Very Important Questions | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Austin goodwyn
Austin goodwyn Dag sedan
What's the fastest way of getting a message to a lot of people. Tell it to a teenage girl and tell her to keep it a secret.
Random Stuff by Chris
Random Stuff by Chris 5 dagar sedan
I might let that sink in, he seems quite friendly
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889]
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889] 6 dagar sedan
2:12 Hahaha! Rudy’s gravestone in the background!
Bd Agarwal
Bd Agarwal 6 dagar sedan
They took that from KBC
Den Rosal
Den Rosal 7 dagar sedan
i just saw rudey grave near granma's grave ._.
gamer Loran
gamer Loran 10 dagar sedan
I just come a mafia game trailer
Rae Summers
Rae Summers 14 dagar sedan
Somehow i find minis wayyyy better. M I D only 1 ???
Mr.lag6000 15 dagar sedan
I did not notice that Rudy’s grave is right behind him when he is kicking his grandma grave
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku 10 dagar sedan
It's an cinematic universe 16 dagar sedan
When you watch this when your ten
Vårinn Johansen
Vårinn Johansen 16 dagar sedan
i saw that bowling guy in the crowd
lala love
lala love 17 dagar sedan
Omg us girl don't know how to shut up when we with our girls... all the Secrets come out🤣🤣
Mr. Night
Mr. Night 17 dagar sedan
Lmao there was a bowling ball top left 0:00
Subscribe For n0 Reason
Subscribe For n0 Reason 17 dagar sedan
I used to be a fan but after seeing this I’m a whole air conditioner
Cheikh bethio
Cheikh bethio 18 dagar sedan
Where is the gold buried?
Mirzuri 19 dagar sedan
Hahah that interrogation is a good one
no way grandma
no way grandma 20 dagar sedan
I love this channel 😀
Chill Zone
Chill Zone 20 dagar sedan
"Or conjue a spirit." "Spirit." "Spirit?" That had mad regular show vibes
Olivia Eubanks
Olivia Eubanks 20 dagar sedan
I love this show
Father Maxi
Father Maxi 20 dagar sedan
No wonder she went to hell
KoltinSlate Gaming
KoltinSlate Gaming 21 dag sedan
One of the audience members in the dead grandma short is a bowling ball
mouhamad srouji
mouhamad srouji 21 dag sedan
huh ??
Michael P
Michael P 21 dag sedan
is a spirit really a "life line"
Blackerlivet 21 dag sedan
I love monday mashups!
random person
random person 21 dag sedan
1k Subs without video Challenge
1k Subs without video Challenge 21 dag sedan
And thats how my folks, purple sweatered eye stabber was born...
Soup 17
Soup 17 21 dag sedan
If they show the 2nd one just make it a offical one
Rutilio Cano
Rutilio Cano 22 dagar sedan
Why is everyone such a b**** to sad Larry
Kitty S
Kitty S 22 dagar sedan
Lol. The interrogation was hilarious and kinda generalized towards women. 🌚
Cognetus Melienius
Cognetus Melienius 22 dagar sedan
I woulda been like "Wait you said gold?!"
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 22 dagar sedan
Lmao ! Kon Banega Crorepati.
Federico Beltrame
Federico Beltrame 22 dagar sedan
Lot of repeating content. Cyanide and happiness is not the same since vrv
MaltFaultGames 22 dagar sedan
Cyanide and happiness is the most adult animated show since South Park.
Mk 4ever
Mk 4ever 22 dagar sedan
You are the most funniest 😂 animator in the world I even made a channel called Mk 4ever to be like you I swear this was so funny
BrokenHeart1080 22 dagar sedan
Damian Jordanov
Damian Jordanov 22 dagar sedan
1997 to 2018 wtf
Артур Артур
Артур Артур 22 dagar sedan
Will there be the stockholms season 2 electric boogaloo?
CNFunnyJon 22 dagar sedan
The gold. Choose the gold!
A Homo sapien
A Homo sapien 22 dagar sedan
i am not studying *anything* until i finish every season of questions for money
Kaung Kaung
Kaung Kaung 22 dagar sedan
When Mr.Beast saw this video Lol 500$? Mr.Beast:Come to me and you will get 1000000$.
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar 23 dagar sedan
In India,🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Amitabh Bachchan like: Swagat hai aapka Kaun Banega Crorepati mein…;” “Chaliye is khel ko aage badhaya jaaye;” “Samay aa gaya hai aapse vida lene ka;” and "Aap chahe toh quit kar sakte hai," 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Alexander Marsh
Alexander Marsh 23 dagar sedan
anyone else notice the guy with the bowling ball head at 2:03?
Raynman Gaming
Raynman Gaming 23 dagar sedan
"The Mormons were right." Everyone knows, but no one wants to admit it.
Mastadon King
Mastadon King 23 dagar sedan
Interrogater used old school mates....damn, it's effective.
- 23 dagar sedan
In the scene where he kicks the grave, you can see rudey’s grave
Ebennezer Entrie
Ebennezer Entrie 23 dagar sedan
there is an easter eggs in the video
Games EduUu Reverso
Games EduUu Reverso 23 dagar sedan
Jasper will be in purgatony
Games EduUu Reverso
Games EduUu Reverso 23 dagar sedan
I guess
Logan Hunter
Logan Hunter 23 dagar sedan
Haven’t seen the second one before
bomby powder
bomby powder 23 dagar sedan
Poor grandma she just missed him
Viktor6665 23 dagar sedan
"Everyone gets their own dimension. The mormons were right." xD
Navid Pey
Navid Pey 23 dagar sedan
Sorry I had to drop subscription
reem asraf
reem asraf 23 dagar sedan
where is the owl???
Spooky Nigga
Spooky Nigga 23 dagar sedan
she said so much one you get your own dimention two she have secret gold and that it
Ho Mina
Ho Mina 23 dagar sedan
"You look great!" (Just blood all over me, nothing to worry.)
Doggo & Cato
Doggo & Cato 23 dagar sedan
Niklas 23 dagar sedan
Checks torture girls chat?...alright
Dũng 23 dagar sedan
Season 4 is so great pls make more! Thanks explosm
Mia Mitten
Mia Mitten 23 dagar sedan
_”Everyone gets their own dimension.....the Mormons were right”_ Ones own dimension 🤔 Imagine that.
Christopher Carpenter
Christopher Carpenter 9 dagar sedan
@Ethan Ellworth Specifically we believe in a strong father-child dynamic with God, hence why we Latter Day Saints refer to God often as Heavenly Father. He is our father, and if we follow him, we will inherit all that he has. We then reside among Him in the highest degrees of heaven in a perfect state, and our righteous family members get to reside with us as well.
Ethan Ellworth
Ethan Ellworth 9 dagar sedan
We believe that in the afterlife you can become like god. That at one point god was just like us and he had his own god.
Mia Mitten
Mia Mitten 19 dagar sedan
@Christopher Carpenter That's true. Everyone has a PC, but heaven is the internet......if that makes sense lol
Christopher Carpenter
Christopher Carpenter 22 dagar sedan
@azuman7 if she knows other people also have their own dimensions, doesn't that imply that there's a "hub" dimension where she learned about theirs? Basically the personal dimensions are just really awesome homes, that they can go to when they're not interacting with the billions of other spirits.
azuman7 22 dagar sedan
Even if I had total control of what happened in that dimension, it still sounds boring as F. I try to expand my mind as much as I can, but at the end of the day, it still loop around to relatively the same thoughts. Being around other people at least occasionally give me thoughts that I would not think of for hundreds of years. Other people's thoughts can be annoying sometimes, but in aggregate have them around than just me and all the power in the universe.
The_charlanator 23 dagar sedan
Omg the mini story 🤣
Michael Huynh
Michael Huynh 23 dagar sedan
Grandma is still screwing with him, even beyond the grave!
Abie Pratama
Abie Pratama 23 dagar sedan
As someone with a concentration problem, I can hear myself in the granny, and how frustrated people are when I'm around like her grandson.
Devansh Mishra
Devansh Mishra 23 dagar sedan
KBC If u know what I mean 😏
TGA GAMING 23 dagar sedan
When I see Roger Williams I choose Roger Williams, I dunno who that is or what he did but I choose Roger Williams I wanna see someone take the family treasure
Bingo the orangutan
Bingo the orangutan 24 dagar sedan
A who wants to be a millionaire reference
Private Frizz
Private Frizz 24 dagar sedan
BRO, that’s genius!!
Chydran 24 dagar sedan
you guys should really continue the minis series
Useless uselessness
Useless uselessness 24 dagar sedan
Never mind the 500 dollars from the show he's gonna pay another 2000 for the hospital bills
Иван Бахаровский
Иван Бахаровский 24 dagar sedan
The Mormons were right?? Whaaat??
Cruz 24 dagar sedan
*I’m not old, I’m dead.*
GDI 24 dagar sedan
ha despacito
TheCJCarter 24 dagar sedan
This made me miss the Minis
Laura Robin
Laura Robin 24 dagar sedan
"The Mormons were right" 😂😂😂
Ted Crocker
Ted Crocker 24 dagar sedan
The copyright is from 2010-2019
Avatar Roku
Avatar Roku 24 dagar sedan
The second one is just wholesome
Liberty Death
Liberty Death 24 dagar sedan
So the family gold, umm, what happened to it?
Xgaming Undertale
Xgaming Undertale 24 dagar sedan
Can you please bring back purgatony
Sam Lindsay
Sam Lindsay 24 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or are they pretending that 500 dollars is 5 million dollars?
K9 24 dagar sedan
Damn, Gramm!
Ezra Baraka
Ezra Baraka 24 dagar sedan
Lozoot2 24 dagar sedan
Hang on, I've seen this one before! I caught it on a rerun...
Raya ppan
Raya ppan 24 dagar sedan
🤣🤣🤣🤣 grandma
Maxgaming Playz
Maxgaming Playz 24 dagar sedan
Judy Garland
Saif Ali
Saif Ali 24 dagar sedan
I stopped my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Hike82135 Idk
Hike82135 Idk 24 dagar sedan
Kevin Feig
Kevin Feig 24 dagar sedan
We need more minis
Trucking Jamaicans
Trucking Jamaicans 24 dagar sedan
The family gold bro
Dancin' Mowgli
Dancin' Mowgli 24 dagar sedan
Who else saw the bowling ball head dude in the top right at the start?
Roach 24 dagar sedan
If you noticed the background music is similar to Trolly Tom's background music when choosing who to run over
Joel Lee
Joel Lee 24 dagar sedan
ScottM1973 24 dagar sedan
The real punchline to the first one is no one was shocked Regis Philban could summon the dead!
Mysterey101 24 dagar sedan
Wow, surreal that the original person this host trope is based off of is no longer alive, and alotta younger ppl won't even recognize him.
The Hollow
The Hollow 24 dagar sedan
I like this
J A 24 dagar sedan
Is it really a mashup if there are only 2?
TrashPanda 365
TrashPanda 365 24 dagar sedan
But where's the GOLD??
light wolf
light wolf 24 dagar sedan
omg the mini short so truth omg
Y2K Blackout
Y2K Blackout 24 dagar sedan
That was a really hard question for $500.
Westley Foster
Westley Foster 24 dagar sedan
I just realized in Lifeline, on the top left is the bowling ball guy with the bowling ball for a head
Nweefu Jeffry
Nweefu Jeffry 24 dagar sedan
He should have just Called Ed Sullivan he would've Known it's his show
Austin Reed
Austin Reed 24 dagar sedan
2:40 That’s a genius plan.
Hanna Mckenzie
Hanna Mckenzie 24 dagar sedan
I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
tgm willy
tgm willy 24 dagar sedan
2:35 😁😁😁 well thats a way to get a woman to talk
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