Worst Doctors Ever | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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45 Potato
45 Potato 2 dagar sedan
That first one likes trapping human souls in furniture.
LYNXLOSANGE 11 dagar sedan
you shouldve put god plans
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889]
VocalBoid889 [ボーカロイドボーイ889] 13 dagar sedan
You might’ve missed Dr. Realdoctor.
zeke syer
zeke syer 14 dagar sedan
The realization
Yourkeel The man
Yourkeel The man 18 dagar sedan
Can someone explain to me the deaf joke? Is it that he was saying the wrong things or that he wasn't listening at all?
AJ Playz
AJ Playz 25 dagar sedan
It’s the doctor for me
Nathalie Faye Bug-os
Nathalie Faye Bug-os Månad sedan
Valentine Siobhan
Valentine Siobhan Månad sedan
in the first one, he’s woody from family guy lmaoo
Jules Hamacher
Jules Hamacher Månad sedan
The app is not available in my country...
Much with a Mouth Dogepool
Much with a Mouth Dogepool Månad sedan
So you're recycling videos now huh?
Eren Altun
Eren Altun Månad sedan
That deaf guy's reaction makes me laugh everytime.
TR-TonyRol BTW
TR-TonyRol BTW Månad sedan
Did anyone else try downloading mschf and get to a decryption screen?
Devo YT
Devo YT Månad sedan
This was not expected...
atomictrashbin Månad sedan
Meet the medic
leslie hicks
leslie hicks Månad sedan
Oaktopus Månad sedan
Plot twist: The deaf guy was clapping due to how fast the docter and his eyes were moving
Wellington Luis
Wellington Luis Månad sedan
E op
Almighty Bree
Almighty Bree Månad sedan
tryna walk on water like bigjeezy
Colby Johnston
Colby Johnston Månad sedan
The Simpsons did it
alya yasmin
alya yasmin Månad sedan
alya yasmin
alya yasmin Månad sedan
That not doctor but doctor of plank funicer
D34TH Månad sedan
Karen’s: I’ll never vaccinate my kid The doctor telling him how fucked he is: 2:43
I Animate
I Animate Månad sedan
Tanny Månad sedan
Wheres Dr. Realdoctor?
Zep Bladez
Zep Bladez Månad sedan
Recompiling animations we've already seen and are available on the channel: Bad Putting an ad in front of the recycled content: Worse
Ericgm2010 Gg
Ericgm2010 Gg Månad sedan
Hi 👋 was your birthday 🎂 was your time for your day and a couple days before the weekend and I was thinking 🤔 I have a good night to come over for dinner 🥘 was that I was xthinking ir last day was a little too much fun and fun byeeee
Tommy Frans
Tommy Frans Månad sedan
Oh Jesus Christ! 😩 2:25
Christian Dedier
Christian Dedier Månad sedan
I though only African Americans could get sickle cell?
Moose Månad sedan
When you test for covid-19 but you are diagnosed with everything else
Aashish Telgote
Aashish Telgote Månad sedan
This two are one of the best
gracecantsing Månad sedan
3:46 *sudden* *realisation*
A sentient piece of bred
A sentient piece of bred Månad sedan
Tf2 medic TF2
Unknown User
Unknown User Månad sedan
A ad is a third of the video...
the king
the king Månad sedan
The end one was a prety good doctor 😷
Shunpo Månad sedan
When he said "whose next....?" I felt that.
Deadlyxian Månad sedan
Where is your onlyfans account i would love to join
Jacek-Jan Månad sedan
2:46-3:56 at least he does not have CoVid 19
Massimo Fagiani
Massimo Fagiani Månad sedan
2:47 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Von Doom
Von Doom Månad sedan
Best collection on the channel
Andrea Wimer
Andrea Wimer Månad sedan
2:47 in other words, you have shimylifsuk syndrome.
Alpha tv
Alpha tv Månad sedan
Rainbow Dash Is Awesome
Rainbow Dash Is Awesome Månad sedan
Oh my god, what the hell is up with these doctors?
Anonymous Brit
Anonymous Brit Månad sedan
The app is not available I’m the uk guys
Corbin Wing
Corbin Wing Månad sedan
I wanna learn that ending song
Denim_devil {YT}
Denim_devil {YT} Månad sedan
This one always got me I laugh so hard at the endings
Awa Dean
Awa Dean Månad sedan
Why do they keep repeating the same scenes though,it’s getting old and boring now
rymii Månad sedan
mishf is banned in belguim
Logan H
Logan H Månad sedan
Using a arm with replacing a wooden Arm will not help
I Månad sedan
Baldur Aviation
Baldur Aviation Månad sedan
Can you guys not pretend that matt melvin doesn't exist?
خلصنا الامتحانات
خلصنا الامتحانات Månad sedan
في عرب اذا في قولوا موجودين 🔥❤ وانا مو شحاذة 😒
LongShot 210
LongShot 210 Månad sedan
I have an appointment with doctor.”Woody”
Toxic_ Acid73
Toxic_ Acid73 Månad sedan
That deaf guy sure lives in hell.
Parar Månad sedan
bruh they only re upload everything
Ninja Bros
Ninja Bros Månad sedan
Yama UduakThanks be to God
Yama UduakThanks be to God Månad sedan
I know right he can't hear but he is clapping
Smol Yoongi
Smol Yoongi Månad sedan
2:21 Why is his head on the side of the table? With how the arms and legs are id assume it would make more sense if it was at the smaller side
lar son
lar son Månad sedan
That beat was so hard the deaf man was cured.
Ian Bitxo
Ian Bitxo Månad sedan
Put the drops in Brazil, please
Every time I see an anti vaxx or Karen without children “my god please never reproduce” Edit : I spelled it wrong oops Edit: 2 forgot to put the time in it’s at 3:06
Yat Fai Lam
Yat Fai Lam Månad sedan
Doctor is supervillain
LOL FACE Månad sedan
The second doctor was really good actually
G18TBH Månad sedan
2:45 how doctors tell you that u got the coronavirus
unidentified person
unidentified person Månad sedan
Why didn't he just build the table without killing the guy
Guillermo Jimenez
Guillermo Jimenez Månad sedan
Omg his face 😳
Kittilykitten Månad sedan
That first half was so sinister though...
Rony Candia
Rony Candia Månad sedan
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar Månad sedan
Why there is no purgatony I miss that guy plz bring him back
peterific 420
peterific 420 Månad sedan
The tf2 medic in a nutshell
Sneak 1
Sneak 1 Månad sedan
I have 666 problems every 666 lives too man
John Johnson
John Johnson Månad sedan
trazh yard
trazh yard Månad sedan
why are they reuploading literally every video
SoupHands Månad sedan
So I guess the mchf app is broken?
Synchros Entity
Synchros Entity Månad sedan
The app no exist 💀
Jux Månad sedan
where’s purgatony
Ranjela Månad sedan
the man probably took all the disease so everyone didn't get hit by another wave of diseases
The Cartoon Man
The Cartoon Man Månad sedan
I Wonder how they do their animation
drshifu Månad sedan
omg that last scene was brutal xD
__V__ Månad sedan
Jesus is coming back soon. He loves you dearly and calls for you to come back home to Him! that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. He calls for repentance and belief in the Gospel. It’s time to fully surrender to Christ. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Hazard Space
Hazard Space Månad sedan
2:46 Well at least he doesn’t have COVID 19
Star Månad sedan
Hazard Space lol 😂
Amateur Beats
Amateur Beats Månad sedan
Anyone else watch the second video again, but muted and just focused on the deaf guys body language?
Vojtěch Svoboda
Vojtěch Svoboda Månad sedan
This is literally just 2 shorts and a commercial...
Isaac Fralish
Isaac Fralish Månad sedan
Where's the dentist???
Gatsu Månad sedan
Only one think... Dororo xD
THEKILLA219 Månad sedan
Skydive Månad sedan
Lab Results still remains the best cyanide and happiness episode ever created. this many people agree with me I V
Skydive Månad sedan
Lab Results still remains the best cyanide and happiness episode ever created. this many people agree with me I V
minecraft _fal
minecraft _fal Månad sedan
Too bad mschf isn’t available in Canada, I would have used this app for whatever
Ron C
Ron C Månad sedan
Can't imagine the life of a deaf and blind person.
Ron C
Ron C Månad sedan
That doctor should be called Dr. Trees.
you must risk it for entertainment
you must risk it for entertainment Månad sedan
I love cyanide and happiness
Cam's Life
Cam's Life Månad sedan
Damn that is brutal 🤣
jj playz
jj playz Månad sedan
Did you do a lot of research for this
StyrelseYT Månad sedan
I can't believe cioccolata from JoJo wasn't on here
sneksis -
sneksis - Månad sedan
what a fucking legend
what a fucking legend Månad sedan
Rip app It's dead
Joe Dingo
Joe Dingo Månad sedan
video starts at the 1:00 mark, just so you know
Adi Kolonić
Adi Kolonić Månad sedan
Yay new vid
Nivhk91 Månad sedan
Fake, no doctor has ever taken the time to diagnose a single patient that thoroughly
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez Månad sedan
Med School Musical
¿killyrobloxgames? Månad sedan
I dont know Why i keep pressing these but there good