Trolley Tom: Angel of Death - The Finale

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Tom's made his final decision. He couldn't have done all this without your help! Thank you for watching, voting, and supporting Trial by Trolley! Okay Bye!!!!!
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Andy H
Andy H 7 månader sedan
Spoilers - Tom went right... right into our hearts.
Jonathan Arellano
Jonathan Arellano 2 månader sedan
Truer words have never been spoken
And Drew
And Drew 5 månader sedan
I am Milk
I am Milk 5 månader sedan
To true
Brandon300 7 månader sedan
Andy H 0_0
jim bo
jim bo 7 månader sedan
Christine Ava Maldo
Christine Ava Maldo Dag sedan
Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan 4 dagar sedan
Okay byyyye! 😭
Tina M
Tina M 10 dagar sedan
Kill the dinos.
Pyro85 17 dagar sedan
I think you should turn trial by trolly into an app mobile game that would be wicked😈🤩
Michael Lennerman
Michael Lennerman 17 dagar sedan
I think that's still monorail monty. But since we brought back everyone he killed Tom is still alive and will take back his trolly.
Angel whiss
Angel whiss 26 dagar sedan
En español?
Chicky the Chickanator
Chicky the Chickanator Månad sedan
This is not trolley tom we chose wrong so... wrong....
Finn Ainsley
Finn Ainsley Månad sedan
“Beam me Down, Goddy!”-Trolly Tom.
900IQ Plays
900IQ Plays Månad sedan
When you realise tom could of just jumped off of the train at the begining and keep rolling on the floor until the harsh moumentum stopped but the chance of not getting smash by the flashing trees on the side as the train goes so meh
the flying mountains
the flying mountains Månad sedan
Who else watched the full series
Scooby Douche
Scooby Douche Månad sedan
Season 2?
cools show
cools show Månad sedan
Oscar uit de prullenbak
Oscar uit de prullenbak Månad sedan
Nooooooooooo jou revivet tram sam
Rix Arguel
Rix Arguel Månad sedan
Everyone: left humans Me : right dinosaurs Tommy trolly : left Me : why the humans
King Belial
King Belial Månad sedan
Yep. The Tom we knew is still in hell. Double hell actually.
Brendan Boris
Brendan Boris Månad sedan
Goodbye Tom, you will be forever missed
OddlyMoistSock Månad sedan
Why is it the finally nooooooooo
angel wolf demon
angel wolf demon 2 månader sedan
As trolley Tom went off into the sunset he killed many people Ok bye
that dude
that dude 2 månader sedan
Please more episodes
Chantelle Hol
Chantelle Hol 2 månader sedan
Me: I'm so glad it's almost a happy ending Tom: *runs over santa* Me: now it's a happy ending
Chantelle Hol
Chantelle Hol 2 månader sedan
Goodbye Tom maybe we'll meet again probably with me in your tracks.... (Wait if everyone was revived then that means Tram Sam is still out there)
Pedro Cassenote
Pedro Cassenote 2 månader sedan
see you space trolley boy
tbomb 233
tbomb 233 2 månader sedan
he grew up so fast ;_;
Jonathan Arellano
Jonathan Arellano 2 månader sedan
Trolley tom just know I’ve had nothing else to do during quarantine and I’m sad that it’s over !OK bye! Lol
Maxxy Moo3000
Maxxy Moo3000 3 månader sedan
That's for giving me Coles this years Santa 3:53
Jumper Jack
Jumper Jack 3 månader sedan
I have no idea for a name
I have no idea for a name 3 månader sedan
What’s that song in the background called (the one in the beginning)
silly wittle kitty
silly wittle kitty 3 månader sedan
when god steals your catchphrase
SlenderPlayz 3 månader sedan
I want him back :(
Zack the amazing Bison
Zack the amazing Bison 3 månader sedan
I still wish he brought the dinosaurs back to life.
George G Pogosian
George G Pogosian 3 månader sedan
Dave Toms
Dave Toms 3 månader sedan
Greatest. Ad campaign. Ever.
Jif Jifferson
Jif Jifferson 3 månader sedan
Ok bye
Garrett Morris
Garrett Morris 3 månader sedan
Don't ever stop, Explosm.
Jonatan Aleman
Jonatan Aleman 3 månader sedan
Jonatan Aleman
Jonatan Aleman 3 månader sedan
Natalie Olsen
Natalie Olsen 3 månader sedan
And he brought back Hitler (I think)
Diamond Sagoes
Diamond Sagoes 4 månader sedan
*sob* He’s really gone, they grow up so fast
The master of YT Pro sight
The master of YT Pro sight 4 månader sedan
Nope i hate tom he is a looser
Thorben Weber
Thorben Weber 4 månader sedan
Ok, bye.... Old friend
ManII 4 månader sedan
If you really think about it, you can't go senile in heaven.
Lauren Lost
Lauren Lost 4 månader sedan
Make a U-turn and pick up a few passengers. A trolley for one is never fun
Abdolmalik Z
Abdolmalik Z 4 månader sedan
Korv Sausage
Korv Sausage 4 månader sedan
Its enough to make a grown man cry
Jevil 4 månader sedan
I actually cried
Arteman Wärne
Arteman Wärne 4 månader sedan
Ah. There he goes. The best of the best. The story of Trolley Tom will be told down for generations uncounted as the damn legend he was
abdurrahman adam
abdurrahman adam 4 månader sedan
God catchphrase in 2020: okay bye! Me: *sweating nervously*
Donal Nick
Donal Nick 4 månader sedan
I promest not to cry but i did
Me At
Me At 4 månader sedan
Multi track drift
Ryan Lliguin
Ryan Lliguin 4 månader sedan
free animoo man
free animoo man 4 månader sedan
Rip dinos
BAK Robert Johnston
BAK Robert Johnston 5 månader sedan
Didn’t bringing back everyone also do bad things like bring back hitler And Tram sam
hipalex is og `
hipalex is og ` 5 månader sedan
Plot twist, god is trolly tom
Jeshminwara Begum
Jeshminwara Begum 5 månader sedan
And Drew
And Drew 5 månader sedan
This was a good siri’s
Kenzo Hauck
Kenzo Hauck 5 månader sedan
Santa Claus said Not Again😭
Overseer 5 månader sedan
How to tell everyone that they dont want to do this anymore
Dark Stories To Watch At Night
Dark Stories To Watch At Night 5 månader sedan
We all know that Trolley Tom isn’t 39.
Brandon Sexton
Brandon Sexton 5 månader sedan
So long Tom I will always come back and watch this series again every time I edit this comment is another time I rewatch the trolley Tom series
Dwaynekills Garcellano
Dwaynekills Garcellano 5 månader sedan
this amzing bat facking biht
shirley Hua
shirley Hua 5 månader sedan
dansonchristman 5 månader sedan
He looks more than 39
Unako Thwethwa
Unako Thwethwa 5 månader sedan
The people you killed
Yoyo Panda
Yoyo Panda 5 månader sedan
wait DOn't Revive Tram Sam!
Phantom Aquarist
Phantom Aquarist 5 månader sedan
Way to go God. Stealing Tom's thunder!
:O 5 månader sedan
Only if at the end we saw gods face
Brandon Tlaxca
Brandon Tlaxca 5 månader sedan
Trolly by trolley has ending ☺️
Dēmō 5 månader sedan
I’m not crying... you’re crying
KA'RA Leigh Lakusta
KA'RA Leigh Lakusta 5 månader sedan
ThatOneGuy 6 månader sedan
Ok, bye!
Petar Njegrulj
Petar Njegrulj 6 månader sedan
Azrael is that ya?
Patrick Noenickx
Patrick Noenickx 6 månader sedan
Trolly Tom purgatony crossover When?
Caz Watson
Caz Watson 6 månader sedan
Tom has been the day for me and my first job with my life in the first year ever so please go to bed early please please thank me I appreciate
Death 2000
Death 2000 6 månader sedan
I love how santa never got a chance even after revival.
Video Games only
Video Games only 6 månader sedan
You will forever be in our hearts Tom
RDoubleH SoyHugo
RDoubleH SoyHugo 6 månader sedan
I want more
Al Bowlly
Al Bowlly 6 månader sedan
I love the trolly tom series.
Adam Zajac
Adam Zajac 6 månader sedan
Josef mengele was the angel of death Not this GUY!!!
Noobz - Roblox
Noobz - Roblox 6 månader sedan
Wut about train lacne
Neil Andrei Tancio
Neil Andrei Tancio 6 månader sedan
The dinos
Quinn Rodda
Quinn Rodda 6 månader sedan
GG Tom, GG.
Qrow Boi
Qrow Boi 6 månader sedan
Beam me up scotty Tom:Beam me down goddy
Blake Ayrl
Blake Ayrl 6 månader sedan
Get back here and take more of Google's ad revenue by making more TBT videos
DavidGameplay Z
DavidGameplay Z 6 månader sedan
This is the saddest, most greatest and tears bringing end of Trolley Tom! I love it!! 😢😭
DavidGameplay Z
DavidGameplay Z 6 månader sedan
Trolley Tom will be missed forever
XtodaL 6 månader sedan
Is no one going to address the fact that some is us still think he's not the real trolley Tom
champ 2.5
champ 2.5 6 månader sedan
The sound Santa made when he got ran over 🤣...
charlyn velos
charlyn velos 6 månader sedan
Talking cloud
ObjectZerotypeofficial !!!
ObjectZerotypeofficial !!! 6 månader sedan
Man actual Kickstarter backer Zachary Davis from something something Texas gets no love
Yadiel Grullon
Yadiel Grullon 6 månader sedan
Edmund Esesien
Edmund Esesien 6 månader sedan
One the right
Ivy Slater
Ivy Slater 7 månader sedan
_Top 10 saddest anime endings that nobody expected_ Number one, Trolly Tom.
SpenceeGamer 7 månader sedan
Trolley Tom was the best
Z e p h y r
Z e p h y r 7 månader sedan
A fitting end to a mass slaughterer of train safety illiterate humans and boxes
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 7 månader sedan
At one point, tom said everyone was playing TBT but sadly, I don't have that game yet :(
TimmyTimeTurtle 7 månader sedan
He rolls on into infinity... Our favorite old man.
DS Dude
DS Dude 7 månader sedan
What's the ending music?
Mathew Grant
Mathew Grant 7 månader sedan
That's monorail Monty
*Insert meme here*
*Insert meme here* 7 månader sedan
Trolley tom Top
Bepi 7 månader sedan
Wait....your the Thirty- nine?
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