True Stories From The Bible | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Totally true Bible stories!
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Carter Yt
Carter Yt Dag sedan
Then what’s the banana
MenT 4 dagar sedan
Uyathandwa Bacela
Uyathandwa Bacela 4 dagar sedan
Wow satan and lucifer yall are a holes
Jason Heavensrun
Jason Heavensrun 5 dagar sedan
Jesus: Now to lay low for three days....
Kowz of Rule
Kowz of Rule 5 dagar sedan
A Pure Flix ad attached to this, Irony...
Simon Fonov
Simon Fonov 6 dagar sedan
Now do the Quran
marvin Alarcon
marvin Alarcon 6 dagar sedan
Reanetse Moleleki
Reanetse Moleleki 6 dagar sedan
The Eden skit was perfect.
Antyramki Antyramki
Antyramki Antyramki 7 dagar sedan
This is a mockery of True God! I am submitting this film!
G_Ball 7 dagar sedan
Wtf guys
kaveh kamaei
kaveh kamaei 9 dagar sedan
I'm going to Hell for watching this😂😭
Lemon Demon
Lemon Demon 9 dagar sedan
0:00-1:18 1:19-3:37 3:38-4:41 0:00-5:01 Edit : PEPE IS BACK YAYA
Dreams studios
Dreams studios 10 dagar sedan
Making fun of people's religion is not beautiful at all 😡
Limkirbybret _
Limkirbybret _ 11 dagar sedan
Thats not bible
Simon Vines
Simon Vines 11 dagar sedan
Please delete this video otherwise , I will report and send e-mail to youtube because your insulting our God Jesus.🙏🙏
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 11 dagar sedan
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 11 dagar sedan
My grandma will not be christian after this She will still adore jesus and god tho 😂
John Reb Serran
John Reb Serran 11 dagar sedan
Eden is legendary 😆😆😆
Lars Becker
Lars Becker 11 dagar sedan
4:03 And so the flying spagethi monster was born
SimpleeCasual 11 dagar sedan
Scientists were half right with that BIG BANG explosion
vermelho 11 dagar sedan
Ryder Mclauchlin
Ryder Mclauchlin 12 dagar sedan
I love these
Fanzy Frenzy
Fanzy Frenzy 12 dagar sedan
ABO 7md 000
ABO 7md 000 12 dagar sedan
130 mood
130 mood 13 dagar sedan
So... Since humans didn't exist yet. I guess that was some angel porn
Henri Mathern
Henri Mathern 13 dagar sedan
These are my favorites by far
Johnson Li
Johnson Li 13 dagar sedan
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 13 dagar sedan
the last cartoon explains how jesus is alive in family guy
Bri 14 dagar sedan
🤨 umm nah... no thanks
Marek Strzałkowski
Marek Strzałkowski 14 dagar sedan
Just legendary.
꧁latte wolf꧂
꧁latte wolf꧂ 14 dagar sedan
The first video is not funny you should respest moses and eve and adam☹︎
Matt S.
Matt S. 14 dagar sedan
Did anyone else think that banana was something other than Jesus's arms?
CAZELLA Gracia 14 dagar sedan
Anti christ
DEUS SALT 14 dagar sedan
Honestly we all know that god was pretending to be the devil just to screw with moses.
Pubudu Wijesooriya
Pubudu Wijesooriya 14 dagar sedan
Mr. Indika Thotawatte said that the Bible is a lot of icing dung. Maybe he saw this video.
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 14 dagar sedan
That poor bear 🐻 😂
Kenthis15 14 dagar sedan
2:32 uhh. Excuse me, Bear Fucker, Do you need assistance!?
15 dagar sedan
Take this, My Son... For it is my *_h a y r ._*
Phil T Kaswahl
Phil T Kaswahl 15 dagar sedan
All of this is sacrilicious!
8-bitYT 15 dagar sedan
God has no balls
Joker Christ
Joker Christ 15 dagar sedan
This adaptation is much better than the book.
Puchipaa Animations
Puchipaa Animations 15 dagar sedan
I hope devil will laugh at you when you guys are burn in hell. :D
Puchipaa Animations
Puchipaa Animations 15 dagar sedan
Satan is laughing at these people who make these stupid animations. Because you are already became slave of him.
Eueu Djdj
Eueu Djdj 9 dagar sedan
Will at least he Has sense of HUMOR
Puchipaa Animations
Puchipaa Animations 15 dagar sedan
This is so stupid and disrespectful!!! Shame on you!
Yuan Daniel Solomon
Yuan Daniel Solomon 15 dagar sedan
Atheism Intensifies to 9999999999999
FlaMmiE DasHiP
FlaMmiE DasHiP 15 dagar sedan
Joh Mullin
Joh Mullin 15 dagar sedan
Why god
darkhunter 15 dagar sedan
We need Elijah, Solomon and David, Sampson Ester, Isaiah. Make a VeggieTales spoof! I found loen references in their TV show!
Bruh 15 dagar sedan
Christian would take this to court
Joey Manzano
Joey Manzano 15 dagar sedan
3:31 wtf look at the shadow at the bottom left
What's A Good Username?
What's A Good Username? 15 dagar sedan
Jeden pro algoritmus
Johnathan Hallgarth
Johnathan Hallgarth 15 dagar sedan
Could we not make a mockery of GOD plz ???
Angelic Obscurities
Angelic Obscurities 15 dagar sedan
I love how it’s accurate, Adam and Eve are darker skinned because of dirt.
Jade Animation
Jade Animation 15 dagar sedan
*well that's disrespecting*
epic delta dust sans
epic delta dust sans 15 dagar sedan
Every time im seeing your...videos.... Is ..... forget it forget it....
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 15 dagar sedan
Deniz -
Deniz - 15 dagar sedan
I wonder, if Christians get offend by these kind of parodies ? Since Muslims and Jews get really angry even when someone makes a little joke out of their religions.
TIMMY 15 dagar sedan
Ok wtf!
AwesomeMerica10 15 dagar sedan
Missing “the last supper“ you guys did
Simon Ryske
Simon Ryske 15 dagar sedan
the tv conected to the tree thats clean energy
Jeffrey Osborn
Jeffrey Osborn 16 dagar sedan
Yeoch, I'm so going to hell XD
421 16 dagar sedan
Allahu akbar this is very cursed and haram
Moe 15 dagar sedan
Lethal Lyrical Liger
Lethal Lyrical Liger 16 dagar sedan
Everyone makes jokes about Jehovah & Jesus Christ,until the day comes that they're standing in front of u staring u in the face💯
Mee EEEP 16 dagar sedan
Ow wish i can see more wholesome vids cuz its fun too watch
Betka Marekova
Betka Marekova 16 dagar sedan
FIAN GAMER777 16 dagar sedan
Guys please I have a small request Next video making for legends pleased🙏 I am your small fan
Medicus 16 dagar sedan
Oh God I will try 😭
yo75z 16 dagar sedan
eait where s the one where jesus gets drunk?
Dame Suchiang
Dame Suchiang 16 dagar sedan
Man this is messed up
Alishia Burns
Alishia Burns 16 dagar sedan
Love the last one .LOVE IT!
Luke Walker
Luke Walker 16 dagar sedan
What is sad is... If they were willing to crack the thing open, there are *real* biblical events that are waaaay more fucked than their toilet humor could manage.
Vaasav Sharma
Vaasav Sharma 16 dagar sedan
Rip Christians
Dumisani Nkosi
Dumisani Nkosi 16 dagar sedan
not really
Ser Jekk
Ser Jekk 16 dagar sedan
Pretty sure you could have just told the stories as they are written in the bible to show how ridiculous they are. Would have been just as funny.
firelord9000 16 dagar sedan
I hate how youtube doesn't recommend my SUBSCRIBED channels smh
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen 16 dagar sedan
3:35 The purpose of downloading mods in skyrim belike :
idahoyo 16 dagar sedan
I love when the demons did a prank
Niran Das
Niran Das 16 dagar sedan
3:36 best part 😂😂😝
any Lestari
any Lestari 16 dagar sedan
InterDimensional Gaming
InterDimensional Gaming 16 dagar sedan
Some big bread
Milantique Studios
Milantique Studios 16 dagar sedan
The Jesus one was pretty funny
Juvenal Tellezz
Juvenal Tellezz 16 dagar sedan
Jolly Cooperation
Jolly Cooperation 16 dagar sedan
People back then were on some real trippy shit.
Frank Lewis
Frank Lewis 16 dagar sedan
Jesus: the bread is my body and the wine is my blood Then guy who got the mayonnaise:👁👄👁
Eden De la cruz
Eden De la cruz 16 dagar sedan
My nameis Eden
Elyxr 16 dagar sedan
4:12 I thought that banana was something else
Jay 16 dagar sedan
Looks like god is part of the 4 stroke gang Mommies! Let Christine and Tim know.
Zyklas 16 dagar sedan
Try this with muslims...
Chris 16 dagar sedan
Mashup Monday, suggested on a Tuesday.
ImmaMeme420 16 dagar sedan
Miguel The Movie Encylopedia
Miguel The Movie Encylopedia 17 dagar sedan
you should have included the footsteps in the sand and the jesus last supper rager shorts
Cookware 17 dagar sedan
Comment for the algorithm.
BurningFox 17 dagar sedan
That says “the bibble”
Yael Abueg
Yael Abueg 17 dagar sedan
Yael Abueg
Yael Abueg 17 dagar sedan
Pls animateJOJO 😧
shine 17 dagar sedan
I used to watch this shit alot when I was in 6th grade 😳
Θεμις Παναγακου
Θεμις Παναγακου 17 dagar sedan
The god its not with you
Yeetman The second
Yeetman The second 17 dagar sedan
2 Poofs and A PlayStation
2 Poofs and A PlayStation 17 dagar sedan
Aw I didn't finish clapping
random videos
random videos 17 dagar sedan
who is having sex in the video if God hadn't made humans yet? 2:37
Aaliilii 17 dagar sedan
this is not okay its getting close to 666 comments
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