Where Do Babies Come From? | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Chika Omordia
Chika Omordia 2 timmar sedan
Why will there give a baby a gun
Noobite PG3D
Noobite PG3D 17 timmar sedan
Title : where babies come from? 0:01 : The Delivery.
DC_PH Midori
DC_PH Midori 21 timme sedan
SEpost just removed the offensive caption
Sure thing I sure will
Sure thing I sure will Dag sedan
Harry the handsome butcher cameo
Juana Arango
Juana Arango 3 dagar sedan
God puts them in the stomach so that complete your answer
Kongo Saelee
Kongo Saelee 4 dagar sedan
umm ewww
dragon tamer
dragon tamer 4 dagar sedan
Hey canadians dont always say eh
XxGachaAdienChan ClanxX
XxGachaAdienChan ClanxX 4 dagar sedan
Rebecca Renee
Rebecca Renee 5 dagar sedan
Umm it’s funny because you are still a us citizen if your you were born in Canada because your parents are us citizens
sus Gerzs FC
sus Gerzs FC 6 dagar sedan
Do an among us vid
Wizrad 6 dagar sedan
American funyy
dreadbear073 7 dagar sedan
the baby with a gun. ORIGINS
Elijah Montgomery
Elijah Montgomery 7 dagar sedan
Baby kill them all 😈
BoomBoxJava 8 dagar sedan
Baby 2020
Tamalero 8 dagar sedan
Bruh, he recieve a gun, MURICA
Kalyn Nunez
Kalyn Nunez 9 dagar sedan
OH NO THE BABY DIDINT CRY!!!!😱😱😱 is he good?
LuLa 6669 RRkks
LuLa 6669 RRkks 10 dagar sedan
Lady voodoo Lol!!!
Malaki Neil
Malaki Neil 10 dagar sedan
the first one was still technicly born in canada
lonely lover
lonely lover 10 dagar sedan
that kissing at the end was so wrong-
Rowen Chumacera
Rowen Chumacera 12 dagar sedan
Well, the US did elect a baby in 2016.
Nicholas Smet
Nicholas Smet 13 dagar sedan
Ya xd
Nicholas Smet
Nicholas Smet 13 dagar sedan
Noah Zegart
Noah Zegart 14 dagar sedan
I don’t understand the second one
MEARNETCLEN 14 dagar sedan
Who would think to use cndm in that place..
Valencia Callysta
Valencia Callysta 15 dagar sedan
Robin Buehler
Robin Buehler 15 dagar sedan
The third one is so creepy
Bernice Knott
Bernice Knott 15 dagar sedan
baby 100-000-000 $$
upsrunj gaming
upsrunj gaming 15 dagar sedan
Exotic M•e•l•ø•n
Exotic M•e•l•ø•n 16 dagar sedan
I love the first one XD
this isn't a name it's a sentence
this isn't a name it's a sentence 16 dagar sedan
it look like a movie?
Mary Alonso
Mary Alonso 16 dagar sedan
Imaginé the baby was trump🤣
xXAnime WolfXx
xXAnime WolfXx 18 dagar sedan
3:25 Why does this sound like what teens would be like???
annableeze Montague
annableeze Montague 18 dagar sedan
Shelby Joines
Shelby Joines 20 dagar sedan
I'm offended because I'm Canadian
Aaron Cristales
Aaron Cristales 20 dagar sedan
9000p Quality be like 🤯
Dionte Avant
Dionte Avant 20 dagar sedan
C&H predicted Death Stranding
grace gabitano
grace gabitano 20 dagar sedan
Mk 4ever
Mk 4ever 21 dag sedan
at leat i know where they come from..
Connie Fuentes
Connie Fuentes 23 dagar sedan
This is SHIT NOW 4 year olds are gone to be sometimesd
Cole Moras
Cole Moras 24 dagar sedan
president baby and Jimmy Williams should campaign against each other
lisa tombs
lisa tombs 24 dagar sedan
Watch Episode 7
Bryan Doles
Bryan Doles 24 dagar sedan
Imagine being the one who animated this
Naksu 24 dagar sedan
The first One is the answe to 'where do babies Come from?'
white sheep
white sheep 25 dagar sedan
BottPop 25 dagar sedan
I love how apathetic the guards were when the baby came, they were just like, "oh ok"
Patrick Lau
Patrick Lau 25 dagar sedan
1:35 Harry the handsome butcher
Lilly The angel lynx
Lilly The angel lynx 25 dagar sedan
The baby is the boss
for no apparent reason
for no apparent reason 26 dagar sedan
For those who dont understand what happened with the phantom pregnancy. She bassically became the baby.
CiCi G
CiCi G 26 dagar sedan
Girls can be presadent
Hen Hunter
Hen Hunter 26 dagar sedan
Judging by the first one, wherever the baby is born in is determined by where it lands, not where it was taken out.
Eliza Jennings
Eliza Jennings 26 dagar sedan
technically he's still born in Canada
Lucas Caley
Lucas Caley 26 dagar sedan
Lucas Caley
Lucas Caley 26 dagar sedan
It's a baby with a gun
Ihtisham Khan
Ihtisham Khan 27 dagar sedan
What happens with second baby
Jameson Thengiwa
Jameson Thengiwa 27 dagar sedan
That baby threw his bottle like: (●>●)/ 🍼 ( > )
Scarlet Marceau
Scarlet Marceau 28 dagar sedan
Babys come from wimens bottom mom told me
Scarlet Marceau
Scarlet Marceau 28 dagar sedan
Hahaha don't ever have birth like that 😅
Gacha_Black Star Richard
Gacha_Black Star Richard 28 dagar sedan
I still never understood the second one
shay briggs
shay briggs 28 dagar sedan
Chiranjeev Rana
Chiranjeev Rana 28 dagar sedan
Wow mind blowing 🤯
Bem bem Amador
Bem bem Amador 28 dagar sedan
Funny animation
JAYLEN SMITH 29 dagar sedan
Lol when I saw the fork hit his forehead I laughed bc it was funny
Kristinne Zapatos
Kristinne Zapatos 29 dagar sedan
DeadPuddle111 1
DeadPuddle111 1 29 dagar sedan
Me: Mom where do babies come from. Mom: turns this on
Thomas Torodo
Thomas Torodo 29 dagar sedan
Babies come from Canada
Marco Månad sedan
Epic baby's : )
Axle Concepcion
Axle Concepcion Månad sedan
Me:**comes out** The soldiers: 1:18
Ainaya Athaila Arsandi
Ainaya Athaila Arsandi Månad sedan
Eirsiekjeh wowkjw
Giovanni Lonigro
Giovanni Lonigro Månad sedan
Is that a Harry the handsome butcher reference on the clipboard? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Giovanni Lonigro
Giovanni Lonigro Månad sedan
Blue9husky Månad sedan
You have forgot a Thunderbolt 1000t
Johan Andrade
Johan Andrade Månad sedan
I funk love it
bidin long
bidin long Månad sedan
FrankNbeas11 Månad sedan
Canada is better than the U. S. tho.
Rafael 3D
Rafael 3D Månad sedan
Wheres sad henry?
Pumpkin Neko
Pumpkin Neko Månad sedan
"Well its your fault the condom broke!" I caan't!!!😂
Insert Name
Insert Name Månad sedan
Welcome to America "We're full go Home"
spyninja sup
spyninja sup Månad sedan
THE DOCTER calls Amazon delivers baby
krrrruptidsoless Månad sedan
He got a gun for being born in the USA woo-hoo "USA" "USA" "USA" "USA"
zairen kaye manzano
zairen kaye manzano Månad sedan
The eagle is cranky I repeat the eagle is cranky That got me laughin
Fidel Goico
Fidel Goico Månad sedan
bryanska Månad sedan
Daniel Gurrola
Daniel Gurrola Månad sedan
Ethan Duong
Ethan Duong Månad sedan
Baby gun guys
asdcoolot Månad sedan
i remeber this
@Lionking124567 Månad sedan
the baby was shot out of the boarder so where was he really born
Michael Wu
Michael Wu Månad sedan
Sir baby president
Mr. turtle Gaming
Mr. turtle Gaming Månad sedan
Omg I forgot I watched this guy like 4yrs ago
ToiletTrash Månad sedan
I love how my 2nd grade teacher's name is in this. LiKe If YoU aGrEe
Hay hay32 Why do I have a last name
Hay hay32 Why do I have a last name Månad sedan
1:15 the baby with a gun btw it’s in another channel..
Ericgm2010 Gg
Ericgm2010 Gg Månad sedan
I’m just getting off work right after school so I’m going home now I’ll see you later bye 👋
Ericgm2010 Gg
Ericgm2010 Gg Månad sedan
I’m like you videos :”v
Real swedish boy Sweden
Real swedish boy Sweden Månad sedan
Who else is watching in the virus time
A Fork
A Fork Månad sedan
Who isn't? This was LITERALLY posted during the pandemic.
robblequoffle Månad sedan
"ʜI... ɪ ᴅOɴ'ᴛ ᴋNᴏW Iғ ʏOᴜ ᴄOᴜLᴅ ᴄHᴇCᴋ ᴏUᴛ ᴍY FᴜNɴY AɴIᴍAᴛIᴏNs, ᴊUsT TʀYɪNɢ ᴛO KɴOᴡ ᴡHᴀT Tᴏ ɪMᴘRᴏVᴇ ᴏN, ᴍAʏBᴇ ɪ ᴄOᴜLᴅ ɪMᴘRᴏVᴇ ʙEᴛTᴇR HᴇLᴘ ᴡAᴛCʜ ᴀNᴅ ʟEᴛ ᴍE KɴOᴡ ᴛHᴀNᴋS♥"
Maria Tereza Teixeira Barreto
Maria Tereza Teixeira Barreto Månad sedan
THEY COME FROM BOYS HOW WHAT TO SIT ON THE ASS THEY COME FROM GIRLS HOW WANT TO GROW UP TO FAST T . Its a song , that was your question right ? Oh nooooo, sorry
Keanu L
Keanu L Månad sedan
I wasn't even born in America it only fell there
Aiden Rj Maestro
Aiden Rj Maestro Månad sedan
1:30 Noticed the handsome butcher
Canadian Home Chef
Canadian Home Chef Månad sedan
Phantom?! the minecraft creature
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