Why Schools Should Stay Closed | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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Ugh I hate studying
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Robbie Mwirigi
Robbie Mwirigi 12 dagar sedan
Please read the bible
Karen 16 dagar sedan
I hate him Fart in the jar martin...
lord echo
lord echo 19 dagar sedan
My call for December 2020 fart in a jar martins jars all break.
ایت الله فاکر
ایت الله فاکر 20 dagar sedan
Swifttech360 26 dagar sedan
Anywone else realize when god farted it made a universe.
Scott White
Scott White Månad sedan
I don't know a single Christian who thinks the Universe is 6000 years old Apparently a lot of A-thiests have never heard of time dilation lolol
i am a cat
i am a cat Månad sedan
Bruh what if god exists but he created humans after the dinosaurs died and he just assumed he created the world case everything was on fire because of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs
Bl4ckLego Månad sedan
4.5B year is wrong, 4,6B is true :D
Bill T
Bill T Månad sedan
How many people came here wanting to see Cyanide and Happiness' sick take on covid-19? I did it. I am sorely disappointed. Even Bob's Burgers made fun of covid-19 lockdowns. WTF dudes? Bob Burgers has bigger cahones than you guys? Come on! Do a covid skit. What happened to the guys that did the "Don't Read" signs and "Speed Racist" ?
Just Some Girl With A Mustache
Just Some Girl With A Mustache Månad sedan
Plot twist, Fart in The Jar Martin is God and the fart is the entire Cyanide universe.
Kali Warner
Kali Warner Månad sedan
Christopher Animations
Christopher Animations Månad sedan
sharkrad poster on the left corner 2:49
Michal Baranowski
Michal Baranowski Månad sedan
hahaha.. Fart in a jur Martin
Unknown Zergs
Unknown Zergs Månad sedan
Doesnt fart in a jar Martin look like the guy in the new episode in Stockholm's
N.LitenMe_Qunt Månad sedan
First Cartoon, the reason we don't let God into our schools
XpiredシGaming Månad sedan
Are we gonna ignore the fact he made a universe in class by farting
charles aghahowa
charles aghahowa Månad sedan
The biggest problems in American schools...keeping God away
prince ejay bongo
prince ejay bongo Månad sedan
Mustttt beee aaaaaa mondayyyyyy
Noob. I guess.
Noob. I guess. Månad sedan
It was 24 years. Ever since he farted in his jar in *ONLY ONE TIME. IT HAPPENED ONCE.*
iFIopsi Minecraft
iFIopsi Minecraft Månad sedan
No one: The quiet kid in school: 1:29
Fatedreal Wiliams
Fatedreal Wiliams Månad sedan
Hmm make one about area direa / area 51
Mr. Muffin
Mr. Muffin Månad sedan
He farted on my birthday.
Davy Wang
Davy Wang Månad sedan
No such a comedy in Islamic country....
Jihad AR
Jihad AR Månad sedan
What do you mean?
Janene R.
Janene R. Månad sedan
1:30 times where you see this, you would’ve expected the kid to shoot the entire classroom but not according to C&H😂😂😂
Collision Particle
Collision Particle Månad sedan
coz COVID-19
Slime Games development
Slime Games development 2 månader sedan
Why schools should stay closed... SO WE CAN WATCH CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS
GetOnADamnDiet 2 månader sedan
As one man said years ago we as humans don’t live that long and have too many things that change the story a winner a loser and a inherited history that could be changed by the tellers or writers even today a great look is BLM which means that black people killed in clear crimes against them should have justice as in the killer put in jail but ppl think it is something else which is annoying but a simple fact of the lies humans tell
Damon Aura
Damon Aura 2 månader sedan
Gary Gordle
Gary Gordle 2 månader sedan
Martin’s butt gas was on my day of birth, this is epic
أســتبرق '
أســتبرق ' 2 månader sedan
Let me tell you that there are those who steal these videos and publish them on Instagram and with a Saudi translation. But not as beautiful as your videos😁
Gi4nn4ross 2 månader sedan
you should not make clips with me
Ben Goree
Ben Goree 2 månader sedan
@cyanide and happiness - can I use the first section of this video
MoTaKez 2 månader sedan
fart in a jar martin
Ajay FujiwaraTauer
Ajay FujiwaraTauer 2 månader sedan
Look at top left 2:44
FearTheWeird300 2 månader sedan
On the second one I just noticed the chalk board.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 månader sedan
Last one just lol
Saint Jimmy
Saint Jimmy 2 månader sedan
Am I the only one who noticed Gods fart turn into a spiral galaxy?
Jamaya Howard
Jamaya Howard 2 månader sedan
the first one describes the arguments atheists have with religious people
Troy Haughtelin
Troy Haughtelin 2 månader sedan
0:16 Looking at that mustache and listening to that voice, I think he’s Chip Chapley, and I think he’s got this.
James Wolf
James Wolf 2 månader sedan
Did anyone else see the Shark-rad poster in martins room ?
James Wolf
James Wolf 2 månader sedan
Their in high school but he was in fourth grade 24 years ago
Chattman4311 2 månader sedan
Imma fart in a jar and keep it for a while see what happens
Katherine beachy
Katherine beachy 2 månader sedan
Anyone noticed that when the hit farted it came out as the milky way
I'll have god as my teacher👍👍👍😂😂😂he so funny
Holly love gacha
Holly love gacha 2 månader sedan
You forgot about gym class
The Shöcker Pit
The Shöcker Pit 2 månader sedan
1:33 and look at these two kids in trenchcoats want to join
Racer Red
Racer Red 2 månader sedan
Actually what if you made a Monday mashup of gaming
Eddie Carosone
Eddie Carosone 2 månader sedan
Yellow shirt kid be like: BWAAAAAA HE AAAAHAHHHHHH!!!
[HyperZone] 2 månader sedan
1:10. Compare and contrast. Dogknots, poop, boobs, chest etc
[HyperZone] 2 månader sedan
God is the best in these animations!
Joshua Waldorf
Joshua Waldorf 2 månader sedan
God. He's so cool.
DJ Pendejo83099
DJ Pendejo83099 2 månader sedan
You guys should do a video when the bottle breaks and all of farts come out and causes a fallout
أســتبرق '
أســتبرق ' 2 månader sedan
Can't you translate it into Arabic?
أســتبرق '
أســتبرق ' 2 månader sedan
Compulsive Commenter I do not know english. I am using a translator and it is difficult for him to translate the video
Compulsive Commenter
Compulsive Commenter 2 månader sedan
No but maybe you can
•Candy •
•Candy • 2 månader sedan
1000th comment
•Candy •
•Candy • 2 månader sedan
999th comment
•Candy •
•Candy • 2 månader sedan
Christian S
Christian S 2 månader sedan
The teacher is trying to argue with God, the teacher loses
Mr_FluffAMuffins 2 månader sedan
World Leaders: Were going to open schools God: NUH UHHHH DON'T THINK SO Corona cases rises 20%
Liz Ello
Liz Ello 2 månader sedan
Fart in a Jar Martin actually makes me uncomfortable
Jocom Firesin
Jocom Firesin 2 månader sedan
The religious beliefs and the scientific perspective don't necessarily oppose one another.
MBM Boba
MBM Boba 2 månader sedan
Yes they absolutely do
Warren Simpson
Warren Simpson 2 månader sedan
How Christians:explain god
Gocolas 2 månader sedan
Do some Christians really think that earth was formed 6000 years ago?
Gocolas Månad sedan
@Cyberfunk what
Cyberfunk Månad sedan
Not that simple. Carbon method was proven flawed, and at the same time some argue about how God sees time
Gocolas 2 månader sedan
@7th Sin thats strange
7th Sin
7th Sin 2 månader sedan
Some.. i think
The4 RealDeal
The4 RealDeal 2 månader sedan
Yep can’t shoot schools up if they’re empty or here’s a better idea. STOP GIVING GUNS TO KIDS. Hey NRA how many kids did you kill today.
Meie Locrt
Meie Locrt 2 månader sedan
Who else is a little afraid of Fart in a jar Martin?
Drained 2 månader sedan
No new content, just old ass compilations to milk some money out of the audience. Cyanude and trash
Pillow Mc normal man
Pillow Mc normal man 2 månader sedan
2:50 M. Night Shamalamamon wrote this
david martinez
david martinez 2 månader sedan
I can't find my original comment
undercover639 2 månader sedan
1:29 kid: I have a whole fucking armory under my desk
LT Wang
LT Wang 2 månader sedan
*all the kids liked that*
Jason Kleefisch
Jason Kleefisch 2 månader sedan
He Got A Gun
Acepilot8 gaming
Acepilot8 gaming 2 månader sedan
Now this is quite the compilation....and probably accurate😂😂😂
Sir Kid
Sir Kid 2 månader sedan
"Why schools should stay closed" Me who still hates school: "I've never respected a youtube channel so much before"
Ms. PK
Ms. PK 2 månader sedan
1998 was 4th grade. This post is for my wild, and cutting up ass friend who was once a class clown, today 8/17/ we're celebrating her 32nd birthday as best friends for over 10 years a lot of learning & unlearning🍷🎂💓 has gotten us here! God, school, & being weird got us this far!! see what I did there? 🌽ball grin*
Lori Cardinal
Lori Cardinal 2 månader sedan
Never new god was a jackass
ジョルノジョバーナ 2 månader sedan
I thought it was Killer Queen in the desk and he was under control of Bites the dust
Doobulldorph 2 månader sedan
We definitely still need school if this stuff happens on a daily basis
J024 2 månader sedan
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 2 månader sedan
2020: 4522
Malachi Townsley
Malachi Townsley 2 månader sedan
That moment when the Bible doesn’t support 6000 years ago either 🤧 silly people not actually reading
cprime 2 månader sedan
qeive in a can ann
TMAS 2 månader sedan
Now do Muhammad
VisionXGaming YT
VisionXGaming YT 2 månader sedan
If god is that funny I can’t wait to to heaven
Jahfari Hazelwood
Jahfari Hazelwood 2 månader sedan
0:45 The fart looked like space
Exorcist 303
Exorcist 303 2 månader sedan
Imagine god is roasting u
Filé Cru
Filé Cru 2 månader sedan
loved how god's fart created a mini galaxy
I I 2 månader sedan
It be that
The2ToneGemini 1
The2ToneGemini 1 2 månader sedan
Didn’t understand shit but it made me laugh😂😂
But Zynga Yeah boy E
But Zynga Yeah boy E 2 månader sedan
Wait a minute no recoil Those are just totally guns toy guns
Łukasz Krzentowski
Łukasz Krzentowski 2 månader sedan
Let's break the jar
Eve 2 månader sedan
0:57 the kid laughing is 8 year old me laughing at literally anything in the tv.
iSyK YT 2 månader sedan
666 dislike, i laik it
Donovan Mckenzie
Donovan Mckenzie 2 månader sedan
Let's leave the dislikes at 666
iluvmym4 2 månader sedan
I think I voted 🗳 for Fart n a jar before 🤔
Brimestone Lewis
Brimestone Lewis 2 månader sedan
0:50 We were made in his image. No wonder we're a mess...
Shadownode 2 månader sedan
The second one perfectly portrays the American education system.
Shadownode Månad sedan
@L7ckyDuck no, that every American student is called William. /s
L7ckyDuck Månad sedan
We have fun shooting up schools?
Black Coffee
Black Coffee 2 månader sedan
Oh. I was the sleeping guy. You saw me?
mega net
mega net 2 månader sedan
It will help everyone if the schools just didn't open
Kylo Bedo
Kylo Bedo 2 månader sedan
karthikeyan shanmugasundaram
karthikeyan shanmugasundaram 2 månader sedan
Martin could make a atom bomb out of his jars!!
!? 2 månader sedan
Can anyone tell me which software does he use??