Three Signs He's Cheating | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Three signs he's cheating on you!!! Number 2 will surprise you!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

Joseph Helms
Joseph Helms 20 timmar sedan
Alternate Title: Three Signs She's Abusive
《Gacha___ Almira》
《Gacha___ Almira》 21 timme sedan
The Proud Nerd
The Proud Nerd Dag sedan
1:10 women are queens guys, don't mess with them. That's some "spit on your grave" revenge right there.
real fake something
real fake something 2 dagar sedan
The third one, god just want them to know the truth
Nic C
Nic C 2 dagar sedan
More importantly why is the window so big
Tetsu Hatano
Tetsu Hatano 2 dagar sedan
0:36 I am.... so curious right now, mentally
Alauddin Ahmed
Alauddin Ahmed 4 dagar sedan
Funny .
C O R N 4 dagar sedan
The third one reminds me of those fake animated storytime channels
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie 5 dagar sedan
And are brother and sister 2:54
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie 5 dagar sedan
I mean 1:11
Sora Lionheart
Sora Lionheart 6 dagar sedan
The pact to kill themselves just to survive XD
Skyler Gaming
Skyler Gaming 6 dagar sedan
2:56 Sweet Home Alabama!
Humble Gull
Humble Gull 6 dagar sedan
1:23 my favorite part 😂
Hammy Burgers
Hammy Burgers 7 dagar sedan
Oopsy daisy 😮
Lêönardø Kûn
Lêönardø Kûn 8 dagar sedan
1:14 i love how he didnt died after his wife cut his balls
pixelboy 1192
pixelboy 1192 8 dagar sedan
When pregnant, they want to die.or the father.
Vasa Jovanovic
Vasa Jovanovic 9 dagar sedan
JustVibing YT
JustVibing YT 10 dagar sedan
“Step sister and brother” hmmm TOTALLY not a thing I heard, For real now my mind is going &2$;9/):@/!;@..
The Siberian Fox
The Siberian Fox 10 dagar sedan
😂 Can I have done ketchup
Sean Copeland
Sean Copeland 10 dagar sedan
The giant girl Is from the movies...
Mysterious Unknown
Mysterious Unknown 11 dagar sedan
Surprised that he stop cheating on her after losing his
The Queen
The Queen 12 dagar sedan
0:53 the way he just spawned that nose tho💀
Just some random anime fan 1
Just some random anime fan 1 12 dagar sedan
Wow that baby is lucky to have been born without any birth defects
Ron C
Ron C 12 dagar sedan
Those who thumbs this video down have committed heinous sex crimes.
Aqkeilie Bailey
Aqkeilie Bailey 12 dagar sedan
Thier brother and sister that's nasty! but funny 😂😂😂
nintonintendo1 13 dagar sedan
For those interested, the huge lady one has a prequel.
Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw 10 dagar sedan
Kai Levi
Kai Levi 13 dagar sedan
"You stole my ❤ and my wife I have nothing to live for" 😂
Jeremiah Carlson
Jeremiah Carlson 13 dagar sedan
I bet some women actually came here to find “three signs he’s cheating”
paulfine jules Vincent
paulfine jules Vincent 13 dagar sedan
I haven't watch this channel in like 5 years I mean 8 years
Hey_Adora 13 dagar sedan
I liked But the balls were 2 gross for me
Frank Tree
Frank Tree 13 dagar sedan
It would be really easy to make a girl be the one who cheated because on average they cheat more
Khôi Phan
Khôi Phan 13 dagar sedan
sir statistics have shown that men cheat more
Frank Tree
Frank Tree 13 dagar sedan
To support equality they should do a follow up with 3 signs she's cheating.
Roblox Aviation
Roblox Aviation 14 dagar sedan
It shows he uploaded it 8 minutes ago when he uploaded this 6 days ago I got a notification
HenDutch28 14 dagar sedan
Sweet Home Alabama
Katie Alice Stephen
Katie Alice Stephen 14 dagar sedan
I suspected my husband always texting a lady on his phone , We’ve been married for 18 years, we’ve both been happy together until recently when he switched side and I found out he has been cheating .I explained my story to a colleague at work then she introduced me to this genuine hacker, Darkwebprohacker who gave me access to his phone , I had complete access to his phone right on my own device and I could see all his activities for the past 2years and also have access to new notifications, his text messages, Facebook messages,location, call logs, and I found out my husband was also flirting on dating sites..I love my husband a lot and I still don’t understand why he betrayed me, I have been a good hardworking wife and never for once cheated on him. I tracked him down and found out he was always going to sleep in another woman’s house with me thinking my husband is always at work for night shift. You can contact this great hacker who helped me found out the truth about my husband at darkwebprohack(at)gmail com or Whats app +17076225057 or text and call them directly on the same number.They helped me get access into his phone without even touching his phone.I have enough evidence against my husband and I am thinking of Filing for divorce.I want advice if I should give him another chance or let go ?We have 2 kids together it's a painful feeling but I believe things happen in life it comes as it goes, as it says what doesn't kills makes you stronger.
I am not quite sure if i am right, but
I am not quite sure if i am right, but 12 dagar sedan
Think what would be worse, your kids living in a seperated family or with a father who is a son of bitch, your divorce is unavoidable, the sooner the better
Superhero Editron
Superhero Editron 14 dagar sedan
That first one had us in the first half... and then had us in the next half as well... *not gonna lie*
Advika Pandey
Advika Pandey 15 dagar sedan
Can I have some ketchup?
ThePhoenixPrince 15 dagar sedan
How did the broom wearing a mask lift itself up to glance at them?
Lesedi Raphoto
Lesedi Raphoto 15 dagar sedan
The 199 people that disliked this video ya moms a hooooooe
bReAdAmoRt 15 dagar sedan
:(( why the reuploads..
Roblox GAMER 2
Roblox GAMER 2 15 dagar sedan
In going down, that is not what happens when your engine fails. When your engine fails, you do not stall. You stall in minutes after the engine fails
Josue Collins
Josue Collins 15 dagar sedan
wait a minute wasnt the giant girl from the horror movie the guy ruinned for everyone?
lilbebe shrek
lilbebe shrek 15 dagar sedan
Like my comment
lilbebe shrek
lilbebe shrek 15 dagar sedan
gustavo toraz
gustavo toraz 15 dagar sedan
The final part is the best of *the best*
Josh Gomes
Josh Gomes 15 dagar sedan
Back when I use to wacth this as a kid .... I still wacth it.....
Petrice Golden
Petrice Golden 16 dagar sedan
Can you make one when the wife get her arm cooked I'm sure you know why!😉
bless jun
bless jun 17 dagar sedan
Stuff went to Alabama real quick
SilverKunoichiDraws 17 dagar sedan
I’m not sure if anyone else noticed or it’s just my brain, but doesn’t seem like the characters in Cyanide & Happiness have black teeth sometimes?
Liana H
Liana H 17 dagar sedan
I love how they only have noses when its convenient 😂 like theyre retractable
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic 17 dagar sedan
He likes em big huh? I see he's a man of culture.
brownin329 17 dagar sedan
It wasn't me...
Devo YT
Devo YT 17 dagar sedan
*She knows how to cook*
Lady Deadpool
Lady Deadpool 17 dagar sedan
So good o my god✌️
Najwa Hussein
Najwa Hussein 17 dagar sedan
1:46 sake phone slightly:)
Najwa Hussein
Najwa Hussein 15 dagar sedan
@Lauren Wade I’m glad I stopped you :))
Lauren Wade
Lauren Wade 17 dagar sedan
Cool, I was almost responsible for killing 3 people
allways ok
allways ok 18 dagar sedan
I died in the 2nd one
Beckett Gray
Beckett Gray 18 dagar sedan
Pretty mischievous this entire video is “man, I didn’t see that coming”
Muhammad Umer
Muhammad Umer 18 dagar sedan
Those bandages at 0:55 tho. Beauty is in the details
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson 18 dagar sedan
Rechurning old content as a compilation video is weak sauce.
fluffyboo 18 dagar sedan
did he just-
sir_ napkin
sir_ napkin 18 dagar sedan
I'm 5 I like you're vids
sir_ napkin
sir_ napkin 18 dagar sedan
Jk haha get cha?
Victorious Plays
Victorious Plays 18 dagar sedan
What did I just witness?
Florida Man
Florida Man 18 dagar sedan
horrible animation
Florida Man
Florida Man 18 dagar sedan
ugly animation
Funtime_nuggets08yt 18 dagar sedan
Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins 18 dagar sedan
How big is the crew that makes these videos.
Patrick's Music
Patrick's Music 18 dagar sedan
I love how long the plane stalled for lol
Aditya Narayan Rai
Aditya Narayan Rai 18 dagar sedan
What is cyanide and happiness?
Nyota Mwuaji
Nyota Mwuaji 18 dagar sedan
Always make sure your death bed confessions are actually on your deathbed
music Studio
music Studio 18 dagar sedan
renegate 96
renegate 96 18 dagar sedan
The same shit over and over again... When you give us new stuff???
Steve Hi
Steve Hi 19 dagar sedan
3:10 Sweet home alibama 🎶
GMG 19 dagar sedan
Moe: 18 wheels and they all missed me!
KariPlayzRoblox 19 dagar sedan
Tell me why I was having a dream that some guy got a car stuck in his a** and the news reporter was like "Why he come outside though" But the subtitles said "Why e cum outside tho"
Tasty McCheese
Tasty McCheese 19 dagar sedan
Why do they have their bed in the living room
Shrek Is no
Shrek Is no 19 dagar sedan
Where is Justin.y?
cREATOR 19 dagar sedan
"Goin Down" Dam it's sooooooooooooo funny
Patrice Bouvard
Patrice Bouvard 19 dagar sedan
Stop mashups!
a chill person
a chill person 19 dagar sedan
Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh 19 dagar sedan
How can that first one work if she’s a giant!?
Anime/Rock&Metalfan 19 dagar sedan
Stan looks like Walt Disney!
SilverEye 19 dagar sedan
Only one of these involve an actual sign. I feel lied too.
austin oehring
austin oehring 19 dagar sedan
We've watched these already. Stop beating a dead horse.
Pizza Eaters
Pizza Eaters 19 dagar sedan
When you notice that the characters are never wearing any shoes or pants
Ivy Dex
Ivy Dex 19 dagar sedan
Goin Down has the weirdest love triangle ever.
Junior Ordel
Junior Ordel 19 dagar sedan
I suspected my wife of cheating on me but I never had any proof. This went on for months, I didn't know what to do. i was so paranoid and decided to find a solution, i saw a recommendation about a private investigator and decided to contact him. I explained the situation about my wife to him and he said he was going to help me.I gave him all the informations he required and afterwards i received all my wife’s phones Text messages and calls, I was hurt when i saw a picture of my wife and her lover. I feel so bad about infidelity. but i am glad Mr james was able to help me get all this information, you can contact him through Gmail : Worldcyberhackers (WhatsApp: +12678773020) if you need help, infidelity really hurts.
Mohib Sahotra
Mohib Sahotra 19 dagar sedan
Can you tell me the number 2 music name?
kittensandkats mk
kittensandkats mk 19 dagar sedan
Ah yes, the same 3 shorts that I’ve seen about 15 times collectively
Something# 1
Something# 1 20 dagar sedan
I thought I was going to comment 4 deaths but I was wrong :)
Sione Alofi
Sione Alofi 20 dagar sedan
Kiddojaythegreat 09
Kiddojaythegreat 09 20 dagar sedan
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken 20 dagar sedan
Good eggs for breakfast
ammo2222 20 dagar sedan
Its all Fun and Games until you realize that #2 has happened in Germany about 15Years Ago...
Creide 20 dagar sedan
i used to think these mashups were kinda dumb, but honestly they are an easy way to relive some of the oldie goldies without having to search for them
Basil Zoubi
Basil Zoubi 20 dagar sedan
2:10 sitcom shows on the last season
Rushaun Wilson
Rushaun Wilson 20 dagar sedan
Please go and chech out XR3W gaming And support his channel please
Angelo Sanchez
Angelo Sanchez 20 dagar sedan
like WOW 😍😂😂😂😂
Angelo Sanchez
Angelo Sanchez 20 dagar sedan
ultimate twist ever
TheBlueInspector 20 dagar sedan
0:54 when u discover that these guys have nose
Kshitij Chauhan
Kshitij Chauhan 20 dagar sedan
They have nose? 😂😂
5k subscribers without no videos challenge
5k subscribers without no videos challenge 20 dagar sedan
lets see how many people are watching this during quarantine
gintoki 18 dagar sedan
All of the actually
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