Toxic Relationships | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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The best way to avoid toxic relationships, is to never be in a relationship!
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Angel Juliet
Angel Juliet 4 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, I’d leave my husband for the barber 🤣
Levi Kalden
Levi Kalden 20 dagar sedan
The guy with the blue glasses seemed to had a quite good relationship going, sad that at the end it didn't work out
Patryk Szlachetka
Patryk Szlachetka Månad sedan
People saying they wouldnt be mad about that way of breaking up probably never had any serious relationship.
Fahad S
Fahad S Månad sedan
Are thinking what am thinking when yu hear the voice... lol
Mixey Månad sedan
Me: "Wrong hole fool" Groom: "No right hole :)
I stole your paint roller
I stole your paint roller Månad sedan
That weird man loved his mirror
Depression Pie
Depression Pie Månad sedan
What kind of person does that much romantic shit for a first date
Sean KTG SQUAD Månad sedan
Jimmy williams change the money to gum jimmyjinjeng evrybody
Saint Mary Bulicek
Saint Mary Bulicek Månad sedan
This is me fulfilling my promise, he’s my favorite after so many heartbreaks. I thought it was time to give myself a break and focus on my job while trying to heal from my previous toxic relationship. After about a year and half I met a man who turned out to be my daughter’s boss , I was reluctant at first but his persistence and high spiritedness got me submissive. We started getting along so well , no day passes without constant communication, I fell in love and didn’t want to be hurt ever again; told him my weaknesses and he told me his, along the line he came across his ex and his attitude towards me started getting cold. Seemed like deja vu all over and so I couldn’t let the anxiety tear me apart. I met a colleague who introduced me to the best set of Private investigators ultimate hack , I contacted and hired them almost immediately and they requested a down payment to commence the job after targets cell number was provided. After few hrs they responded with all the deleted and recent messages , Whats App Facebook Instagram Snapchat gps and archives of pictures he has been sending out; I practically had access to his phone without his knowledge. Turns out he connived with his young sibling to test my patience and tolerance, all the info was carted to me , thanks to the hackers I now pass his test with ease, lol . For assistance on how to track or monitor your spouse email ultimatehack003@ gmail com or Whats App/call/text +17202954268 I wish you well as You find out the truth about your partner just like I did .
Daum Girn
Daum Girn Månad sedan
ultimate Gohan
ultimate Gohan Månad sedan
The first one I get because he doesn't what a kid
Gaming Maniac
Gaming Maniac Månad sedan
Kenny Mos
Kenny Mos Månad sedan
If it ain't true...
Bearly Alive
Bearly Alive Månad sedan
0:12 God the arm..
memes or not memes
memes or not memes Månad sedan
Ty The Guy
Ty The Guy Månad sedan
How did they not add the “honey I think we should be different people”
cuh cuh
cuh cuh Månad sedan
The show is the best
cuh cuh
cuh cuh Månad sedan
Sobble_Artz Månad sedan
The puppet house Show
The puppet house Show Månad sedan
3:07 did he mean he was having sex with her or that he’s dating him
Mom i think we need a new mirror
Kyaw Joshua
Kyaw Joshua Månad sedan
Why do those chaps just sing
bungus doo gungus
bungus doo gungus Månad sedan
I feel like the narcisis one should have a scene where 2 mirrors are reflected and he asks how many times he cheated on him
ZAULLLY BOY Månad sedan
I love this chanel
Skydive Månad sedan
damn. i went a whole year without watching these.
Skunk 2 månader sedan
Can anyone please tell me what happened to “Here’s An Idea” podcast!! I’ve listened to them all atleast 3 times over after they stopped making them, but did they ever make a update on why they quit?
no 2 månader sedan
Your - Life - Gone
Your - Life - Gone 2 månader sedan
"i really need a man with bigger balls" i mean your not wrong
Panday 2 månader sedan
The h a n d
The Wardogs
The Wardogs 2 månader sedan
Probably should’ve considered doing that at my wedding, would’ve saved me a lot of trouble later
joimumu 2 månader sedan
Plot twist the singing telegram lied to break them up
IizUname 2 månader sedan
Shoot, we're breaking up?
A Trash Lemon
A Trash Lemon 2 månader sedan
He really lost a game of laser tag to a mirror
Isaacあ 2 månader sedan
oompa lumpa
oompa lumpa 2 månader sedan
I thought the first was just gonna be that n was like huh that wasnt as horrible then he did the mirror n was like well f*k me
Anime Boy
Anime Boy 2 månader sedan
0:27 Is that a shankshaw redemption reference?
michaelflash123's stuff
michaelflash123's stuff 2 månader sedan
Robert Alcart
Robert Alcart 2 månader sedan
Are you the type of person you’d want to wake up next to in the morning?
Nia Dai
Nia Dai 2 månader sedan
Could someone explain the first story for me?
MsBright Eyez
MsBright Eyez 2 månader sedan
Why breakup through text when you can just share this compilation 😀
Axingsword Lol
Axingsword Lol 2 månader sedan
The barbershop quartets all have different sizes of mustaches
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 2 månader sedan
"How much did this even cost?!😢" "It was all for freeeee!!😁" "Because she's fucking meeeee...😈"
killcharge 2 månader sedan
Ok I wouldn't even be mad if a singing telegram broke up with me
Guinevere 2 månader sedan
Ah yeah today is monday
Tahmoney X
Tahmoney X 2 månader sedan
Next shorts should be death wish which is when u make a wish someone dies
BEAT Leonard Cea
BEAT Leonard Cea 2 månader sedan
Why did he say "Oh God"
Red Ash
Red Ash 2 månader sedan
The last one gets me every time XDD
ÇILGIN OYUNCU 2 månader sedan
Pls turkish cc
Only Yuri
Only Yuri 2 månader sedan
Me and the person in the mirror dimension in a nutshell
Jack N Ape James
Jack N Ape James 2 månader sedan
that harmony tho
Viktor Samoja
Viktor Samoja 2 månader sedan
Plot twist, his GF never broke up with him, that guy just wanted him out of the picture so he could hit on his Gf.
Marko TM
Marko TM 2 månader sedan
Canso 2 månader sedan
logum bogum
logum bogum 2 månader sedan
Soooooo do they even make new animations or do they just rehash everything
Tenko Chabashira
Tenko Chabashira 2 månader sedan
The second one was very unexpected 😐
ExoticcLegend 2 månader sedan
Bro the ending, what a plot twist😂😂
Godlydestroyer4 2 månader sedan
They need to make a d was th note thing where it’s called death note it has the book and stuff but the guy in it writes his suicide note before he commits suicide, perfect dark humor for what they do here...
Flavio L. P
Flavio L. P 2 månader sedan
I'm brasilian and i love this channel
Sebastian Facho
Sebastian Facho 2 månader sedan
Hola soy un comentario
TheOneAboveAll 2 månader sedan
Well those were some ways to solve a problem
Buck Fiden
Buck Fiden 2 månader sedan
The barbershop quartet should have all answered, and me, and me, and me.
המתכוננים Israel
המתכוננים Israel 2 månader sedan
Intimate Relationships SUCK!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬
Sami T
Sami T 2 månader sedan
Did he get cat fished or cheated on at the end
Dr Galactose
Dr Galactose 2 månader sedan
1:35 He seem to take "Go fuck yourself" a little too serious.
John the Echidna
John the Echidna 2 månader sedan
0:29 Virginity is cool Remain pure
Тереза Боом
Тереза Боом 2 månader sedan
When I first heard this 3:07 I thought he said that he was the girl. After listening to this song repeatedly I understood that meant that he was "with" the girl. XD
Production 07
Production 07 2 månader sedan
Hello Cyanide and Happines. There is a German voice over channel and they steal your videos. They dont say the animation is from you and dont even hint that it may be from you. They only show it in the description way down. Edit: also everybody watching their channel is thinking he made it. PS: love your videos
Tninth Nine
Tninth Nine 2 månader sedan
Clearly it’s her because all of that was I caused for
Mezo 2 månader sedan
This episode was weak
Brian Peugh
Brian Peugh 2 månader sedan
Any interaction is better than being ghosted heck trying to work out the issues is better than just ignoring them and moving on, you don't have to get a barber shop quartet to tell you that. :3
Dead Specter
Dead Specter 2 månader sedan
Singing telegram shows up at my door i'm getting the gat
Amir Thorpe
Amir Thorpe 2 månader sedan
Music to 0:46
曉暮 2 månader sedan
Pandora's Flame
Pandora's Flame 2 månader sedan
Must be some strong glass
astolfo 2 månader sedan
2:25 lmfao
Calvin Magsino
Calvin Magsino 2 månader sedan
I haven't watch this youtube in a while
Refuse Jack
Refuse Jack 2 månader sedan
The mirror one is my favorite. C&H found a way to turn my frown upside down
AllYourPie 2 månader sedan
The bigger mustache indicates the more dominant position within the group hierarchy.
•jello duke•
•jello duke• 2 månader sedan
Last one was UNEXPECTED
Hypnos: God of Sleep
Hypnos: God of Sleep 2 månader sedan
The last one was the absolute best thing I've ever seen
Jonathan Han
Jonathan Han 2 månader sedan
Who will win? Trolley God Tom vs. Tram Satan Sam
Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher 2 månader sedan
Can somebody explain this 1:32 mirror scene
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries 2 månader sedan
2021: The Groomer
JohnyK07 2 månader sedan
Never gets old! xD
Winner Winner
Winner Winner 2 månader sedan
This is my favorite mashup
MoonlightFNX 2 månader sedan
Petition for ted bear 3!!!!
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles 2 månader sedan
The sheer number of anime pfps in this section is painfully cancerous
Asif A. Ali
Asif A. Ali 2 månader sedan
That narcissist though! 😂😂😂👌
shadow the wolf
shadow the wolf 2 månader sedan
Good thing I've never got into toxic relationships
Chris Can Too!
Chris Can Too! 2 månader sedan
Plot twist @1:36 😉👍😅😅😅😅😅😅
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 2 månader sedan
The first one wasn’t toxic It was cunning
Emmanuel Paige
Emmanuel Paige 2 månader sedan
1:38 why. Why, why
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 2 månader sedan
Is there such things as a mirror-burn? 🪞
M Anderson
M Anderson 2 månader sedan
Sooo many question about the mirror one.
Matthew Pappas
Matthew Pappas 2 månader sedan
Special Delivery is still one of my top ten Favorite Cyanide and Happiness clips. Never fails to mae me laugh.
Gorge Gorge
Gorge Gorge 2 månader sedan
Long time i dont see thus
Saint Jimmy
Saint Jimmy 2 månader sedan
I would have like for the other 3 in the barbershop quartet to chime in at the end 🎼and also me🎼
Toxicc The Ace
Toxicc The Ace 2 månader sedan
Woah you guys change the videos
Ima Z
Ima Z 2 månader sedan
What feminist came up with this
Sir Samwise Bee
Sir Samwise Bee 2 månader sedan
I would just send a singing barbershop quartet back to her saying “Atleast my hand isn’t a starfish in bed” Yeah I’m that petty!
Jennifer Dioso
Jennifer Dioso 2 månader sedan
Starfish 😂😂😂😂😂
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