Where Do Babies Come From? | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Uzair Arshad
Uzair Arshad 7 timmar sedan
So that´s how Dr.Heinz Doofenshmirts was born
The Randomizer1010
The Randomizer1010 Dag sedan
A Baby is what we recently elected as president so accurate.
To-do list nothing
To-do list nothing 2 dagar sedan
The baby's so cute
Sir, your pants are down
Sir, your pants are down 5 dagar sedan
We just gonna ignore the fact that at the end of the last one, he’s wearing underpants?
Announcer Speaker Box
Announcer Speaker Box 6 dagar sedan
He is technically born in Canada. Just
Jayden Gordon
Jayden Gordon 7 dagar sedan
True I'm also Canadian
Roger Y
Roger Y 7 dagar sedan
Yeah smh tomorrow night smh the bathroom to wash up I can't
Roger Y
Roger Y 7 dagar sedan
First off a little body of work 888
Roger Y
Roger Y 7 dagar sedan
Yeah and Isaiah had a
the McDonald's clown2 MrDonald's clown 2
the McDonald's clown2 MrDonald's clown 2 10 dagar sedan
the babys not American if he didn't have clothes or when he was birthed he didn't have the gun so he's not American
some guy in jeans
some guy in jeans 10 dagar sedan
That baby... Was jimmy williams
Dorian Kladarin
Dorian Kladarin 10 dagar sedan
I love sexy girls!
HighIqHuman 12 dagar sedan
That's a strong president baby
空条承太郎 19 dagar sedan
As a person born in America, I can confirm.
CloudTheLemon 22 dagar sedan
As an American, I can confirm. We get a gun at birth.
Karina Urviola
Karina Urviola 24 dagar sedan
Gman's Gnarly Science Show
Gman's Gnarly Science Show 27 dagar sedan
1:36 Harry the Handsome Butcher
Adeola Oladoja
Adeola Oladoja 28 dagar sedan
Very nice.
Alexiz Egne
Alexiz Egne 28 dagar sedan
Jesabel Moran
Jesabel Moran 29 dagar sedan
jason o'berry
jason o'berry Månad sedan
Must be a Monday!!!!! *flies away*
SMP GAMES Månad sedan
Shut the fuck up and help me ohhh shit
Micah Magere
Micah Magere Månad sedan
Also why did she get a baby because the thing broke when the guy Landed in the car
Micah Magere
Micah Magere Månad sedan
Why would he not be American 🇺🇸 if he does not get a gun
Los Up Next
Los Up Next Månad sedan
For the very few who see this post . . . . . . . Follow me on IG@lospiece For photoshop art . . . Thank you and have a blessed day
cartooncat gamer idk
cartooncat gamer idk Månad sedan
When you see cyanide "When paisano puts spaghetti noodle in mama mia's ravioli a little bambino covered in prosciutto comes nine months later"
50 Caliber
50 Caliber Månad sedan
Canadian bacon is heavenly
Dona Maria Gemayel
Dona Maria Gemayel Månad sedan
Makayla thoman
Makayla thoman Månad sedan
Whats soory mean?
Marissa Crabtree
Marissa Crabtree Månad sedan
I would love to see a short of just president baby. That’s my favorite part of the video.
Benaiah Egbe
Benaiah Egbe Månad sedan
Oh my word... This is... *Sneaks more popcorn*...
Matt Con
Matt Con Månad sedan
this vid is straight i mean wth im gay at the age 11
La egg La egg
La egg La egg Månad sedan
Lol a freakin gun wish i was born there
Cristito22 Chaname
Cristito22 Chaname Månad sedan
ninja rikymaru
ninja rikymaru Månad sedan
in the but girls
The Red Roblox Ninja
The Red Roblox Ninja Månad sedan
*BABY GUN* what (Shoots baby) (Giggle) [ok this is from asdfmovie13]
Ryan Wesemann
Ryan Wesemann Månad sedan
First one pretty much sums up the last 4 years.
•alix_chan• Månad sedan
The moose in Alaska are always eating our strawberries
Hsz Hshs
Hsz Hshs Månad sedan
What the heck is his mama is gone while the baby is creepy
EUGE T_T Månad sedan
Can we take time to acknowledge the humor of the Welcome to America sign?
truely INDIAN
truely INDIAN Månad sedan
If u find harry the handsome butcher in this video...then my freind ur observation is good
Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris Månad sedan
This is the worst video ever
pappagalli_love Månad sedan
Woytank Månad sedan
I fell like the baby from second clip could be considered an SCP of some kind XD
Blueserinë Gacha
Blueserinë Gacha Månad sedan
3:27 😍
Thepowergod Månad sedan
1:15 that baby should be happy he got a free revolver
Quinn Chiles
Quinn Chiles Månad sedan
Why can’t I zoom in
Dayra Cuevas-Perez
Dayra Cuevas-Perez Månad sedan
baby ooo
Shotty To Hotty
Shotty To Hotty Månad sedan
“Stfu and help me” 😂😂😂😂
Smileyboi1 Månad sedan
Have you not seen asdfmovie 13, they come from baby gun
YukiNasukiChan[The_Tinkeywinks] Månad sedan
**gets stamp on head** *happy baby*
tutu página
tutu página Månad sedan
MimiGaming Månad sedan
The eagle is cranky I repeat the eagle is cranky
CarterBro Lurch
CarterBro Lurch Månad sedan
Quack Månad sedan
1:34 UH OH SPAGHETTIO Respect to who knows where that is from
Googoo Idk
Googoo Idk Månad sedan
1:15 :v
Isaiah Perez
Isaiah Perez Månad sedan
I like how he said made in usa
Ryan Strauss
Ryan Strauss Månad sedan
1:18 i guess that works
melissa Palacios
melissa Palacios Månad sedan
daffina Husna
daffina Husna Månad sedan
Tape ketan enak rasane 😂😂
khalid naanai
khalid naanai Månad sedan
That is fack
koolmunch Månad sedan
Aight ima show this to my class
Fiona Gallagher
Fiona Gallagher Månad sedan
Ya it is autuchly
Yamtaro Vlogs
Yamtaro Vlogs Månad sedan
Glad to help out eh?
sharkrad radscorpion
sharkrad radscorpion Månad sedan
So I keep reading that people are saying the second one in this is either A: basically death strandings story line or B: it's a scp reference
Keith James
Keith James Månad sedan
He got a woman pregnant by falling on her is it contagious too?..............please someone DM me because i am starting to get afraid sitting next to the opposite gender. Haha............
unerving image
unerving image Månad sedan
Scary baby 3:17
Christian clubhouse
Christian clubhouse Månad sedan
What the hell the baby is now the president he don't have a birth
-ғᴀᴛᴏᴜᴍᴀ ᴜᴡᴜ-
-ғᴀᴛᴏᴜᴍᴀ ᴜᴡᴜ- Månad sedan
3:31 o-o
foxy's funtime world
foxy's funtime world Månad sedan
why the father do that its not good on real life
Carlos cruz santi Carlos cruz santi
Carlos cruz santi Carlos cruz santi Månad sedan
The map look like a moose
Tee Fears
Tee Fears Månad sedan
O fuck😑😑😑
١١٣٣ Månad sedan
I got miracle cat
Mr.X The Knight
Mr.X The Knight Månad sedan
So their clothes are their Skin
Undertaker86d u
Undertaker86d u Månad sedan
1:11 Are we not going to talk about the fact that he did a people's elbow to his wife to shoot his son into the US?
Kayleigh Schellevis
Kayleigh Schellevis Månad sedan
JUNIOR Salazar
JUNIOR Salazar Månad sedan
And the other is a great place for a great deal of fun and a great deal of time for a club to play with a great club in this game of a great deal of success and tannic and the way it was in a very different world of music and a lot of people are a lot more people are more people than a single parent and the other way of doing
Sophia Grace Lico UwU UWU
Sophia Grace Lico UwU UWU 2 månader sedan
:< i like the baby
Applepieset Hgygn
Applepieset Hgygn 2 månader sedan
Love how they gave him a gun
Linda Farkas
Linda Farkas 2 månader sedan
Winiefer Hernandez
Winiefer Hernandez 2 månader sedan
ugly minecraft
ugly minecraft 2 månader sedan
The lasT one was kinda scary.....
cult of shungite member
cult of shungite member 2 månader sedan
I have a BOOMMMBBB I am going to blow up a moose with my... BOOOOMMMBBBB
Bertha Cggjhggkjvbv
Bertha Cggjhggkjvbv 2 månader sedan
1:18 XD
Elite Jello
Elite Jello 2 månader sedan
I want to point out, most comments are about the baby with the gun, and then most replies on that comment are all negative :/
Guska u Lavoru
Guska u Lavoru 2 månader sedan
trunks the nigga
trunks the nigga 2 månader sedan
labor time is,t a boy 😇
Christopher Cunningham
Christopher Cunningham 2 månader sedan
4:00 I saw this episode before I knew what condoms were used for.
Ifrim Adelin
Ifrim Adelin 2 månader sedan
Dynasty Corez_
Dynasty Corez_ 2 månader sedan
Yeah baby with a gun
NotSoFamilyFriendly 00
NotSoFamilyFriendly 00 2 månader sedan
Yagna Bose
Yagna Bose 2 månader sedan
When they were kissing the baby came out 😂😂
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 2 månader sedan
Pablo Perez
Pablo Perez 2 månader sedan
Why the president agent is carring a harry the handsome butcher draw?
ninja rikymaru
ninja rikymaru 2 månader sedan
in the but
Flyawaydanny 2 månader sedan
3:56 *dat baby is having a seizure.*
Marcus Murray
Marcus Murray 2 månader sedan
As gun with birth certificate
KillerKinkstar 2 månader sedan
Terry the handsome drawing?
Tyler W
Tyler W 2 månader sedan
The eagle is cranky I repeat the eagle is cranky
zadz2 2 månader sedan
biden and trump have nothing on president baby
Samantha Castillo Hidalgo
Samantha Castillo Hidalgo 2 månader sedan
Strandof4 Vulcan M61
Strandof4 Vulcan M61 2 månader sedan
The ABC blocks spell ass lol in the picture frame
Happy Human
Happy Human 2 månader sedan
1:20 baby looks happy to be made here!
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