Powers
Anthony Powers 5 månader sedan
3:26 died knowing it wasn't very funny
Anthony Powers
Anthony Powers 5 månader sedan
2:50 answer an ass wooping
Waryranger 2719
Waryranger 2719 5 månader sedan
Rip abusing dad
Maverick Salaum
Maverick Salaum 5 månader sedan
Okay, that last one just got very dark
ThreeLions 5 månader sedan
Is this a compilation of every CH video?
Tony Clarke Sr
Tony Clarke Sr 5 månader sedan
The last one was kinda funny
Calico '
Calico ' 5 månader sedan
Not laugh, didn't funny
Emre John Nebioglu
Emre John Nebioglu 5 månader sedan
The dad's clever enough to guess mustard gas, but not clever enough to know he already had a wet towel to use as a breathing apparatus
Ron Ronson
Ron Ronson 5 månader sedan
Not very funny, or accurate!
John Brown
John Brown 5 månader sedan
1:40 why the black man gotta have mosquitos, lol jk
Luke Brundidge
Luke Brundidge 5 månader sedan
Why is killing for crack
Luke Brundidge
Luke Brundidge 5 månader sedan
I fear horrible
Nanof Urbiznis
Nanof Urbiznis 5 månader sedan
So that's how the joker got his scar.
GZ Watcher's
GZ Watcher's 5 månader sedan
I Love Your Animation
puffin gamer
puffin gamer 5 månader sedan
Wait is that mustard gas recipe legit? Then all I gotta do is piss on bleach!
Sybil Didit
Sybil Didit 5 månader sedan
When is sad Larry begins is going show up
Gabriel Rakers
Gabriel Rakers 5 månader sedan
The Joke Book gives us the origin of Clown Town from John Battman.
devon chicago
devon chicago 5 månader sedan
Haha, it's funny cause it's true!
Candy Kitty 664
Candy Kitty 664 5 månader sedan
voice actor vr
voice actor vr 5 månader sedan
The black guy got the crowd goin lol
rainbows and unicorns
rainbows and unicorns 5 månader sedan
LIAR it is funny
Refinity 2
Refinity 2 5 månader sedan
Guys I have a theory, The family guy is actually Sad Larry
Ömer can yıldız
Ömer can yıldız 5 månader sedan
Season 13 pubg mobile in nutshell noooo
The Angry Badger
The Angry Badger 5 månader sedan
Ngl that last joke wasn’t very funny. Should have used chlorine gas. 1/10.
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