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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Rob DenBleyker
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Theme Song: "I Like Your Hat" - Dan Paladin
Sound Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Voice Actors:
Rob DenBleyker - Devil
Joel Watson - Blue Guy
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

Lil Mike
Lil Mike Dag sedan
Hahahalmao.. That was brilliant
pau l
pau l Dag sedan
Sad but Joe was right the fire is always hottest at the base
Caleb Larson
Caleb Larson 2 dagar sedan
That's a good one
Mr1988MONSTER 3 dagar sedan
This is the 1st episode to really make me laugh 😂
Tom Stephen
Tom Stephen 3 dagar sedan
One of my favourites, now animated, yay!
NoShieldVegan 4 dagar sedan
Pug Tato
Pug Tato 4 dagar sedan
Terrible joke
Rafael Calvay
Rafael Calvay 5 dagar sedan
I apologize if people find this annoying, but I feel this is important. All this things, are the world upside down. I think that we are closer to the end of times (revelations). If a person that reads this is atheist, I please ask you to see the bible and the signs, and make your own respond to the information there. If somebody is a christian, remember that your works cant led you to salvation. Only the Messiah. Please, make Him your saviour. Thank you for reading. (And, if somebody is asking, im putting this comment in videos like this on purpose, because im trying to get to the largest audience as possible). Disculpenme si encuentran esto molesto, pero me parece importante. Todas estas cosas, son el mundo al revés. Creo que estamos más cerca del fin de los tiempos (revelaciones). Si una persona que lee esto es atea, le pido que vea la Biblia y las señales, y que haga su propia respuesta a la información allí. Si alguien es cristiano, recuerde que sus obras no pueden llevarlo a la salvación. Solo el Mesías. Por favor, hazle tu salvador. Gracias por leer. (Y, si alguien pregunta, pongo este comentario en videos como este a propósito, porque estoy tratando de atraer a la mayor cantidad de personas posible)............................................
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer 5 dagar sedan
Technically, there are nine levels of Hell.
ArthurAlcantara 6 dagar sedan
Man, the Rob based ones are the best by far.
GAM3 0ver
GAM3 0ver 6 dagar sedan
Yeah JOE
agent 350
agent 350 6 dagar sedan
If you want a do something bad do it good
מתבונן בך אלוהים
מתבונן בך אלוהים 6 dagar sedan
Who's joe?
donald12998 7 dagar sedan
Heat doesn't rise, it seeks equilibrium. Hot fluids and gases are less dense than cold ones, thus they "rise" due to buoyancy and gravity.
noobly nuggets
noobly nuggets 7 dagar sedan
Although heat does rise, the farther away from a heat source you are, the less hot it gets. Thats also why you stand by a campfire, not in it. So even if the first level is burning hot, the levels below it would be much hotter. So actually jim is right and satan needs to study his science. In fact, it isnt even science at this point its common knowlage and now im wondering why I am contemplating the logical falicies in a web cartoon. I have reached a new low
vizthex 7 dagar sedan
i love how satan sounds chill af
Moths 7 dagar sedan
I thought he was gonna say Joe Mama and instantly put on the seventh level
FearTheWeird300 8 dagar sedan
Heat starts lower and then rises so the bottom is the hottest
Mr. L
Mr. L 8 dagar sedan
So an ironic hell😂
darkpq 8 dagar sedan
So if he sinned more he would suffer better?
Machine gun Cat
Machine gun Cat 8 dagar sedan
The You would know that if you just studied for you test joe!” The dude is already dead , you can’t burn a dead man
slymp11 idk
slymp11 idk 8 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thought he was going to say Joe mama
Phoenix Babbitt
Phoenix Babbitt 9 dagar sedan
Damn, it really be like that though
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor 9 dagar sedan
I was wondering when they’d get around to this one
koobmoon 745
koobmoon 745 9 dagar sedan
the hottest level would be closest to the core
Soldier Man
Soldier Man 9 dagar sedan
Technically the source of the heat is the hottest. And since the 7th layer is closest to said source, it is the hottest. Damnit Satan, you had ONE job
adam stout
adam stout 9 dagar sedan
In nerd voice "achtualy the first layer of hell is made of ice you would know that if you read hp lovecraft "
Joe Newman
Joe Newman 10 dagar sedan
Should I be offended? Pretty personal.
goose42 10 dagar sedan
well if its like that then ill get to the worst (best level) in that situation
Enetro 13 dagar sedan
Cheebie- 15 dagar sedan
0:07 joe mama
Thomas Sherwood
Thomas Sherwood 15 dagar sedan
And if you studied for your text you'd know that HOT AIR rises, not heat
NoTSaD 16 dagar sedan
Rachel Pratt
Rachel Pratt 16 dagar sedan
ElBrandoTV 17 dagar sedan
Damn thus brought back memories
mm lya
mm lya 19 dagar sedan
Dji gurda Jdi druga
Dji gurda Jdi druga 20 dagar sedan
There are only 4 levels of hell and Lazarus' Lair
Shockwave33 21 dag sedan
I feel attacked by this.
L. General Lager
L. General Lager 22 dagar sedan
bo jackson
bo jackson 22 dagar sedan
See, an animation budget doesn't make good videos. Irony is what we need, don't waste all your time making it look good if it's not funny.
Czarny cienkopis
Czarny cienkopis 22 dagar sedan
I have it in my Physics class
Waffle 22 dagar sedan
I thought Joe was doing a Joe mama joke on the devil
tony cee
tony cee 22 dagar sedan
Joe mama...
Jack Black
Jack Black 23 dagar sedan
Hi, Joe here. How is it the hottest if source of heat is hotter? And how is it hottest if it takes hot air to travel furthest from the source loosing most heat while going through levels in between first and last, thus heating them up and loosing residual heat in the process? Joe is right, it is the least hot level, looks like he's not the only one there for cheating on science test.
TheBigBeak 23 dagar sedan
Is anyone gonna talk about how he went to hell for cheating on a science test?
Arstotzkan Plague Doctor
Arstotzkan Plague Doctor 23 dagar sedan
Extreme GamerYT
Extreme GamerYT 24 dagar sedan
This is the most stupid and dumb video I had ever seen, as heat does *NOT* rise, that would also implicate that the above ground or heaven would be extremely hot, and that the universe would lose all its heat by it going up.
Hannes Biersack
Hannes Biersack 24 dagar sedan
Still waiting for the C&H Classics theme
Brando Valentine
Brando Valentine 24 dagar sedan
Eather way it will be to hot
Xác Ướp
Xác Ướp 24 dagar sedan
I prefer the original comic art style
Nint 915 43
Nint 915 43 26 dagar sedan
Moral of the story, sinning isn't as bad as they say it is
Red Draken
Red Draken 28 dagar sedan
I felt the Roast
5 نظريات
5 نظريات 28 dagar sedan
This is where are you going to go when you die Only the c religion
Jack Schmit
Jack Schmit Månad sedan
To be fair, Joe couldn't know that 1st level of hell was at the top. 1st level of a house is always ground level.
Joshua Mendez
Joshua Mendez Månad sedan
Lol that' was "hell,arious
Frosty Månad sedan
But lower is closer to the earth’s core
Lilo sur mer
Lilo sur mer Månad sedan
It's really good, but where do you guys think you are going?
Baldibruh965 waterson
Baldibruh965 waterson Månad sedan
Why study when people can just cheat and/or guess
Darkner Månad sedan
Because in neither cases, you actually learn anything. Then you're just filling in blanks and afterwards, you would have no idea why that would be the right answer. And that's the primary purpose of school. Learning. Being able to develop so you can live on your own without anyone else's help.
Rutvik Rana
Rutvik Rana Månad sedan
Oh shit... well, we all gonna meet in hell guys 😂😂😂
Kanimation 2.0
Kanimation 2.0 Månad sedan
Joe Mama
DO YOUR WORK JOE I’M watching 😈👁👄👁
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus Månad sedan
Bradley Van Der Linde
Bradley Van Der Linde Månad sedan
So the further down the easy it is pog time to commit crime
DIDDLY DOO dum dum
DIDDLY DOO dum dum Månad sedan
I feel ashamed in myself that I thought it would be a joe mama joke
Mr. Mann.
Mr. Mann. Månad sedan
Who’s Joe?
dw5212 Månad sedan
Joe mama
Tremendous Yeet
Tremendous Yeet Månad sedan
if it's the hottest level then why don't you send him to the lowest level. on second thought maybe it's more hot as you go up, but more torture as you go down. but it's hell afterall. one way or another, you're just not gonna like it.
Krinky Stinky
Krinky Stinky Månad sedan
This was good lol
Jare 345
Jare 345 Månad sedan
Ya Joe this why no one liked you because your so stupid and always cheating
Shion Månad sedan
*A demon giving him advice*
sterling7 Månad sedan
But, in better news, apparently there's only one "Joe" going to hell...
Alper Alyanak
Alper Alyanak Månad sedan
The devil seems to be a nice person.
Enrico Famoso
Enrico Famoso Månad sedan
That devil is sure to teach a man a lesson.
Seao Månad sedan
Man if hes going to the worst part of hell for cheating on a test in 3rd grade, I have no idea where I'm going
dragonrushruler Månad sedan
“ can I go back and commit genocide or something cause I going to hell for something much worse then a math test.”
minecraft player
minecraft player Månad sedan
Wait joe you meen Joe biden😏
The Red devil
The Red devil Månad sedan
Yea after wards I told him he could redeem himself by taking a longer test... he failed
alek belshe
alek belshe Månad sedan
It just backfired on Joe XD
Very well done.
KomplexKey Månad sedan
Soooo what do I do to get to the last level 🤔
Figo 3
Figo 3 Månad sedan
somthing private not really private
somthing private not really private Månad sedan
TheCarloCarlone Månad sedan
Fun fact: the lowest part of hell (as depicted by Dante Alighieri) is not the hottest and the punishment is being trapped in ice.
I guess that makes sence.
Joe Mama?
califero c
califero c Månad sedan
I love the fact that you guys animate your comics and make them come to life. Love you guys 🤣🤣
Davey Bones
Davey Bones Månad sedan
I thought he was gonna say joe mama and get sent straight to double hell
Adam Carlson
Adam Carlson Månad sedan
Isn't that like saying everywhere that isn't the sun is hotter than the sun? This would be funnier if the logic worked out.
Pointless Ink
Pointless Ink Månad sedan
Joe..... Hmmm.....
Barong Oni
Barong Oni Månad sedan
2 floor is lust which is where you get bombarded by stong winds..... thrust boost!!!!
S C Månad sedan
Seriously tho, that was a really good one
Cheebie- Månad sedan
He should’ve study’d
The gaming Three
The gaming Three Månad sedan
Who else thought he was gonna say joe mama
Damion Hongeva
Damion Hongeva Månad sedan
This made my day, thank you!
4K Mickey Mouse
4K Mickey Mouse Månad sedan
This means I’ll be sitting fine at the bottom of hell for my 42 Syrian war crimes, 18 homicides, and all together 86 federal offenses 😎
comrad caeyln
comrad caeyln 2 månader sedan
joe mama
NovaRanger 2 månader sedan
I don't get it.. somebody please explain this (the heat part) How is the temperature higher at a upper level?.. Assuming that the heat source (the lava or burning souls or whatever) is at the bottom, by the time the heat rises, the heat would've dissipated (mostly) due to convective transfer; is what I think would happen.
music Studio
music Studio 2 månader sedan
:D :D
Everything is Better with doodles
Everything is Better with doodles 2 månader sedan
I thought joe is going to meet god and black panther
Scorpionstrike7 2 månader sedan
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