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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Kris Wilson
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr
Intro Animation: Paul Blair
Animatic: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ ‌Federle, Ben Governale
Voice Actors:
Guy1 - Kris Wilson
Sad Guy - Rob DenBleyker
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 16 timmar sedan
There are varying degrees of sad. There is a huge difference between just having a mildly bad or lonely day and having crippling depression. There are days when just knowing someone else cares would cheer me up. Other days, obviously that isn't enough to fix everything. Certainly if you are suffering depression, get support, be it from friends, family or professionals.
Tucker 4 dagar sedan
To be fair, He explained that he's sad cause he's sad. So the guy couldn't offer a better advice
A-T-A-G 20 dagar sedan
Everybody saying that he's giving useless advice, then again this guy answered his question with his question
Anderson Rosa
Anderson Rosa 25 dagar sedan
Tem depressão? Sorria
Chill Kitt
Chill Kitt Månad sedan
What school counselors think will happen after one mental health day
javaman7 Månad sedan
Wow hehe
tacco Månad sedan
Writes down his name in his “Who should I kill” book
Marybeth Sefcovic
Marybeth Sefcovic Månad sedan
WhyYouBuiltLikeThat Månad sedan
**My depression is currently levitating out of my body**
Your Name
Your Name Månad sedan
Sad people plummet to zero
AudiDev Månad sedan
"Don't have asthma there's so much air in the world!"
Cat Electrical
Cat Electrical Månad sedan
He was asked why and the solution is the best one for that answer.
Lee Mbenge
Lee Mbenge Månad sedan
Of ur homeless, just buy a home🤣
Best Auntie Ever
Best Auntie Ever Månad sedan
And depression cured.
Ritvik Mishra
Ritvik Mishra Månad sedan
I can't tell if this is a joke, or if this has a deeper meaning about how society could help depressed people over come their depression. MUST BE A MONDAY!!!!
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris Månad sedan
“I am dying” “Stop dying” “Wow, I’m immortal now!”
Stephen Bouthot
Stephen Bouthot Månad sedan
If only it were that easy.
Bill lumen
Bill lumen Månad sedan
Is not that easy
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson Månad sedan
Well that was unexpected
JanGamingStudios Månad sedan
"Don't Be Sad" Depression - Aight Ima Head Out
TidesChannel Månad sedan
that’s so stupid and so true it makes it so funny i love this show
Super STV
Super STV Månad sedan
How school expects us to go.
Skunk 2 månader sedan
Can anyone please tell me what happened to “Here’s An Idea” podcast!! I’ve listened to them all atleast 3 times over after they stopped making them, but did they ever make a update on why they quit?
TheReaverOfDarkness 2 månader sedan
This is a statement about our times.
Matthew Cheung
Matthew Cheung 2 månader sedan
The depression leaving my body as I begin to breakdance and unicorns and puppies and rainbows fall from the sky and everyone eats chocolate cake and the world governments stop fighting for once
Matthew Cheung
Matthew Cheung 2 månader sedan
“I’m feeling depressed, man.” “Oh, well just stop being sad” Depression: Aight imma head out
SkippyCat 41
SkippyCat 41 2 månader sedan
No one: 🙁 Society and everybody else:
alfa et beta
alfa et beta 2 månader sedan
OK that wasn't funny at all
zainy_inc 2 månader sedan
zainy_inc 2 månader sedan
zainy_inc 2 månader sedan
Great video
Andrew Xiao
Andrew Xiao 2 månader sedan
“Im sad” “Just be happy” “I have asthma” “Just breathe” “I have no girlfriend” “Just be gay”
Frostdraken 5
Frostdraken 5 2 månader sedan
Blood is Iron, and Iron is the blood of Civilization. Blood and Iron made hot by war, Civilizations with weak Iron fall to those stronger. Willpower of Iron Rules Planets, Stars, Galaxies, old stars have Hearts of Iron deep inside. Pulled out by cosmic events and spread far and wide into the galaxy. Iron becomes Planets and life. Life with Iron will, bends Iron to its Will, shapes and brands, stamps and pours. The hot Iron taste of blood flows brightly from a grievous wound made by one with Heart of Iron. Iron Hearts seek violence against those with weak will, wether to kill, or to chain with Iron. Iron is the Blood of the Universe. Iron is life. Iron is strength. Iron is War.
Joshua Partridge
Joshua Partridge 2 månader sedan
and i said to my depression " BEGONE YOU UNHOLY DEMON, THE HOLY SPIRIT COMMANDS YOU" and my depression was gone. now i'm extremely lonely...
Bababooey 2 månader sedan
Don't be yourself *becomes Barrack Obama 2
the cbm show
the cbm show 2 månader sedan
If only it was that easy to help people...
rejz123 2 månader sedan
We did it boys. Sadness is no more
ShotAimSudip 2 månader sedan
If you can't see, just open your eyes
Nuggy G
Nuggy G 2 månader sedan
dayu sita
dayu sita 2 månader sedan
Damian Mijacz
Damian Mijacz 2 månader sedan
just don't die
LordOfTheCats 2 månader sedan
If you're stuck in a minimum-wage job, why not get one with a better wage?
Michael Afton Øfficial
Michael Afton Øfficial 2 månader sedan
Neko Nyaah
Neko Nyaah 2 månader sedan
Phantastic Drago
Phantastic Drago 2 månader sedan
*Dont be mortal*
Mon T
Mon T 2 månader sedan
"I have cancer stage 4" "Dont have cancer" "Im cured"
Bartosz Ziółkowski
Bartosz Ziółkowski 2 månader sedan
My brian thinking what mood should I have today
Optical 2 månader sedan
What would it be like to respond logically?
Arcson 2 månader sedan
You know sometimes this kind of things won't work in real life I hope they will not think that saying don't be sad will work listening helps too
Maze 2 månader sedan
My daily dose of crack
Goh Ming Long
Goh Ming Long 2 månader sedan
lol is this sarcasm or something?
BoingotheClown 2 månader sedan
That was what I got from my father when I was diagnosed with depression back in the '90s. "Your mother says you're depressed. Well ... Don't be." "Gee. Thanks Dad."
The man who could sit anywhere
The man who could sit anywhere 2 månader sedan
“That spot is taken” Just sit there
STIX Gaming
STIX Gaming 2 månader sedan
Aw man the shortened intro again?
ATLAS AWO 2 månader sedan
If your homeless then buy a house -_-
Johnny Fernandez
Johnny Fernandez 2 månader sedan
If someone's bullying you, tell them to stop.
Finn Faderl
Finn Faderl 2 månader sedan
The SEpostr Memetastic recently used one of your Cartoons in a community post. I think this infringes your copyright. Maybe you should take a look at it. P.S.: I very enjoy your content 😄😀☺
Nathan Mason
Nathan Mason 2 månader sedan
Thank you Explosm! Exactly what I needed.
THE Lefty
THE Lefty 2 månader sedan
im sad, and need someone else to fix me 😔 if you dont know how to fix my depression, youre a bad friend. Why dont you know EXACTLY how my brain works???
Leonardo Vrček
Leonardo Vrček 2 månader sedan
first time that i wasn't impressed by c&h. but still good.
Francisco Vasconcelos
Francisco Vasconcelos 2 månader sedan
real_goldfox playz
real_goldfox playz 2 månader sedan
We did it bois depression is no more
Umbra Animo
Umbra Animo 2 månader sedan
I feel that was sarcastic
Rabba Doodles45
Rabba Doodles45 2 månader sedan
Where is that song from?
Midnight Dragon
Midnight Dragon 2 månader sedan
If it could only work like that
Jackson Davenport
Jackson Davenport 2 månader sedan
So anyway I figured out depression
Can Dechert
Can Dechert 2 månader sedan
"My goodness! What an idea! Why didn't I think of that?"
Ashutosh Dev
Ashutosh Dev 2 månader sedan
Breaking News : All around the world Psychiatrist ,Psychologist and Moviational Speakers loose their jobs.
EVanSketches 2 månader sedan
At least its a bit more tame. I think
Rozen Verto
Rozen Verto 2 månader sedan
Man, these passive-aggressive depresso's are getting serious
Shark Dentures
Shark Dentures 2 månader sedan
A remarkably deep assessment of the stupidity of people saying "Don't be sad." to someone! Funny too.
Rifaldi 2 månader sedan
"Help I'm drowning!" "just don't drown"
Jopss 2 månader sedan
dont be sad cus sad backwards is das and das not gud
Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi
Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi 2 månader sedan
This is what sad larry needs
TUAN DEN 2 månader sedan
Kenapa itik takde tanduk?
Asd 2 månader sedan
I once heard one wise man said : "don't be sad, cuz' be sad is bad."
xytan morbias
xytan morbias 2 månader sedan
Hello so sad im......... dad
Mello L
Mello L 2 månader sedan
Can someone explain this joke to me
bill Carlos Acacio
bill Carlos Acacio 2 månader sedan
Now im happy
thinken. 2 månader sedan
what schools think happens when they tell depressed kids “well, have you tried being happy?”
ZX 2 månader sedan
Lol 😂
FA Riesz
FA Riesz 2 månader sedan
Joey Freeman
Joey Freeman 2 månader sedan
Knifeman Nam
Knifeman Nam 2 månader sedan
ALCrafter421 2 månader sedan
Breaking News Depression drops to 0%
ABU FZR MAN 2 månader sedan
The cyan shirt guy didn't specify why he was sad so I don't blame the blue shirt guy.
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 2 månader sedan
“Hey come on man, ChEeR uP!”
Kitty_Panda 2 månader sedan
iamzid 2 månader sedan
I have never been depressed in my life.
SuJu_Mimi 2 månader sedan
honestly, lmfao
Anu 2 månader sedan
I feel so much better already.
Twistedfates Duo
Twistedfates Duo 2 månader sedan
If it were that easy
SyphonEXP 2 månader sedan
How boomers think depression works
ThePurificator 2 månader sedan
hey pal, why are you so sad? Because explosm entartainment does not want to kill the stadia kid :(
siong 2 månader sedan
spotty the spots
spotty the spots 2 månader sedan
"im drowning" *Get Out of the lake*
Gorge Button
Gorge Button 2 månader sedan
If your homeless, just buy a house
Cthulhu 2 månader sedan
I feel like sad larry already had a backstory before the birth of sad Larry episode I feel like he was the family guy
woodfur00 2 månader sedan
Saw the title, started singing You'll Be Back as one does, clicked the video while singing, and the intro turned out to be in the same key… fate
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