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Did somebody say... Tiny Style??
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Mike Salcedo
Screenplay By: Mike Saledo
Story By: Mike Salcedo, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Connor Murphy
Voice Actors:
Lil' Jil - Elizabeth Del Rosario
Doctor - Lorraine Bett
Mom - Denise Magdale
Girl - Autumn Soeder
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon, Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Private Limited
Character Design: Jerald Lewis, Mike Salcedo
Background Art: Shawn Coss
Animatic: Chance Kubesh
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

Abi Sain
Abi Sain Dag sedan
Lil Jill is a precious heroic bean.
Yao Iori
Yao Iori Dag sedan
Kyle Dag sedan
This is why we need nanobots.
The Pink Super Saiyan
The Pink Super Saiyan 2 dagar sedan
This is surprisingly wholesome for a explosm entertainment cartoon
Shayaan Shahriar
Shayaan Shahriar 2 dagar sedan
I wanna see tiny style 3
Youtube University
Youtube University 2 dagar sedan
We need third episode someday!
ethan white
ethan white 3 dagar sedan
pRaIsE bE
Kris Schibe
Kris Schibe 5 dagar sedan
Why is it kinda satisfying to see tiny style help her
Mr. Slam TheCool
Mr. Slam TheCool 5 dagar sedan
We all know the real hero
Nay Chi
Nay Chi 5 dagar sedan
Nobodys know that she a true hero
Katherine Le
Katherine Le 6 dagar sedan
Make tiny person fight God
sunnyphrog _
sunnyphrog _ 6 dagar sedan
Make a tiny style 3 Please
brylle palomares
brylle palomares 6 dagar sedan
Yhumi omagad
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 7 dagar sedan
*Tiny Style*
Clack Tloc
Clack Tloc 8 dagar sedan
The best
PerishZac 8 dagar sedan
Looks like this is the start of a villain’s story.
I love My life
I love My life 9 dagar sedan
Not to be a dick or anything XD
Joshua Dana
Joshua Dana 9 dagar sedan
I wish Tiny Style or Ant-Man was real so they can fight the coronavirus🦠
strike n set secret toyy
strike n set secret toyy 10 dagar sedan
1:01 I feel uncomfortable
oscar daniel ayala
oscar daniel ayala 10 dagar sedan
christian music
Shon furman
Shon furman 10 dagar sedan
doctors: save person from death every single human on planet earth: tHaNk yOu GoD
Nitrogen Peep
Nitrogen Peep 11 dagar sedan
I love the fact that you add a lot of black people to your animation not many people add them or just not enough of them
Andrew Luchico
Andrew Luchico 11 dagar sedan
She could cure covid
Sam Henley
Sam Henley 11 dagar sedan
Could Lil Jil cure the Covid?
M4GN3TIC _ 11 dagar sedan
You’re not supposed to destroy bacteriophage because these viruses kill bacteria
Epic Kirby12
Epic Kirby12 11 dagar sedan
Oldschool gamer and Lover
Oldschool gamer and Lover 12 dagar sedan
Aiden Brewster
Aiden Brewster 12 dagar sedan
Plot twist slides come back
nico444 rei
nico444 rei 12 dagar sedan
Manda dublar esse desenho
Kaiden Schwent
Kaiden Schwent 12 dagar sedan
You know they’re a real hero when they don’t need to promote that it was them that saved the day (even if it would be nice)
S Parker
S Parker 13 dagar sedan
It took 4 watches to notice the idiocracy reference from the doctor: “not be be a dick or anything” while reading the chart
Jeetu Singh
Jeetu Singh 13 dagar sedan
Why did she have bacteriophage in her body. Bacteriophage are good viruses which eat other bacterias and are not harmful to human cells. And she just killed that
Nicholas Jimenez
Nicholas Jimenez 14 dagar sedan
Epic Kirby12
Epic Kirby12 14 dagar sedan
Tiny hero Wholesome episode
Kenndy Yendis
Kenndy Yendis 16 dagar sedan
Hola Mel sine
Cyberpunk rockstar
Cyberpunk rockstar 19 dagar sedan
Why are you killing the bacteriophage there good viruses
Grant Flippin
Grant Flippin 19 dagar sedan
Those were bacrophages, the good guys, ya dick
TT Brickworks
TT Brickworks 20 dagar sedan
Everybody:THANK YOU GOD! Lil jim: put the tumors back
Bret Palmer
Bret Palmer 21 dag sedan
COVID-19 is in the title but not in the video
Un des Ministres d'Imhotep dont le nom est trop long ( Dans la description de la chaîne )
Un des Ministres d'Imhotep dont le nom est trop long ( Dans la description de la chaîne ) 21 dag sedan
*Credit card decline* Tiny style: Okay, let's put all of theses back.
Enrico Famoso
Enrico Famoso 21 dag sedan
If they notice Lil' Jack, what do you think what'll happen, then?
SuzanoSho 21 dag sedan
Nurse: "Not to be a dick or anything..." Also Nurse: "Do you have tumors in your ears too?"
c h i l l
c h i l l 24 dagar sedan
I didn’t realize that looked like COVID till now
Joao Emanuel Barbosa Honorio
Joao Emanuel Barbosa Honorio 24 dagar sedan
Joe England
Joe England 24 dagar sedan
She really should have her own series.
Damon Hansome
Damon Hansome 25 dagar sedan
RU13Y 25 dagar sedan
cyanide and happiness is a confirmed redditor
Zaiden Gaming 4.0
Zaiden Gaming 4.0 26 dagar sedan
Tiny style 3 lil, Jill vs god
Jay Bro
Jay Bro 26 dagar sedan
I really want a part 3 like if you guys agree 😉
Dragneel_ 17
Dragneel_ 17 27 dagar sedan
If I’m ever in a medical situation and the doctor was able to save I’ll thank him not god
KiddLogicc 27 dagar sedan
Something about the imagery on 0:40 just freaks me out..
Christmas Cat
Christmas Cat 27 dagar sedan
WendowMillz -3-
WendowMillz -3- 27 dagar sedan
When you study alot if science and relize bacteriophage does nit Attack humans
The real Yeet
The real Yeet 27 dagar sedan
I know I sound like a retard, but the viruses at 0:45 are actually bacteriophage and would help cure the girl by killing bacteria. So killing them isn't the brightest idea....
FlaminGingerbread 27 dagar sedan
I love how everyone in the comments wants to straight up murder a little girl
M B 27 dagar sedan
Tiny style 3?
Yasir Badr
Yasir Badr 28 dagar sedan
0:52 bacteriphages are good
can Sancar
can Sancar 28 dagar sedan
plot twist: her daughter had covid-19 and this is a paralel universe she was the first patience and never infected other people
FYI i am a spy
FYI i am a spy 28 dagar sedan
Although I do not see them much, I hope they do better with their economic situation and they are happy :)
Expired Tylernol
Expired Tylernol 28 dagar sedan
This completely reflects the situations when doctors save lives and people run around start praising some god lmao
The Observer
The Observer 29 dagar sedan
The fact she got mad at the end marks a soon-to-be-supervillain.
Inkmegalofnaf.EXEdollcipher 29 dagar sedan
Mutraxation 29 dagar sedan
Tiny Style: *does the entire job* Everyone: *imma pretend I didn't see that* ''THANKS GOD''
Wyatt Lane
Wyatt Lane 29 dagar sedan
Good, a somewhat wholesome episode
Mariosaurus 29 dagar sedan
She’ll get revenge by eating u friend the inside out.
g00py Le GrAnDe
g00py Le GrAnDe Månad sedan
If I ever get coronavirus ill call for tiny style
Bruh How
Bruh How Månad sedan
Tbh 0:48... Those don't hurt you they bump into you harmlessly...
Bucket Månad sedan
Where is lil Jil when we need her
Matnsmith Smith
Matnsmith Smith Månad sedan
I clicked like and it hit 79K Im not ready for such power
Slayer3000bot Månad sedan
Maybe that’s how Dr. House’s patient came back to life it was tiny style punching her heart back to life
Nicolas Salazar Torres
Nicolas Salazar Torres Månad sedan
The reason that they dont thank you Tiny Style Is because you never show yourslef to people
Anne Marie farah Thervil
Anne Marie farah Thervil Månad sedan
Poor girl :(((((((((
Jubi Månad sedan
Hey at least they didn’t take a dark turn and she put them back in
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno Månad sedan
Who else think lil jil kinda cute asf
Game Forum
Game Forum Månad sedan
But bacteriophages are good
The Doggos House
The Doggos House Månad sedan
Why is this satisfying
Macro Phage
Macro Phage Månad sedan
Tiny Style is the best hero.
Golden Wind!
Golden Wind! Månad sedan
Those Bacteria phages are actually helpful they kill 40% of harmful bacteria in the ocean every day.
Spyro Fan
Spyro Fan Månad sedan
Lotta people calling Lil Jil "Tiny Style" like she doesn't have her name on her hoodie
Jeremiah Carlson
Jeremiah Carlson Månad sedan
Tiny style 3 she goes around causing life ending wounds to people who thank god instead of her
Joris Milleret
Joris Milleret Månad sedan
Tiny vs the Corona ^^
max woo
max woo Månad sedan
but...but...but.... the crystal tower thingamajigys are good
dog boy
dog boy Månad sedan
Please wear face mask
NoNameGame Månad sedan
Tiny style forgot the important rule. Rule 32# "Enjoy the little thing" being a tiny hero
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27
Rafael Chia Ruijie Index 27 Månad sedan
If only tiny style was real
Maya Yang
Maya Yang Månad sedan
I wish this was real but it’s never going to be real
Tomáš Hodas
Tomáš Hodas Månad sedan
Why, did She kill those Bacteriophage ? They literally kill only and only bacteria ... They cant even hurt humans ...👏😂
Minato Namikaze.
Minato Namikaze. Månad sedan
He stole every piece of credit
Shreptheshrep Månad sedan
Tiny Style Could Help With Corona Virus
coinvirus 17617
coinvirus 17617 Månad sedan
Now tiny style vs god
Ferlyn Candelaria
Ferlyn Candelaria Månad sedan
more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ᗪᑌᗰᑭᔕTᗴᖇ ᖴIᖇᗴ
ᗪᑌᗰᑭᔕTᗴᖇ ᖴIᖇᗴ Månad sedan
"Don't wanna be a dick or anything-" I wish that every doctor said that before giving bad results
Omar Carlon
Omar Carlon Månad sedan
If you have a tumor you need a port not a iv cause the medication is so powerful
CivicAnemone 895
CivicAnemone 895 Månad sedan
Your killing god boy viruses
Izuku Midoryia
Izuku Midoryia Månad sedan
Wow she fought the corona virus out of her. Just look at the thumbnail and look at that virus compared to coronavirus
Ignacio Lithuania
Ignacio Lithuania Månad sedan
dont wan to be a dicker but thats not ...no ....these are virus phages , they are harmless to humans,
Fredbear P.E.M
Fredbear P.E.M Månad sedan
Coal girl Carbona
Shyamchandra Shrestha
Shyamchandra Shrestha Månad sedan
Ho. Ho. Ho
Joanna DEBİL
Joanna DEBİL Månad sedan
Ninja_ Algérien
Ninja_ Algérien Månad sedan
Nice putaclick
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