Trains, Planes, and Automobiles | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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GamerXD Fury
GamerXD Fury 20 dagar sedan
Imagine if car washes were really like that lmao
Abe McG
Abe McG 20 dagar sedan
So basically, Murder In The Orient Express...but with a twist Clever 😏
The King Enderman
The King Enderman Månad sedan
I love be the reference of the movie in the title
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus Månad sedan
Jaxson Siroky
Jaxson Siroky Månad sedan
That’s one long basketball court..........
Mr Mc moustache
Mr Mc moustache Månad sedan
It does not state in the rule book that a Boeing A310 cannot dribble the ball all the way to the hoop
It’sTheGamingT-Rex 2.0
It’sTheGamingT-Rex 2.0 Månad sedan
2:00 captions:applause
SCP -1678
SCP -1678 2 månader sedan
Must Be a MONDAY!
UnKnOwN 2 månader sedan
Thanks dad.....
Tin Tin
Tin Tin 2 månader sedan
This is from Pirot one episode lol xd
Luke Boisen
Luke Boisen 2 månader sedan
Airplane dad episode: I wish my dad was here for my world trade center field trip
Frisky Boi
Frisky Boi 2 månader sedan
Does that detective play among us
Dylan Fair
Dylan Fair 2 månader sedan
Okay but the murder mystery is a great idea for a movie. Someone discovers that everyone but them had a hand in the murder and they have to make it out alive
Party_Lachs 2 månader sedan
The buttsharts lmfao
mr nobody
mr nobody 2 månader sedan
Where is dick tucker that is not the worlds greatest detective
Michelle Rose
Michelle Rose 2 månader sedan
Among us irl
Justin Elzinga
Justin Elzinga 2 månader sedan
You forgot about railroad man
Ben Haim
Ben Haim 2 månader sedan
Forgot railroad man
Drinking soap
Drinking soap 2 månader sedan
The first one is exactly like how among us works you find some one sus and you get voted
The Model Trainer
The Model Trainer 2 månader sedan
Wouldn't it be smarter for the detective to realise his findings when the train stopped at the station
abuya -
abuya - 2 månader sedan
i wish my dad can be more like the airplane dad
Ernesto felipe Sanchez caceres
Ernesto felipe Sanchez caceres 2 månader sedan
Wow :O
ALINE ALINE 2 månader sedan
1°: *there is an impostor among us*
Caleb the Manuel
Caleb the Manuel 2 månader sedan
Imagine airplane dad being like: “Oh this new job in New York is cool, especially the view up here” then the plane goes nrrrrrrrrr crash
FireEco 2 månader sedan
O.T Genasis [AMV]
O.T Genasis [AMV] 2 månader sedan
2:54 Me: plane will never be balling Coach: planes balling Me: wait planes balling
O.T Genasis [AMV]
O.T Genasis [AMV] 2 månader sedan
1:43 i remember those days
PeanutDog 2 månader sedan
The first short is better if you’ve seen the movie
i am CLARK.
i am CLARK. 2 månader sedan
Greatest dad ever,risking to lose his job just for that.
United ROBLOX 2 månader sedan
now i know what to add in my rulebook
Frog 2 månader sedan
This is something of reference from robot chicken.Exept that rather was santa
XX گوینده نظر xX
XX گوینده نظر xX 2 månader sedan
who Imposter for part 1
Randolph Bareño
Randolph Bareño 2 månader sedan
Squeaky Clean no 🚫🧥 👖
Payton Brantley
Payton Brantley 3 månader sedan
The frist one was a self report
Thoroughly Wet
Thoroughly Wet 3 månader sedan
At least they found a use for all those tumble butts
Ryyppäävä Raktorikuski
Ryyppäävä Raktorikuski 3 månader sedan
Hercule Poirot who?
Finn Zam
Finn Zam 3 månader sedan
When is PergaTony coming back.
Drew Menck
Drew Menck 3 månader sedan
Bra that kids dad is total goat
olaf gaming
olaf gaming 3 månader sedan
Amoung us: 0:02
Zugorplayz SoAmazing
Zugorplayz SoAmazing 3 månader sedan
Whos the impostor among you all!!!!!
Dr [REDACTED] 3 månader sedan
Dk Nurul
Dk Nurul 3 månader sedan
1:45 although it didn't know it directly.. The shadow!! 💀
Byron Davis
Byron Davis 3 månader sedan
You know this was going to happen in the detective you could have took them all out side then the police showed up and he will tell them what happened
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles 3 månader sedan
Severe lack of John Candy, 2/10
Kalie Reynolds
Kalie Reynolds 3 månader sedan
Man: takes off clothes * Me: wtf why the butt why and how does he want to get farted on like why
Kaidin Smith
Kaidin Smith 3 månader sedan
I see what you did there.
Shadowshibe 3 månader sedan
They literally spoiled the Murder on the Orient Express book in the first clip like bruh i was almost finished with that book!
An Unentitled Motivated Millennial
An Unentitled Motivated Millennial 3 månader sedan
I really with this would stop showing up in me feed I unsubscribed, unfallowed to, disliked. I tried everything it keeps showing up idk want too do
araceli flores
araceli flores 3 månader sedan
Ok :-/
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller 3 månader sedan
..... how long was that gym jesus christ that 747 was in there for 6 seconds
DERON PORTER II 3 månader sedan
The murder on the orient express
lokura normal
lokura normal 3 månader sedan
Where is the train song?
Cpt. MacTavish
Cpt. MacTavish 3 månader sedan
If anyone is interested in watching this movie it's: Murder on the Orient express
Gray Fox
Gray Fox 3 månader sedan
Best dad ever xD
The skull bandit
The skull bandit 3 månader sedan
I really expected to be here before justin Y. I truly am foolish
JustALittlePotato 3 månader sedan
2:40 I swear at joey's wedding, joey's dad going to bring the freaking plane with him
Seb 3 månader sedan
The basketball one made me die
LowKeyDead 3 månader sedan
Hercule Poirot cyanide and happiness version
Matthew Keen
Matthew Keen 3 månader sedan
Sam YaZdian
Sam YaZdian 3 månader sedan
miss the times when u were really working and making funny new memes now you clearly just spam... sometime some dude is drawing and other time its mashup of olds... why should anyone keep notification on you?!
havalı sans
havalı sans 3 månader sedan
7 imposter 2 crewmate
Abdullah Bin Zayed
Abdullah Bin Zayed 3 månader sedan
Murder on the orient express
TEA The Exclusive A TWO2
TEA The Exclusive A TWO2 3 månader sedan
Airplane Dad, the most inspirational episode
TEA The Exclusive A TWO2
TEA The Exclusive A TWO2 3 månader sedan
What a smart detective
triston xiong
triston xiong 3 månader sedan
I like how the British bobbies have American accents
nobody Flores
nobody Flores 3 månader sedan
“Airplane Dad” is the most wholesome series I’ve ever seen form this channel and I love it
jainey2 3 månader sedan
The detective is the only sensible Man.
Jang Zhang
Jang Zhang 3 månader sedan
How 'murder on orient express' would have ended in a realistic way
Queencilar Yonye
Queencilar Yonye 3 månader sedan
3:07 Hmm.. theres nothing in the rule book that says you cant have an airplan crash through the cieling and bounce the freaking ball all the way to the hoop
Max Selcow
Max Selcow 3 månader sedan
I want an ULTIMATE BATTLE ROYAL between the strongest C&H characters: Shark Rad, Ghost Cops, The MEDS Duo, The White Knight, The 90's Sniper, The World's Greatest Detective, Tiny Style, That Guy With a Lot of Guns (From the GUNS episode), Senor Cleanfist, Sad Larry, The Easily Aroused Secret Agent, The Bullet Buster (From the WISHES episode) and The Purple Eye Stabber!
Jonathan O
Jonathan O 3 månader sedan
Rayanxmanettes 3 månader sedan
The detective sound sus
Jamaican Kidd
Jamaican Kidd 3 månader sedan
I reached so fast 🏃 💨
Napoléon I Bonaparte
Napoléon I Bonaparte 3 månader sedan
The man in the car wash could’ve laid on the hood
DODO 3 månader sedan
The airplane dad is gold
JohnBattman 3 månader sedan
Remember the first time I saw Squeaky Clean. Was at a FanExpo in Texas Explosm was at and they had a kiosk playing some of their videos and that was one of them. It was the most beautiful things I had ever seen.
Sammy Gao
Sammy Gao 3 månader sedan
wow...... ye tha it
Brian's Thought
Brian's Thought 3 månader sedan
1:17 I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
KB 3 månader sedan
Not the best detective innit
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 3 månader sedan
Rey Gomez
Rey Gomez 3 månader sedan
Miguel Morris
Miguel Morris 3 månader sedan
The last one , dad is awesome..
The Unsttoppable Force Of Death
The Unsttoppable Force Of Death 3 månader sedan
I remember watching this at 7 yrs old
Dikke Boktor
Dikke Boktor 3 månader sedan
sad trolley tom noices
Akosi Potpot
Akosi Potpot 3 månader sedan
The C&H airplane has upgraded.
Remmy the rat
Remmy the rat 3 månader sedan
Aeroplane dad is a classic
Intr3pidTV 3 månader sedan
That first sketch is Murder on the Orient Express.
Patrik Masserati
Patrik Masserati 3 månader sedan
WHAT AM I a DETECTIVE?! :D :D got me every time
moxinater 3 månader sedan
And all the kids die from asbestos poisoning.
Werewolf Master
Werewolf Master 3 månader sedan
2:27 the true YOLO
Pin-Wu Yu
Pin-Wu Yu 3 månader sedan
we need Airplane Dad 3!!!
ひろかいりゅざき 3 månader sedan
That first one was so popular they made a movie out of it
Captain Pickle23
Captain Pickle23 3 månader sedan
*that title is the vehicles listed on the charges against me. They are for something called “Vehicular Manslaughter”*
HUNTER Z 3 månader sedan
I smell the fart
siobi69 3 månader sedan
He may have been the greatest detective but he was never the smartest detective
HoustonGames 3 månader sedan
these just keep getting better and better lol
Namasjii sansi
Namasjii sansi 3 månader sedan
Now I am a vehicle enthusiast🚘✈️🚆
ninja ninja
ninja ninja 3 månader sedan
Lol what did he expect them turn them self in
Spycho Guy
Spycho Guy 3 månader sedan
Yesterday I donate my PHONE , WATCH and WALLET to the poor guy . You can't imagine the happiness that i felt as l saw him putting the gun back in his pocket .
Michael Gross
Michael Gross 3 månader sedan
You know what we need? A C+H Dad comp. Ladder Dad, Airplane Dad, rainy weather dad, and more
Jonjacobjinglehimmerschmidt 2ed
Jonjacobjinglehimmerschmidt 2ed Månad sedan
Comeon! Shark dad!
James Wolf
James Wolf 2 månader sedan
tumble butts dad
Chronic _isCam
Chronic _isCam 2 månader sedan
I think they did that already “best dads” I think it was called
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