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Your sons spinal condition has worsened... He only has a few weeks left. The make wishes come true foundation is here today. They brought along a special friend!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Screenplay By: Dave McElfatrick
Story By: Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Mike Salcedo, Connor Murphy
Voice Actors:
Jimmy- Kris Wilson
Burt Broadway- Joel Watson
Doctor- Rob
Dad- Dave McElfatrick
Mom- Trisha Mellon
Suit- Dave McElfatrick
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Seth Gordon
Character Design: Jerald Lewis
Background Art: Shawn Coss, Elizabeth Del Rosario
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart

Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani 15 timmar sedan
F34R 2 dagar sedan
So the lesson today kids is… *Never get a contract*
TheDjcobra2001 3 dagar sedan
Someone skipped leg day.
Mcoy Khan
Mcoy Khan 3 dagar sedan
We need a sequel
A TF2 Gaymer
A TF2 Gaymer 4 dagar sedan
They had us in the second half not gonna lie
LeadSine 5 dagar sedan
Guy: (crying) The captions: [Laughter]
Tjoa Henny
Tjoa Henny 6 dagar sedan
Martin Hurtado
Martin Hurtado 7 dagar sedan
X SkyChaser X
X SkyChaser X 10 dagar sedan
You know you're a bad doctor when wrestler cured someone that you can't
Random 14 dagar sedan
“They got us in the first half, not gonna lie.”
Chevy Romer
Chevy Romer 19 dagar sedan
Not the 3 count😭😭😭
Dragon Beast
Dragon Beast 20 dagar sedan
Tony2Truuu TV
Tony2Truuu TV 21 dag sedan
Yo this makes me wonder if someone’s final wish was to be put in the sleeper hold to death by a wwe wrestler
Tjoa Henny
Tjoa Henny 22 dagar sedan
I love the buff man the eye just like shcoked
Jonsku 666
Jonsku 666 22 dagar sedan
The kid isn't dying at that point anymore though, so wouldn't Make A Wish's contract kinda lose its purpose..?
Taylor Dizon
Taylor Dizon 24 dagar sedan
Ya know what they say about wishes.
Dario Jeronimo
Dario Jeronimo 24 dagar sedan
0:54 when someone steals your doritos
Vibe Check
Vibe Check 24 dagar sedan
Cure to cancer get beaten up cure to aids get shot
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889]
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889] 25 dagar sedan
Aww. The kid said “I want you to beat me *to death”* , so I guess the lesson is (Obviously) Be careful what you wish for.
Clarence Stokely
Clarence Stokely 27 dagar sedan
The fuck you say gets me every time 😂
Vena Studnicka
Vena Studnicka Månad sedan
Wee Gee
Wee Gee Månad sedan
This is why “be careful what you wish for” is a phrase
Ntxoo Thoj
Ntxoo Thoj Månad sedan
Wishes always come true said my grandma...
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie Månad sedan
Stop watching the video at 2:00 trust me
Kamen Rider Wizard
Kamen Rider Wizard Månad sedan
Agents will go to Hell
G-master Dobrak
G-master Dobrak Månad sedan
Hahahhahahah jeej
Ayden Yan
Ayden Yan Månad sedan
It was horrible oh I did it downstairs you do not kill a kid like me I'm a kid I don't like I don't want to die
ash the trash
ash the trash Månad sedan
Why does it still beep even when its not attached to the kid?
yy Xrc
yy Xrc Månad sedan
Becareful for what you wish for.
I won't have what he's having
Bengal Billy
Bengal Billy Månad sedan
This was based on a true story
Liam’s game’s Tv
Liam’s game’s Tv Månad sedan
I hat you
random person
random person Månad sedan
Didn't expect that ending
Giokyo Månad sedan
I like how even the parents nodded .
KiddLogicc Månad sedan
Well, he got his wish.
Greeninja_playz Månad sedan
0:56 When my friend says anime Sucks
Aidan Cintron
Aidan Cintron Månad sedan
Why is there still beeping? He was unplugged.
IlIAsaulterIlI Geometry dash
IlIAsaulterIlI Geometry dash Månad sedan
My favorite part 0:53
Lukas M
Lukas M Månad sedan
Honestly this made me cry
Lukas M
Lukas M Månad sedan
Reeza Haida Miskam
Reeza Haida Miskam Månad sedan
Juicy Jenrette
Juicy Jenrette 2 månader sedan
They need help ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
boston from a different angle
boston from a different angle 2 månader sedan
the heart monitor kept beating
Isaiah mccoy
Isaiah mccoy 2 månader sedan
Bruh this the first time Ive seen pupils drawn in the eyes of the characters and this was the perfect time for it😂
mist cist
mist cist 2 månader sedan
Me when my son gets body slammed Me: *remembering my friend getting body slammed* 0:53
Sinbad Williams
Sinbad Williams 2 månader sedan
You know its serious when the characters gain actual eyeballs even for a second...
WTF 2 månader sedan
Aurlferous 2 månader sedan
Edwardo Botero
Edwardo Botero 2 månader sedan
Who's here because of tiktok? Haha 😂
CMPilz 2 månader sedan
why did he bat him up again
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 2 månader sedan
0:56 when your child talks back
Telcrem 2 månader sedan
This Is The Most Fucked Up Cyanide & Happiness Short I Ever Saw *and i love it*
Shark And fnaf
Shark And fnaf 2 månader sedan
Zboss519 2 månader sedan
The make a wish kids nicknames should be dead by daylight
Hendrick Lamar
Hendrick Lamar 2 månader sedan
All my thoughts and prayers goes to this little hero who fought this disease but unfortunately passed but atleast he met his idol❤️
No Username
No Username 2 månader sedan
Plot twist: that only made him stronger, that boy is now the most powerful being in the universe, able to rip apart black holes and break the fabric of space time with ease.
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona 2 månader sedan
I guess if you break your spine in half you won’t have a functioning spine meaning you won’t have spinal disease.
cerebral pathways
cerebral pathways 2 månader sedan
Ethan Arrieta
Ethan Arrieta 2 månader sedan
brick mike 117
brick mike 117 2 månader sedan
Dan Rikster Abangan
Dan Rikster Abangan 2 månader sedan
Gosh thats so Brutal
FunnyValentine 2 månader sedan
This is Very FUNNY
Karter 2 månader sedan
Brian's happy Corner
Brian's happy Corner 2 månader sedan
Im going to be honest this is probably one of their darker shorts.
Lucidic Dreams
Lucidic Dreams 2 månader sedan
L-Little villain more like!...😱😱
Kasheif Clements06
Kasheif Clements06 2 månader sedan
Lil hero
Bad baggle
Bad baggle 2 månader sedan
0:55 I cant with his eyes 🤣🤣
aouragh adam
aouragh adam 2 månader sedan
His dead man
Pink Sheep!
Pink Sheep! 2 månader sedan
MasteredUltraInstinct Warrior
MasteredUltraInstinct Warrior 3 månader sedan
Doctor Crying Subtitles:laughter
Narie 3 månader sedan
Well this is dark
mike Lasley
mike Lasley 3 månader sedan
To be fair here I dont think a child who got his back humbled would know at all if he'd been cured at all it could be he was still terminally ill but the shock of a spine injury dulled all other pain for a mere moment, but what do I know I'm not a doctor.
蒋Kal'tsit 3 månader sedan
isai Diaz
isai Diaz 3 månader sedan
Make a wish: we are 100% sure its your childs last wish they make my wish is actually to eat with ronald McDonald
Inkling Zap
Inkling Zap 3 månader sedan
Why bullet buster
Nightmare Withered Freddy
Nightmare Withered Freddy 3 månader sedan
Well, he did say that he wanted to Die in style.
Daniel_ 3 månader sedan
He has been killed twice
Amicko Aberin
Amicko Aberin 3 månader sedan
Btw I noice the busster had normal feet why didn’t u tryied esersis ur feet
Amicko Aberin
Amicko Aberin 3 månader sedan
0:55 wtf kid
Jailyn Scott
Jailyn Scott 3 månader sedan
0:55 me when someone tells me that tiktok is getting band from the U.S.
Some Guy
Some Guy Månad sedan
My reaction was this: 😎
Mr.Noobman 3 månader sedan
2:24 in caption it said laughter -.-
james the gaming cat
james the gaming cat 3 månader sedan
This one tho
Saltmann 3 månader sedan
Some kid: isnt cringe Reddit:0:55
joao ricardo mello cavalcante
joao ricardo mello cavalcante 3 månader sedan
Carefull what you wish for You might just get it
James Slack
James Slack 3 månader sedan
I want you to.. beat me to death Burt:👀
Mansky Joachim
Mansky Joachim 3 månader sedan
Little hero 😁
kam sham
kam sham 3 månader sedan
Technically he was already dead
Super saiyan Quae
Super saiyan Quae 3 månader sedan
Lapatrada leelertwongsakul
Lapatrada leelertwongsakul 3 månader sedan
0:55 What the- (-'
SwonkUaeb 3 månader sedan
0:55 my reaction when I find my cat barfing on the very expensive rug in the living room
Red T
Red T 3 månader sedan
Wish it want it do it
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema 3 månader sedan
Can we talk about how awesome that wrestler is
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner 3 månader sedan
I did not expect that 😂😂😂😂
Dan the god and Ferry
Dan the god and Ferry 3 månader sedan
Me: mom can we have a wrestling figure Mom: no we have wrestling figure at home Wrestling figure at home: 0:55
Samotbeatzz 3 månader sedan
Bludude 22
Bludude 22 3 månader sedan
Why does he say a little hero like Stan lee
Illuminati aqi
Illuminati aqi 3 månader sedan
It never is a happy ending
Tushar Goyal
Tushar Goyal 3 månader sedan
2:26 Doctor and wrestler weeping as hell over child’s death. Subtitles -> *Laughter*
Dexter Phillips
Dexter Phillips 3 månader sedan
i want the music that plays so bad.
Will Scott
Will Scott 3 månader sedan
Bullet buster: sounds like a sex move
Connor Jones
Connor Jones 3 månader sedan
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